Friday, October 17, 2008

Is it just my imagination? (Update)

I spoke to husband last night. He called. Many times. I was on the phone with Nabila. When I asked him what was the matter, he said he missed us. The work sucks. The travelling is taking a toll on him. He's thinking of changing job.

Funny how I was thinking the exact same thing on my way home yesterday. That he should get another job which is based in KL permanently. The travelling is ridiculous. Every week, at odd hours. I worry for his safety and health.

Talking to him like that made me realised that I missed him so much. He sounded very down and vulnerable. Poor husband... I told him what I wrote in my blog (which he hasn't read yet), and that I hoped he won't be angry once he reads the contents. He said he understands.

I guess we still have it, the sixth sense. That's why the phone call.

So, the dream was just my imagination, then... phew!


Waterlily said...

See BJ...there's nothing to it after all! Yeay!!

Are you sure that woman in your dream wasnt you? You pakai wig kut?

MrsNordin said...


Hey, no lah! It wasn't me! I was WATCHING, ok?

kay_leeda said...
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kay_leeda said...


Ahh...I like happy endings. Kawan-kawan kan dah kata no worries (but dgn husband ni at times memang KENA worry gak).

You have a good weekend OK :)

p/s Sorry had to delete my earlier posting. Baru perasan got typos..

wanshana said...


Terharu lah pulak I baca posting ni...

Bila fikirkan balik, MrN lagi stressed out over there - alone. At least the kids and you have each other in KL ni.

Apa-apa pun, I do'akan everything will work out well for you all, insya Allah.

If HE has mentioned himself about changing jobs - that's a very good sign :)

Anonymous said...

See BJ,

Like I said. Its ur head working overtime.

Like U my dreams (mimpi but not impian though)are very vivid and at most times do come true. But there are just instances where its just ur worries materialising itself into a dream ajer.

Take care dear. Have a good weekend.

Aida - husbandless this weekend. *sulks*

bella said...

This is great news!now, why don't you tolong belikan the edge ker...saturday star ker...hehehe...or hint2 pada headhunter friends ker...all the best Mrs N!