Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Night Rambling

Sorry for not updating any sooner. I was at a course last Thursday & Friday ~ so mana ada peluang nak blogging. At home, the kids were hogging the computer (or I slept too early). Tonite baru dapat peluang nak duduk depan PC ni. The little boy has gone to sleep (he didn't sleep the whole day today, so by 9.30pm, dia dah tewas!); the rest of my family members are watching "Zombi Kampung Pisang" downstairs (i don't know how they can sit through that movie...)

So, where were we? Oh yes, the boating story. You know what? My friend Siti didn't go after all. It seems the place is 'berhantu', so she opted out. I was quite relieved when I heard that (I think what we said here did affect her decision to pull out at the last minute), and I hope she will make better judgement the next time such invitations come up. Siti, I know you're reading this. I don't mean to be a busybody; it's just that I care about you and Nizam (bukan nama sebenar), that's all...

MrNordin's birthday party? It was not much of a party, really. He came home quite late that day from JB. Me and the girls baked Shepherd's Pie (he loved it!) and Nabila made cheese cake (it was a bit runny at the top but it tasted yummy. For a first time, I think it was alright). The kids gave him a RM100 voucher from The Fish Spa (MA, i got this idea from you, ok?) and I gave him a dark brown belt from A**ner (coz that's what he wanted). Overall, it was quiet but lovely.

Actually, I heard two sad news last week and it kinda affect my mood:

1) A friend's husband is diagnosed with lung cancer and he's now in GH undergoing treatment.

My friend is devastated... 3 children, the eldest is sitting for UPSR this year. I feel so sorry for her... This friend, she's very manja with her husband. She doesn't drive, doesn't have a driving license; they go to work together coz they used to work in the same company (that's where they met). Now that the husband is hospitalized, I don't know how she's gonna get around. She sent her children to her parents house in Kluang yesterday, by bus, so she could take care of her husband. I'm sure she's gonna feel so helpless.... But being a woman that she is, I believe she'll be strong. She will!

Itulah, bila dengar cerita macam ni, I just feel so scared. We'll never know what's in store for us tomorrow. I'm sure never for one second she'd thought her husband would contract such an illness. But you see? Tuhan punya kuasa. I pray they'll get through this in the best way possible. And for those who know her, that's Lin Ali's husband, girls. Please pray for him. He's a very nice man.

2) And in another story, a colleague's teenage daughter has run away from home. She's 15.

This is not the first time, but previously, she came home after a day or two. This time, it's been more than a week. My colleague is worried sick; have tried all channels to locate her, but as of yesterday, she still hasn't returned home. I just hope the girl will be ok. She's a good kid, did well in school. But I think, this has to do with friends' influence and mixing with the wrong crowd.

Teenagers, they always think they have a right to rebel and make their parents' lives miserable without considering the implications. Geram betul I budak2 macam ni! I hope she'll come to her senses and return home soon. I pray that nothing bad will happen to her. And to my friend, I hope she'll be strong... be very, very strong...

Ok, MrNordin has just walked-in the study room. It's a cue for me to stop. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, and be merry!


wanshana said...

Dear BJ,

My heart goes out to Lin Ali and her family...

My do'a goes to them and I pray that her husband will be given the strength to fight this and get better. Insya Allah.

My do'a and warm thoughts also goes to Lin Ali to be given the strength to be with him throughout this ordeal, to stand by him. Insya Allah.

God is great, and I pray that HIS Love and their love will see them through this difficult dugaan...

Delicate Flower said...


My dua for your friends. Life is too short, I lost my oldest sister to colon cancer a couple years back and she was a couple months short of her 43rd birthday. Now I embrace each birthday and thank god for giving me another year.

Madam Tai Tai said...


My prayers and wishes go to your friends.

I hope Lin's husband will stay strong to fight the cancer. InsyaAllah with God's will he will overcome this. Itu la kehidupan ini - despite how we try to plan it, the future remains ambiguous and indefinite.

As for your other friend with the runaway daughter.. I really hope the girl comes home safe and sound. Then her parents should tie her with a bull's rope and discipline kan sikit.

