Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

I had a nice weekend. Husband came home earlier than expected on Saturday morning. I was very happy to see him!

Saturday was spent relaxing at home mostly. MrNordin cooked cantonese noodles for lunch. I was busy running after Nizzar the whole day.

At night, we went out dating. Makan nasi lemak bungkus at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman. Hee.. hee...! Then coffee at Starbucks. Stayed there for a while to chat. Then we went for a drive, and chat some more. Husband didn't want to go home yet...

Sunday morning was spent as my MIL's house for breakfast. We brought some nasi dagang & nasi lemak. I baked a cake that morning. MIL complimented my effort tho' she said, I could do with less flour to avoid the cake from breaking at the top. Fine. I shall take note of that.

Went home at 2pm, and MrNordin started cooking. We had guests at 4pm. Guests stayed until 7pm.

Later at night, MrNordin & I went out to a friend's house for raya. We were treated to a very nice meehoon goreng tomyam ("...because you like meehoon!", she said), served on her finest Noritake dinner set. Yummy!

Funny how these days, I get a lot of offers from people who want to serve meehoon goreng whenever I say I want to come visiting... My friend's meehoon goreng made me realised how inferior my meehoon goreng was ~ mine was soooooo simple!

I asked her for the recipe, which she gladly gave, and I shall attempt it to impress my next guests. Thanks for having us last night, Dada. You are such a wonderful host!

Came home dead tired. Changed and straight away hit the pillows. And it was still drizzling outside...


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome, BJ. If only I have more time to prepare, then I would love to serve you something different than "meehoon". The whole morning gone sebok dengan Faiz black belt exam. Then, entertaining my parents and guests. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the meehoon tomyam and banana "fritters". The recipe:-
Ingredients: Meehoon (half packet), 4 bawang putih, 3 bawang merah, 2 sudu cili kisar, 1 serai, 2 daun limau purut, udang, sotong, ayam, carrot, cauliflower, cendawan tiram, 2 paket tomyam paste maggi, fish sauce, oyster sauce, garam.
- Tumis bawang putih and merah yang ditumbuk. Bila dah naik bau, masukkan cili. Masak sampai garing, masukkan ayam, udang dan sotong. Bila dah masak, masukkan tomyam paste, serai, daun limau purut, sayur. Masukkan air, oyster and fish sauce, garam. Bila dah mendidih, masukkan meehoon. Serve dengan tomato and daun ketumbar.

Anyway, lain kali datanglah lagi. I prefer to entertain friends this way. Boleh sembang2. Kalau buat open house, memang tak boleh nak sembang2. Jangan lupa arrange karaoke bila MrNordin around.

Lastly, I just received a meesage that Neeta's father passed away yesterday evening dan akan dikebumikan di Kuala Pilah sebelum zohor today. Al-Fatiha.


muteaudio said...

A few months back I met a Malaysian couple in Akihabara, Tokyo who were on holiday and they planned to go to a place outside Tokyo to buy 2nd hand Noritake. The wife said my visit is not complete if I didn't go to that place. I told her that I have no interest in Noritake. She insisted that I go there and get some for friends N family or sell it back home! No thanks, our shooting equipments were more than what we can handle. Lucky my mom didn't know about this.

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for the recipe.

The very reason why we don't do an open house is because, like you said lah, no personal attention. Nak sembang pun tak boleh... just hi and bye. Like last night, it was nice to chat with you and IQ over your delicious meehoon, tea & coffee. Jumpa kat luar lain dari jumpa kat rumah, kan?

Next round, you have to come over to our house pulak, ok? Tapi kena tunggu when Nordin is around. Karaoke - after you come back from your family gathering lah! See ya!

MrsNordin said...


When are you going to Japan again? :)

FYI, my friend's Noritake set was purchase from there as well. She bought them through her BIL who was working in Japan at that time.

p/s You should have bought at least a tea set for your mum. She'd love you forever!!