Saturday, May 10, 2008

MrsNordin on Shopping Spree!

I did something bad yesterday ~ splurged on kain at Euro Moda!! Arrghh!!

The original idea was to get several pieces of materials yang murah2 to make baju kurung. You know, for office wear or kenduri kat rumah ke... So, first I went to Nagoya with my colleague. Dapatlah dua pasang, kain biasa je. Can't really find the ones that I fancy (walaupun dah 2 jam tawaf dalam kedai tu!). Then I thought, before I headed home, let's just stop at Euro Moda and see what they have coz I wanted to get another piece.

Sampai kat situ, tengok "SALE!!". Wah... ini sudah bagus! Masuk2 je, this one guy greeted me and showed me their latest offerings. Oh my... they were so nice! I fell in love with the first kain I saw (Gianni Versace, leopard prints, gold in colour). Tengok harga, RM55 per metre (down from RM145 per metre). Hmm.. not bad. Let me just look around some more.

Turun naik atas bawah (the upper floors have better bargains), I ended up buying 4 pieces ~ but NOT the one that I liked first. The others are equally gorgeous. They have crepe materials going for RM90 sepasang (I bought 2), chiffon for RM70 sepasang with free lining (can you believe it, RM70!!), and others for RM118 sepasang. They are really worth it, I think. I called a friend to come along as well, as she ended up buying 2 pieces (tho' she had no intention of buying in the first place!).

So now I have altogether 7 pieces of materials to make baju (before yesterday, I had bought another one which was quite costly now I think about it), 2 at the tailor, and just last week, dapat another 5 baju yang baru siap from my tailor! Hee.. hee... what to do with all these kain? My wardrobe is almost bursting to its seam. I think I need to do some spring cleaning this weekend ~ take out the old ones and leave some space for the new "coming soon" bajus. Hooray!

p/s. Btw, also bought a pair of Nine West shoes two days ago.. Now I feel very guilty... :(


Kak Teh said...

wah, shopping sakan. It has been a while since I did that. but nine west? that's my onme weakness.

Happy Mother's day to the wonderful mum that you are. And my salute and warm regards to Mr N for making the right choice.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi MrsN,

I went a little bit crazy today too - with shopping I mean.

Took Alya to Aarong to get her some accessories to wear with her prom dress. Prom party is on 22nd May. I ended buying more than her because Aarong has a new collection of 'discharged silk print' materials. Very very pretty most of them.

The 5-yard silk material has 2 different sets of design with co-ordinated color scheme. Cantik betul kalau nak buat sepasang baju kurung/kebaya with different yet co-ordinated top and bottom.

I bought 8 pcs tadi! Stress kot tu pasal beli banyak. Shopping is definitely therepuetic!

Hope said...


Jangan feel definitely earned IT girl...


just say its from for Tabung Persatuan Ibu-ibu tiri sedunia.. ha ha ;)

Happy Mother's Day!!

IBU said...

Whoaaaaa.... 7 pieces?! Psst.. good fren, 6 is a better number, so pass one to me lah! Hahaha...

Nine west got sale meh? Ohhh... must go!!

Happy Mommy's Day BJ!! Muahhhss!

p/s and happy bltd bday to Nizzar too!

Kmar said...


Raya sakan la kali ni.. he.he.!! Tempah awal-awal sebelum masuk bulan puasa nanti.

You deserve it laa... and it is very good excuse for Mother´s Day present!!

Happy Mother´s Day!

Emma said...

haha hehe..
sy pun ada berlambak kain ela belum jait terperuk dlm lemari.. n i still buy more of it. tu belum kain batik lepas lagi..beribu-ribu lemon.

MrsNordin said...

Hi K. Teh,

Actually, that was my first pair of Nine West. Previously, never quite find one that was most comfortable to wear.

p/s. I told MrN about your wishes and warm regards. Dia senyum meleret... :)

MrsNordin said...

Mdm Tai Tai,

You and shopping spree dah macam isi dan kulit. So, I'm not surprised!

Yes, there are days when we tend to splurge like that. It's ok... duit kita sendiri pun. But in your case, duit husband. Lagi lah ok!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks!! We all deserve to splurge on ourselves once in a while. So while you're in KL, do it, girl!

MrsNordin said...


Nine West tak de sale. Nak bagi you satu? Boleh... sila lah ke Ampang.

MrsNordin said...


Thanks! Sekarang sampai tak tau mana satu nak buat baju raya. I suppose, the one that I like most will be the main theme for this raya. But still, don't know which one.

Hope you've had a good Mother's Day celeb!

MrsNordin said...


Kita ni boleh lah serumah. I didn't tell you about the ones yang dalam my lemari lagi, kan? Hee.. hee... cepat pergi hantar tailor!