Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Back at Work

I’m having my second cup of Nescafe while staring at the PC, feeling bored and sleepy. Why is it that when I was fasting, tak ada pun rasa mengantuk? I could work straight through lunch and continued working until it was time to go home at 4.30 pm. Never did I complain of sleepiness or hunger; I was very ok.

But today, my first day at work after the long break, I felt hungry at 11 am when I’ve already had breakfast of roti canai and kari ikan at 8am with MrNordin. I couldn’t wait for lunch break at 1.00 pm, and so I went down to have my lunch at the cafeteria at 12.30. I had nasi with ikan kembung goreng, sayur kobis masak lemak putih and telur masin, washed down with a glass of teh ‘O’ panas.

For desserts, it was a bar of chocolate and a packet of sweets (I know... it's bad...). Yet, I’m still craving for food right now. No, I’m not pregnant. I’m just bored.

MrNordin is going to JB tonight, coming back on Thursday. So tonight, Nizzar and I will have the bed all to ourselves. Yahoo!! (sorry yang, it’s just the extra space meant a lot to me these days...) That boy tidur lasak. Sekejap kepala ke sini, sekejap kepala ke sana, habis semua kena tendang terajang.

Now, his favourite position is right at the bottom of our bed, between mine and MrNordin’s legs. At that spot, he’d sleep peacefully until morning. Otherwise, he’d be tossing and turning all night long.

In his cot? Sekejap je dia boleh tahan. The moment we’re dozing off, kepala dia akan tercongok keluar and he’d shouted, “Mummy, nak peluk!” Kalau nasib tak baik, tengah “project” dia akan bangun! Hee… hee… nasiblah Labu…!

Nizzar and his Baba ~ before they went to sleep


Anonymous said...


very soon he'll grow out of the pusing-pusing stage. Ainul could have a queen size bed all to herself if left to her own devices. but now at 3 1/2, she's in her favourite position, telangkup. Both my kids sleep with me. I find that my son, hardly moves about when he's asleep (some say os he's bfed), entah lah but nasib baik ada sorang ajer yg terajang in her sleep ehehehhehe

My kids are never one to sleep in cots. Their cot jadik tempat simpan toys ajer ehhehehe or in khalil's case, tempat kena detention when he's naughty. He's put inside the cot for about 10mins as punishment. Tak leh lelama sebab nanti dia panjat keluar.

anyway, like u am bored (though byk kerja, mood tak der) and am munching on snacks.

Aida - esok i cuti balik yahooooo

MrsNordin said...

Hi Aida,

I've to complete my PMR which was due before raya, but I'm so malas to do it!

I sure hope Nizzar will stop his pusing-pusing stage at night. Kesian jugak kat husband, asyik kena tendang je (I jarang kena..).

I force him to sleep in his cot. Usually he's ok. Only when he terbangun tengah malam, that's when he wants to sleep with us.

You cuti again tomorrow? How nice!! Abang dah balik Miri?

tireless mom said...


Nizzar is growing to be cuter and cuter ya! My solution to Alim then was beli tilam kekabu yang besar tu, bentang kan dia and "aboom" next to our bed kat bawah. Mommy and baba too can tumpang semangkok especially when one of us merajuk :) Nyenyak in slumberland, no worries.

Anonymous said...

Hello BJ,

Lama tak jumpe ye. I pun alami perkara yang sama. My youngest 9 months, asyik bangun je malam kalau i tak de.


MrsNordin said...


That's a good idea. Syok jugak tidur atas tilam kekabu ni, kan? I'm sure he'll love it. I'll go and look for one soon.

Thanks again!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Zae,

Ini Zae my ex-classmate in STF dulu, ya? Hi!! How are you? I read your e-mail hari tu, through Dada. But since I'm not in the e-mail group, I malas nak tulis apa2.

You kat mana sekarang? Buat apa? Anak berapa orang? Update, ok?

Aida said...


My hubby is still here hence the extension of my cuti. Initially wanted to take a two week holiday stretch but kira-2 cuti tak cukup for end of year pulak cos we're planning to send Ainul to proper pre-school next year.

Good luck in completing your PMR.

I know how MrN feels, I was the victim to her lasak sleeping patterns whne I was pregnant with Khalil dulu. Imagine dgn perut bulging, she would bangun tengah malam and land hard on my chest or tummy. Kaki kat muka lah and the like, tue semua i dah rasa. Baba dia tak rasa sebab he could not stand it so he slept separate whenever he was around. hehehehe

Oh yes, like tireless mom, we have all sorts of tilams in our room. Pillows by the dozen. So that anyone or everyone can get comfy ehhehehe from that description u probably deduced that my bedroom is far from a boudoir, but with the kids happy and until the are old enough for their own room, mummy n baba kena sacrifice. hehehehe

But rest assured, it won't be too long, I prayed for that too when Ainul got too lasak. Now u hardly notice she is on the same bed cos once she gets into the comfy position, she hardly moves. Then baru lah u rasa rindu the tidur lasak kid ehhehehe

Aida - kids grow up so fast.... must enjoy the moments while u can.

kay_leeda said...

