Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I need a bedroom makeover!

Eversince I moved into this house 4 years ago, I've not changed any of the house's furniture/decor. Everything is exactly how it was when MrNordin's late wife was still around. The color scheme, the upholstery, the bed... yes, even the bed. I sleep on the same bed that MrNordin used to sleep with his late wife from 1997-2001. From 2001-2003, the children used to occupy the bed, and from 2004-now (after we got married), it becomes my bed.

A lot of people told me that the first thing to do after I got married was to buy a new bed. It's bad luck to sleep on an old bed, especially if one of the occupants has passed away. Well, we tried, but one child was quite disturbed by it at that time ("Why do they have to change the bed ?!!"), so we discontinued the effort. After that, there was no more talk about buying a new bed. I continued sleeping on the old bed, tho' I felt quite uncomfortable at first. Luckily, I didn't get bad dreams or the late wife come haunting me for sleeping on her side of the bed. So I guess, she doesn't mind.

But now, I feel that the bed has become a little too small for us. What with the little one who loves to snuggle between us at night, it has gotten a bit cramped. Kadang2 kesian pulak tengok kan MrNordin, selalu kena kick by the little boy. Suruh dia tidur dalam cot, dia tak nak. Even tho' I've put him in his cot after he's fallen asleep, he'd still wake up at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning to crawl up next to Mummy. Kesian MrNordin... jarang2 dapat peluang peluk wife dia before tidur! Hee.. hee...

Actually, I've been thinking about doing a serious bedroom makeover. You know, with a baby, your bedroom is no longer the romantic bedroom it used to be. Dulu, the room is strictly for the two of us. Even the children were not allowed to enter when we were not in, because we didn't want them to snoop around (The drawers, especially ~ you'll never know what they're gonna find!)

Now, masuk2 saja, boleh pening jadinya. Dengan baby cot, pampers, baby wipes, documents/papers strewn on the lazy chair, the overcrowded sofabed, my handbags, his bags, toys, DVDs, books... eeee... rimas!!! Many a times I wish I could just change the whole bedroom into a romantic boudoir with a blink of an eye. Satin sheet, velvet curtains, soft pillows, deep purple throw cushions, scented candles.... ahhh.... wouldn't it be lovely.... And no baby! Like that, we could ML every night, unlike now ~ masuk bilik je, terus turn off!

I try to de-clutter the room once a month, but it's hard to maintain it if you're sharing a room with a toddler. Nak make him sleep in his own room, kesian pulak coz he's still small. Nak suruh dia share dengan abang dia pulak, I don't think the big brother will like the idea (you know, anak remaja meningkat dewasa, they want their privacy...) Itu yang pening sekarang ni!

Ideally, the bedroom should be our private love nest. I know a friend, she also has a toddler like Nizzar. She's a mother of two teenagers, and stepmum to 4 other children of her current husband (aged 12-20). They all live under the same roof. During the day, she'll be busy with the household chores and kids while the husband is away at work. But the moment the husband comes home, all her activities stop because her husband wants her all to himself. So, they'll be upstairs in their room, locked, chatting ke, coffee ke or whatever lah... but just the two of them. No interference allowed during their private time.

Huu.. I'd like to do that! Of course she has two maids in the house, so while she entertain her husband, the maids help with the dinner and kids. Kalau I buat cam tu, sure my husband would be a very happy man! But for me, balik kerja je, dah kena take over minding the busy toddler. Letih! Kadang2 nak say hi! to MrNordin when he comes home pun, tak larat. Bila budak kecik tu dah tidur, baru boleh have some private time with husband. But usually, by that time, both of us will be too exhausted that we'd rather hit the pillows. Or, if we're still not sleepy, we'd go out for coffee. But that one pun, jarang2 sekali sekarang ni...


Hope said...


Just-do-IT :)

You are so sabar (I'm ashamed of myself!) When I met my husband 3 years ago, I reserved all my comments to myself. The moment we got married I started on my "CLEAN THE GARBAGE PROJECT". My husband still had some bedsheets from his ex (thank God the bed was new as he left with 2 bags only-plus the sheets), so I told him sorry honey, all these will go to Salvation Army he he. I am very possessive and (cruel at times) but I just cannot have the past encroaching into my present. Part of it is due to my own experience, I left with just 2 bags too, all of my possessions-all left in Malaysia (punyalah patah hati) so I am determined to have a fresh start in everything.

My stepson sometimes makes remarks like why I sould change things when this is his daddy's house. I told him, sorry babe, this is my house now..;)

Our bedroom now is off limit for the kids too. But they are big kids so oklah. My stepson used to sleep in the bed when he was around and I had to go sleep in the guest room. Then I put my foot down and said, no more. So now all kids (mine and his) get equal treatment and sleep in the same room.

Need to lah- otherwise I go sewel with all this blended family thing..

MrsNordin said...


In my case, I have to be more tactful than that. I don't know lah... maybe I'm more patient than you, that's why. And I guess also, our situation is different. His ex is still around whilst mine is not. Tak boleh nak make any drastic changes, have to do it slowly.

Anyway, I like the house. I've no complain about it. I think she did a great job with the house. I moved in saja! Hee.. hee...

Madam Tai Tai said...

MrsNordin, you are right. Arwah did a great job decorating the house. It's a very beautiful house.

But it's your house now and I think you should put some personal touches to it (which I know you have done bit by bit). As for the bedroom, do please please have a makeover..and paint it deep red as you've always wanted to (hope this is still true).

It's about time for you to put your own stamp in your own room, ok. Create la the ambience and background for the La Senza moments! LoL!!

MrsNordin said...

Madam TT,

La Senza moments? Hee.. hee.. all my La Senza collections are collecting dust in the cupboard!

Huu... I would love to have a black & red-color theme for my bedroom, but they said, feng shui tak bagus lah. I'm still looking around for nice designs.

Nampaknya, kena panggil Eric Leong lah ni (from Casa Impian).Do you know Nizzar has made friends with him, once? We were at Bangsar Village one day, and Eric was there with his sister (I think). Nizzar was playing around and when he passed by, he said hello to the little boy, and our littlle friend shook hands with him. Very friendly... So now, whenever Nizzar sees Eric on TV or the billboard, he would shout, "Baba!"

(hee.. hee... dia ingat itu Baba dia coz both botak!)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Err..don't call Eric Leong la. Not because nanti Nizzar gets confused (that he isn't the Baba walaupun kepala botak) but more because his designs are so boring la.

Ideas dia asyik candles candles candles.Kat Msia kita guna ceiling fans la Eric, not AC all the time. So having candles lit up merata-merata in the house can be inviting trouble.

Go with your own...you've got some great ideas, girl!

MrsNordin said...


Actually betul lah you cakap. Idea dia tak habis2 candles tu, kan? To show off, ok lah. But it's just so tak practical!

Btw, a friend at the office got an LV bag from her husband for her birthday today. And she so tak sangka and happy !!