Kecik2 pandai dah nak lari dari rumah. Dia ingat ni Malaysia tahun 1970-an ke when the country was still relatively safe. Tak learn any lesson ke pasal kes girls yg kena rogol, bunuh and dipaksa melacur. Ish..ish..ish.. This is what I call rebellion yg bodoh and nak cari padah pada diri sendiri.

busymum100 said...


We would like to hope for the best, but at the same we must be prepared to accept reality. Your frens have to be very strong. The first one, especially. Several years ago my fren (lady, non-smoker) was diagnosed with lung cancer. The youngest kid kept on saying that he would go to kindy (he was 5 when she passed away) when "Mama gets better". Kesian tengok anak kecil masa tu... Now we've lost touch with the family :-(
The sad thing about it was that when she had him, she decided to resign from her job to be a full time housewife, and several months after that(becoming homemaker) she got cancer.

Having said all these, my prayers are for your fren's hubby to get better and for her and kids to be strong.

As for wives who have been relying too much on their hubbies to get around, my advice is to get a driving licence. An auntie of ours used to be like that too, but at least she had her driving licence all along (she kept on renewing it, though never drove). When her hubby died of a heart attack, she just had to drive. Dulu kata tak berani drive, but almost 10 yrs on now, she even drives down to KL from Kota Bharu!

As for kids running away from home... ntahlah... takut, kan? When we thought we know our kids, all the unexpected happen. I still have an 11-yr old girl at home. Takut juga... minta jauhlah all these bad "peer pressures" and bad "peer influence"!

Kmar said...


So sorry to hear about Lin Ali´s hubby. I pray that her family, especially her hubby will be able to go through this ´dugaan´ and get better, insyallah.

I was a bit confuse, Lin Ali and Lin Rahman.. and it took a while for me to recapture her face.

About driving licence ni, it is a neccesity. I ada lesen Malaysia tapi tak valid kat Europe pulak. I took it for granted for not having European licence.

Last year, bila my kids dah mula bersekolah, mengelabah habis nak mulakan the theory class and exams. I passed after 2 attempts in my theory exam and 1 attempt in my practical. Betul-betul ´desperado´ masa tu. I did it in Spanish. Now, I feel so good, so free and so easy to move around.

I hope Lin Ali will have her driving licence sooner.

MA & Brood said...

Aiseh, I dah type pepanjang, komen hilang pulak.

Coincidently the Brood and I pergi lagi ke Fish Spa tu last weekend!
Kaya la tokei Kenko tu..

Re runaways, a friend of my daughter ran away from home when she was 12! I dapat tahu bila the mother called my home sebab dok trace kawan2 anak dia to get information. I told Kakak to tell whatever she knew (which she didn't) and more calls later to many other schoolmates, baru la dapat jumpa the same night. It seemed ada family issues (the girl was adopted, and was barred from meeting her real family).

I told my kids - if ever they want to run away from home, to let me know cos I nak ikut sekali with them! Haha...defeat the purpose kan? Might as well unpack! :-)

MrsNordin said...

Hi all,

Thanks for your well wishes for my friend, Lin. I SMS her yesterday, and she said, they're waiting for the test results in 2 days time to know whether it's an early stage cancer or otherwise. Memang kesian bila ingatkan anak2 dia... Let us pray that the results will not be as bad as we thought it would be.

And the runaway teenager has been found last Monday. She was hiding at her friend's place in Ampang. The parents used this cara 'batin' to get in touch with her.

Yang I peliknya, emak kawan budak tu, tak pulak terpikir nak contact my friend ni to inform that her daughter is at her house! Sampai seminggu baru talipon my friend beritau yang anak dia ada in their house. But my friend said they are nice people. Only her daughter didn't want them to contact her parents yet at that point of time.

Why did she run away? She doesn't want to go to her current school (sekolah agama) and doesn't want to don the tudung. The parents are now considering to put her in a normal school, after much consultation from her school teachers and counselors.

The tudung - I told them not to force her, even before. If she doesn't want to wear it, let it be. She may not like it and may resort to wearing the tudung again, but let her decide for herself. I don't know what's their say on this.

I feel sorry for my friend, having to go through such a trying time with her teenaged daughter. Apasal budak2 sekarang suka sangat lari dari rumah? Kalau kena marah sikit, nak lari. Mana nak pegi...?? Nasib nothing bad happened to her. Kalau tidak, menyesal tak sudah lah jawabnya..!