Hi MrsNordin,

Ohh...I thought I was the only one yang ala-ala pregnant nak makan segala bagai at work today!! You too huh? Can this be the result of all those Raya devourings? Sah, ader baju yang tak boleh pakai lepas ni :(

Ezza Aziz said...

Mrs N,
cerita you all ni best jugak. Arwah anak I dulu seksa betul nak pisah kan tempat tidur...jadi sejarah laa..kena kunci pintu bilik kalau ada project sebab dia ni main terjah jer..terperanjat kucing kami di buat nya.
Akak kat sini kerja yang sedang menanti ialah melipat baju baju yang dah berbakul ni..sakit mata,sakit hati..boleh tertidur pasal nak menghabis kan baju2 ni. Nak susun lagi..nak gantung..la ni nak cari spender pun punya la payah,kena kumbah bakul2 ni..ini lagi stress!!!! Nak suruh anak buat,alamat semua baju tak jumpa..hilang lesap ntah kemana letak nya..

MA & Brood said...

MrsN - your Nizzar is adorable! Besar nanti sure hensem!

My son Abang pun mcm Nizzar dulu - tidor sikit punya lasak. Bab kaki tangan kena kat muka toksah ckp laa..last2 I yang lari gi tidor tempat lain.

Bila letak dalam cot - dia berdegang degung tidur lasak, terhantuk walaupun dah letak padding. Padding ke mana kayu ke mana. But he will soon outgrow all that.

Tumpang lalu, Kak Ezza - bab hilang spender tu dah jadi jadi kebiasaan kat rumah kami. Acara "Di Manakah spender/panties ku ?" dan " Di Manakan pasangan stokin ku ini.." boleh dibuat gameshow tiap2 hari kat sini...

wanshana said...


Enjoy it while Nizzar still wants to sleep with you!

My youngest slept with us until he was about 6 years old. I would sleep with him on a mattress on the floor and when he was sound asleep, I would creep up onto the bed to join his Ayah, and normally later in the night dia pulak will creep up onto our bed to join us!

Dia paling suka put his cheeks on my tummy yang flabby - he would say, "Mommy I love you" or "I love to sleep with you because you're soft"(meaning my tummy). Hehehe!

Oh, how I miss having him sleeping with me...Now kalau dia tido ngan we all, memang tak muat katil coz' he's so montel!

busymum100 said...


Now u complain, and as wanshana said, soon you'll miss it. Unless there's plan for no.2 (no.5 for MrN)? ;-)

My girl is 11 this year, and how I miss her toddler years!! Nak beranak lagi, I'm too old oredi :-(
Tak larat oo!
Nk tunggu cucu, anak dara i takde boyfren lagi :-(
(walaupun dia dah mula panik sb kawan2 sumer dah kawin
Read her rantings here:
Amy's Married? )

MrsNordin said...

Hi again Aida,

That's what got me worried about having another baby: takut budak kecik tu dok hempap my tummy coz he seems to enjoy doing it these days!

But last night, he slept peacefully (tho' the tossing and turning tu still happened) coz there was one less people on the bed. I've forgotten how good it feels to have the all to myself!

Enjoy your cuti2 with hubby! :)

MrsNordin said...


By night time, I was so full. Nak bergerak pun susah! I thought of skipping dinner, but my maid dah masak nasi lauk ikan lemak kuning. Makan lagi... ishh... terrible! Hope today the craving won't be as bad.

MrsNordin said...


Ha! Ha! Dia main terjah je? Tu bahaya tu! I know a friend, who had to project with her hubby in the ironing room, to avoid sudden interference by her kids! Kesian..

Bab cari spender ni, tak dapek den nak menolong. Maybe you should get a separate bakul for undies saja. That way, senang sikit nak cari, kut.

Selamat melipat kain baju (perkara yang I paling menyampah nak buat!)

MrsNordin said...


That game show sounds quite fun ~ "Dimanakah spender/panties ku?" Hee.. hee... you make me laugh first thing this morning! Have a nice day!

MrsNordin said...


I hope that boy won't sleep with us until he's 6! Even as of now, I miss having the bed all to ourselves saja, ie. me and husband.

I hope by the time he's 3 (or know how to pee by himself), I can transfer him to sleep with his brother. Tapi, according to husband, the 3 other kids dulu pun tidur dengan diaorang sampai dah besar panjang. Alamak... susah lah kalau cam ni!

MrsNordin said...


You think I'll miss it? I don't know... time will tell.

Do I want a no. 2? Err... that's another story altogether.

