Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rambling again..

It's 6.23 pm; I'm still in the office. Malas betul nak balik. It's still drizzling and traffic jam teruk kat luar sana. Times like this, memang best nak karang cerita. Tapi idea tak ada. Sigh...

My tailor came to the office just now. 6 pasang kain sekali hantar! Ambik engkau! Itu pun ada lagi 3 pasang belum berjahit. Maybe I'll send those to a different tailor. Gila buat baju, I tell you!

We are going to Langkawi this Saturday. My uncle, who lives in that island, nak kawinkan anak ~ so, kira my cousin lah. Flight and hotel have been booked. All 6 of us are going, including my maid. Memula tak nak bawa dia, but MrNordin takut I cannot cope with Nizzar. So we decided to bring her along. Bertuah kan, maid I? Mana ada majikan bawak maid dia pegi holiday selalu2? I hope she realises how lucky she is and she'd better be thankful!

Actually, I pun 'cuak' jugak nak tinggalkan dia sorang2 kat rumah sebab dia ni semenjak dua menjak ni asyik masyuk main handphone. I suspect she's got a 'boyfriend' but I can't confirm. I've asked one of the kids to investigate. Boyfriend, boyfriend ni I tak kisah as long as she's consistent with her work. But she's been slacking, much to my annoyance, and I'm afraid kalau tinggalkan sorang2 kat rumah nanti for 3 days, lain pulak cerita dia. So, baik bawak sekali. Senang hati!

Ahh... I so look forward to this trip. I know it won't be relaxing with the kids around, but at least we all could get away from KL for a few days. Kata orang, ambil angin laut. The last time I went to Langkawi was in March last year; went with MrNordin sans kids coz he had a meeting there. We stayed at The Four Seasons that time, compliment of the meeting sponsor. Very nice hotel, but very expensive! While MrNordin was attending the Board meeting, I mingled with the bosses' wives which included Fauziah Latif's ex-MIL (she's actually a very nice lady) and a celebrity chef who gave me a tip on how to make great butter cakes.

I guess this coming trip would just be about meeting relatives, the sun and the sea. Actually, it would be interesting to attend the kenduri kawin in Pulau Langkawi. I wonder if it's any different from the ones we have on the mainland... Will let you know after I come back.



Anonymous said...

"MrNordin takut I cannot cope with Nizzar" -- of course you can cope, you're his mother!!!

Sebenarnye, MrNordin yang cannot cope with you being occupied with the other man in your life, hehe. ye lah, dah gi 'ambik angin laut' might as well 'bulan madu' sekali kan? hehe

Anonymous said...

BJ,I take my maid everywhere I go too. She goes everywhere we go. No way I will leave her at home alone at any time, except when I work of course. But it really got my goat the last time we took her on holiday, she also decided that it will be holiday time for her.... she refused to do much of anything, maklumlah duduk kat hotel, makan luar and all that.... but she picked up where she left off after a day of "holiday", nasib baik, if not I would have sent her back for good.Aida - at home today nursing my sick girl.

MrsNordin said...


Maybe your presumption is right! I never thought of it that way. Nak 'bulan madu' apa dengan budak2 in tow? Tapi kan, they all can be a sport jugak kadang2! :)


MrsNordin said...


So, I'm not the only one who bring the maid along wherever I go. Hmm... that's good to know. Some people say I shouldn't pamper her too much, tapi kesian jugak kat dia, kerja penat jugak.

So far she's been good. But the thing with bringing her along, budak kecik tu bukannya nak kat dia pun. He'll be clinging on me most of the time, sampai my maid pulak yang releks lebih! But then again, kalau we all nak sneak out just the two of us, the maid boleh tengok2kan budak2 tu. So I tak risau sangat.

Itu lah kisahnya... Btw, sorry to know that your girl is sick. Hope it's nothing serious and she'll get better soon.

Take care!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Four Seasons..told you before and I'm telling you again - BESTNYA & JELESNYA!!!!

