Thursday, October 16, 2008

Adegan Sebelum Tidur

MrNordin left for JB at 11pm last night. While tossing and turning in bed, I managed to record the little boy's antics, who was having trouble sleeping. Don't you think he's clever?

Part 1 - The Alphabets

Part 2 - The Body Parts


Anonymous said...

Shucks BJ,

I must view this at home cos my puter at the office tak der speakers... anyway, kalau pasang nanti semua org tahu i dok surfing ehhehehe...

Nanti malam nanti I dgr. This is the time they absorb everything tau. So be sure to teach him everything u can. Ainul managed her alphabets b4 2 and counting to 30.

Now teaching her to spell and tell time tapi susah when Adik dia seeking attention. Days and nights like this I get upset that I am alone to fend for the two kids while DH is away... arrgghhhh there is so much I wanna do with them tapi tak cukup tangan.

Aida - its the time of the month....

MrsNordin said...

I know that feeling... you want to do so much and yet tak menang tangan. Btw, have you sent any of your kids to pre-school? I think I want to send Nizzar next year, so that he can have some friends and join the play group. Do you know any good ones?

Anonymous said...


Ainul is now at play school, she's learnt so much there that I am now ready to send her to kindie.

This November I will be making school visits. One of the first schools I will be visiting to see their facilities is Sr* *na* (just down the road from me cos that's my old school and the principals of the Kindie and Junior school was my teacher dulu and the principal of the senior school pun my ex teacher. Their teaching is unlike Sr* Ut@m@.

Other good kindergartens are CeC, Kr*stal, Q-Ds.

It'll be good for Nizzar to socialise.

U know, the first 6 months of school, all of Ainul's friends were named "friends" ehehhehe after that baru dia paham concept names. At school my lil darling is known as the Puzzle Wizard cos there is no jigsaw puzzle which she has not been able to solve ehhehehe

There is so much a school an offer but the best is for u to visit sendiri and meet the teachers to see if they share the same vision as u. Some schools have garang teachers tau.

There's a Montiseori school at the KUBdotcom building and sana byk international kids but fees tak lah teruk.

Aida - next year nak enrol Ainul in swimming, piano, mengaji and kindie.... I hope am not putting much pressure on her.

MrsNordin said...


There's a Montessori near our house as well, but I haven't checked it out. I went to see one at Ampwalk the other day, nice... ramai mat saleh, but the fee is quite exhorbitant. Macam nak buat degree! I suppose it caters for the expats' children, that's why..

Isn't she still too young to be sent to a kindie? She's 4 right?

Dad of 4+1 said...


He's adorable!!

wanshana said...

Nizzar is soooooo chomeiiii!!! (and clever, too!)

Before tido pun very active maaaa...


salam mrsnordin ....

being connected to your blog from mdm principal. The "adegan" is a bit the same with my youngest daughter. Anyway selamat berkenalan.

Anonymous said...


He's such a cutie lah ur nizzar tue... and nothing like a "pengganas" which u selalu refer him as hehehehe...

anyway, ISKL nyer kindie in in tmn M3l@w@t*, tue pun mahal giller.

4 is not too young these days. Would u beleive that Vit@l Ye@rs accepted my AInul at the age of 18 months. But after a few sessions, I saw hat I could teach her the same thing that they were doing there. But those were during my M@rcon* days where work was laid back ehehhehe

I'll keep u updated of my findings ehhehe

Aida - kindie hunting.

kay_leeda said...


Saying this again, Nizzar is so adorable!! Dan Mommy nyer pun suara sedap :)

the principal said...

mrs nordin,

now, parents send their kids to kindie as early as 2 yrs old. Mine, I only accept 4-6 years old. Only 1 boy joined us at d age of 2 yrs & 2 mths coz he's my friend's son. Kronilah kan.

montessori is a good method (i did a 1 1/2 course on montessori method) but in Malaysia (local montessori schools), some of them claim their school a montessori school to charge more. I believe international montessori schools tak macam tu...

Local Montessori schools yg agak famous -Peter & Jane, Tadika Diyana

tireless mom said...

Smart boy Nizzar ni and memang adorable. Masa main kugiran hari tu tak clear sangat. Whatever school you choose for Nizzar make sure a good play school cos I know some of my friends bila dah hantar they all at the early stage, by the time they are 5 or 6, the kids are bored to death and tak ada mood nak pergi sekolah.

MrsNordin said...

Dad of 4+1/Shana,

Thanks! Tengoklah siapa mak dia... :)

MrsNordin said...

Jalan Rebung,

Salam perkenalan to you too! Thanks for visiting!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks again. Yes, please keep me informed.


Suara I sedap? Hee... hee... segan lah pulak!

MrsNordin said...


Where is this Peter & Jane and Tadika Diyana??

I'll check out the Montess. near my house. Kalau dekat rumah, lain senang kan?


MrsNordin said...


I just want him to mix with other kids and play around. Also I want him to be able to speak "proper" English coz as of now, at home, we speak "rojak" with him.

Kesian jugak tengokkan dia kadang2 tu, he's bored at home, tak de kawan nak main. That's why I want to send him to school.