I'll read your anak dara's posting in a while. Tadi tak boleh bukak her webpage.

See you tmrw! (I'm nervous...)

Anonymous said...

Mrs N,

All my kids only sleep with us until they're 2 yrs old, coz by then dapat baby lagi. The youngest get transferred out to teman the brother. Adalah exceptionnya, bila demam or bila ada relatives datang rumah or bila gi hotel. Kat hotel oklah sebab the beds are huge. The times yg ada extra head in the bed sure i akan sakit badan the next day because they take after the father..sekejap ada kepala on my legslah, on my tummylah..they move like a clock while sleeping.


MrsNordin said...


They move like a clock while sleeping! So true!!!

I think it's a good idea to move them out of OUR bed at an early stage. We also want our private time with husband, right? Ini, asyik nak menepis tendangan budak kecik tu je, boleh bergaduh jadinya tengah2 malam!

Anonymous said...

Mrs N,

Actually even when they slept in my room, they slept in the cot next to the bed, so I can still tepuk2. When they were babies, just as a safety precaution, supaya tak dihempap by their father!


MrsNordin said...


I also have the cot next to our bed, but very seldom he'd sleep throughout the night in that cot. Sure punya terjaga tengah malam and nak sleep with me.

He needs to touch my hair before he sleeps. Kalau tak ada rambut, dia tak boleh tidur. When I'm not around or when only his baba is around, dia akan tarik telinga baba dia becoz baba dia tak de rambut, kan? :)

Madam Tai Tai said...


Ya lah..bila fasting month dah habis perut always craves for food. Why ah? Last nite Chepul tak berhenti-henti makan after dinner. I lak jadi rimas. He never did this masa fasting dulu. Lepas buka that was it until sahur.

I think the cacing2 which have been hibernating, resurfaced again kot. Tu pasal lapar aje... :)

Anonymous said...

Salam aidilfitri to you and yr family. Just start work today. Took an MC yesterday sebab penat sangat travelling. Balik Kelantan ni memang horror sket. Leha told me that Onair took 5 hours from KB to K-Krai which normally take less than an hour. Our journey took us a total of 13 hours. Hantar Dini balik sekolah and return to KL. Just imagine the road pack with cars and you can only drive at 10km/hr.Letih betul lah, my back really hurts. Started our journey at 5pm and reached KL at 3am. Bila kita nak jumpe and beraya? Leha ada proposed to visit Lin.


MrsNordin said...


Ya lah, masa bulan puasa, lepas berbuka tu, tak de lah terasa nak makan apa2 lagi. Sekarang ni, ada je benda nak munch. Baik I puasa 6 lah kalau macam ni...

p/s Are you feeling better already?

MrsNordin said...

Hi Dada,

Sorry to hear about your long journey and backache. Kalau I, tak sanggup berjam2 duduk dalam kereta macam tu.

Bila nak jumpa ya? Petang ni atau esok, boleh, kalau engkau larat.

Royalshoppingarcade said...

HI Mrs N,
Tergelak2 i baca ur post and comments here. My 2nd son still sleeps with us, si monster tu and the baby, tido dgn the big brother in their room.
Si monster ni tido on the floor in our room so we get the bed to ourselves jugak.ada satu masa tu, bilik dah gelap and baru la nak start ehem ehem i told hubby, takleh la..monster still belum tido.dia kata taklah..dah tido..then tgh syok2 kissing, tiba2 click!dia bukak side lamp!hahahha...it was soo funny, macam kena found out making out by our parents pulak!hahahah..needless to say, project abandoned la that night.hahahhhahah

MrsNordin said...


Ha! Ha! That's so funny! Sure anak you were wondering, apasal bunyi sok-sek sok-sek kat atas katil ni, that's why dia bukak lampu! Nasib baik adegan belum panas lagi.. Kalau tidak, haru... babe!!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Let's meet up tomorrow after work. Ada banyak story to share!!or come over for lunch kat Cosway, Japanese..


MrsNordin said...


I think tmrw after work is better. Coffee Bean, Ampang Point? I'm free until 8pm coz Nadim ada tuition at 8.30 in Melawati. You sms Intan, ok?

kay_leeda said...


How's the craving today? Actually yesterday nak meng_compliment your little boy Nizzar. Tak done coz boss dok tawaf turun naik turun naik at my place..Urgghh!! Kang kantoi pulak kerana ber_blog stalking in bright day lite, thou I often tell him that blogging helps to inspire me with my dry technical writing.

So comel yr Nizzar, macam Mommy & Daddy dia :)

MrsNordin said...


Today, my craving is somewhat under control coz I kept myself busy. For lunch, it was kuey teow goreng and that's it. Coffee after that at my cubicle and now it's almost time to go home. How's yours?

Thanks for your compliment on Nizzar. He's a devil in disguise...