Have fun in Langkawi and chill out. Hope the weather is much better there than in KL.

Good idea to bring Sri along. Nanti dia buat rumah you mcm 'Rumah Tumpang Ah Chye' pulak, as how my maid did to mine dulu. Entah Bangla mana dia bawak masuk rumah when we were away on holiday. At the end of the day however long they have been in your employment, you can't really trust them 100%.

MrsNordin said...


I'll always remember your great fiasco with Marina. Until now I still can't believe what she did. And you thought she was part of your family...

With Sri ni pun, I've to be careful. Once in a while, have to pull the string. Cannot trust completely lah!

Hey, why don't you do a posting on Marina? As a lesson learnt for everyone. That'll make a good story!

Anonymous said...


The lil girl is ok today, back at school but with other minor issues which I shall not divulge.

Anyway, since we are on the maid issue, I pun ada incident like, but not identical, to the Marina incident. Mine did not do the things Marina did, but she made up stories that can win Grammy awards lah, sampai my MIL trusted her more than us. Even after she ran away, my MIL told us, if she called her, she will take her in. MIL though we including my mum was ill treating her. grrrrrr

So the moral is, never trust them 100%, and never treat them like family cos they are not your family. Treat them like good employees. I know some ppl treat them like family and have never been backstabbed, good for them. Treat them the best way u can without going 100%.

That's my take.
Aida - nak add, if they have mobiles, lagi lah jgn percaya. cso they ahve outside contact.

Emma said...

Hi MrsNordin, i just got married. My MIL ada sorg maid indon which they swap around in their circles of families. Hubby said she;s like a family dah lama kerja.. But when I first met her after majlis bertandang, wah i cannot tahan her mulut lebih2 pulak becok mcm the real aunties.Like she got lesen to say all she wants gitu.After that mebi she noticed I gave her the cold shoulder, what do u know.. esok she was all sweet to me siap cium my tangan apa kes nih?? Tah2 dia nak mendrem I kot.. hehe. Smpai ke situ paranoid.. mesti ada sikit lah.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Emma,

Setengah maid memang macam tu. My SIL ada satu maid macam tu dulu. Kalau kenduri, dia yang sibuk salam orang datang dan paling bergaya sampai orang ingat dia mak datin of the house! (much to the annoyance of my SIL, of course!)

Enjoy your early years of marriage and congratulations!!

jabishah said...

Hey MrsNordin,
Have a great time in Langkawi. I would bring along my maid too. After all they work like 24/7. Kejam sungguh I as her majikan... ish! ish! ish! But she's going back for raya this year & that will leave me with 4 kids to tend!! Pengsan...
You take care now.

ps- samalh plak our maids'name - Sri

wanshana said...


Kalau nak cerita pasal maid ni, kalah Hikayat 1001 Malam!

Anyway, here's wishing you and your family a great time in Langkawi! Enjoy!

Btw, I'm assuming that you're having problems sending e-mail to our Yahoogroup. You can send it via my Yahoo, then - :)


MrsNordin said...

Hi Jabishah,

Ramai lah pulak maids nama Sri, ya?

I bawak pun sebab kesian juga... penat buat kerja rumah ni. Once in a while, it's ok to give her a treat like that.

Good luck with the kids when she goes off balik kampung. At first, kelam-kabut sikit, but after a while, you'll wish the maid never comes back. That's how I felt last time... :(

MrsNordin said...


Actually I haven't sent out the e-mail yet. Will notify you once that's done. Sorry!

fara279 said...

hi mrs.nordin..ive been reading your blog since last week..found out your page from my ex-senior in stf..which made you're one of my super duper senior as well ;-)..the writing rather fascinates me in your own style and i love that...btw im liz's cuzin your colleagues as well in stf..keep it up with the blog coz i cant stop reading it every single day

p/s:langkawi are one of my fav holiday break..4 seasons??no kidding...i wish someday i'll be staying there