Thursday, October 09, 2008

My new found friends

I met up with Busymum and her friend Norita for lunch just now (refer to here if you don’t know who they are).

It was nice to finally meet them. Me and Busymum have been planning to meet since months ago but due to her busy schedule, it was postponed many times. It so happened that both of them were free today, so Busymum arranged for us to meet at Madam Kwan’s. She arrived first; Norita arrived only after I finished my food.

To tell you the truth, I was very nervous about this meeting for two reasons: 1) that was my first time meeting a fellow blogger whom I’ve never met before; and 2) they were old friends of MrsN#1. I asked Superwoman to come along, but she had another lunch appointment to go to. What the heck… I’ll go alone then. Anyway, Superwoman advised me to stop referring to them as MrsN#1 friends, instead think of them as my new found friends. With that in mind, I felt much better and ready to face the music.

As I was driving to KLCC, Busymum texted me saying that she has arrived. When I arrived, I saw her sitting down with her back facing me and I noticed her tudung. Slowly, I went up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up; and when I saw the wide smile on her face, I knew I’ll be alright in this woman’s company.

Busymum is a lovely lady, full of zest. She likes curry laksa, and told me she’d finish a whole bowl of cendol at one go when she saw me taking my time finishing mine. We talked about her daughter’s experience in getting a scholarship to read Medicine, her travels and her family. Now I know that to do Medic, you need at least RM500k to complete the course. Wah lau… mana nak cari duit?

Then the second madam arrived. She’s another perky lady who speaks in an alternate slang of Kelantanese and Bahasa Malaysia to suit the person she was talking to. When she spoke to me, she used the normal Bahasa Malaysia but when she spoke to Busymum, she switched to the Kelantanese dialect. And they’d be laughing away reminiscing their good old days at school. She also brought along some photos of them with MrsN#1. That’s very thoughtful of her.

As we probed further on each other’s background, I found out that her husband comes from my kampong ~ orang Parit! And they know my parents’ friend, Cikgu Ros! What a small world! Her husband would probably know my mother as well, but this, she has to confirm with her husband. Norita also used to work in the same organization as me, but I've never bumped into her before this (different department lah).

And Busymum, she used to stay in Ipoh at one point of time, at the same taman perumahan where my parents are currently staying! Oh wow… I couldn’t believe the coincidences! Does this normally happen when strangers meet? I doubt so. But in our case, it did.

I'm sure there are other coincidences that would have been discovered but I couldn't stay longer to chat. As I took my leave, Busymum presented me with a package, "For the girls.. ", she said. That's very sweet of her. I promised to invite them over to the house one of these days. I hope we'll stay in touch and continue to remain friends.

So today, I made two new friends. I hope there'll be more to come. Thanks Busymum and Norita... it was lovely meeting you two!


Intan said...

i made several good frens thru blogging too. some even come to my wedding.. some i never see their faces but always always support me in things i do..

Dulu I was approached by people who read my blog (bfore going private)..rasa weird & tetiba uncomfortable pulak they know things about me when i dont even know their names HEHE!... one person was so wowed i noticed her outside blog world that she claim she now have stalkers.. so perasan - i totally felt turn off! If I saw u somewhere not sure if I can say Hi.. :) merayap2 gak kat ampang park kdg2.

puteri kama at-tarawis said...

Mrs N, I am so happy for you for two things - you have made 2 new friends, and you found a link to the arwah. you'll be alright, God bless you.

the principal said...

RM500K for medic? My 4 year law degree in UM only RM16,000. That's why we got 3rd class facilities.

1985 - I was in Form 1, you were in Form 5. My bed atas Kak Intan Jasmine, Kak Dada on my left & your bed on my right.

We, juniors in that dorm thot you were so cool. Nampak relax je but we were told you were such a brilliant student.

Ezza Aziz said...

ooo dah jumpa kawan baru yer...masa akak jompa kak salma /mutiara dulu,akak nervous jugak,tapi lepas tu boleh betepuk tampar pulak.. Bila pulak kita nak jumpa ye BJ...cakap perak la kitaaa...

busymum100 said...


Wah.... You ARE quick.

Anyway, it was really nice to finally meet you, and it was made nicer because you yg belanja! Thanks again. Next time I belanja tau!

Ladies, actually we talked very little about MrsN#1 - she was just an excuse for us to meet up and become friends. IF she can see us, I'm sure she'll be delighted that our friendship has been handed-over to you ;-)

After you left, Norita and I stayed on for quite a while. Then we walked around, window shopping, and everntually we got thirsty enough that we decided to have a cuppa at Dome's. Quite therapeutic, I would say, to have the chance to take it easy there..

We later left the place, and headed to Subang Parade (SP)where DH was supposed to pick me up and spent some time there too! At least we now know there's a KFC in SP.

As for being in Perak, I have some interesting stories from my teaching days at SM Teknik Persiaran Brash. Nect meet lah cerita, hahaha!!

Perak accent will remind me of the word "Keghoteh" that I came across. One student asked for "kegohteh", referring to test paper, and I was really clueless, until his friends helped me by translating to "Kertas, cikgu. Dia minta kertas ujian".

BTW, medicine in Indon can be much much cheaper ;-)

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi BJ,

I'm glad you finally met Busymum because I know you have been wanting to do that for a looooong while.

When you think of it, writing cyber blogs was supposed to keep our anonymity intact. But sod it! I, too, would love to meet some of those who have frequented my blog. Maybe one day I might... So lucky you because you have accomplished that today!

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Mrs.N,

Memang best jumpa kawan blogger nih..especially the first time you meet. As for me, the first kawan blogger I met was Mak Andeh.

I was very reluctant at first, but somehow I made it...and now we remain good friend. :-)

kay_leeda said...

Mrs N,

I can imagine how you felt, sweaty palms and butterflies in the stomach of all sorts. But, somehow you know, it's going to be fine kan.

I've yet to meet blogger friends. Though I did a 31 years later appearance at a Facebook initiated gathering. Just bayangkan the last time we met, some of us girls belum kena pe**od lagi. Now some even have 6 children!!

Responding to your earlier question, my boy is 19. He's doing the MICET program in UniKL Alor Gajah campus. Very inclined to follow Daddy's footsteps. Looks like I'll have another engineer in the house :)

MrsNordin said...

Hi Intan,

I'm sure it's kinda weird when others know about your life but you don't know theirs. But I suppose, one can expect that when one starts writing and posting all those family pictures.

You should say Hi! to me if you see me at Ampang Park. Then we can become friends!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for your well-wishes. My next project: karaoke with bloggers? Hee.. hee...

MrsNordin said...

Hi Mdm Principal,

Now I remember vaguely who you are. Lepas dah tengok gambar you dua tiga kali, baru perasan...

I relax je ke dulu? Hee... hee... mana ada terror, biasa2 je. Tapi ingat tak k.Intan suka study kat corridor sampai pukul 2-3 pagi, sorang2 duduk kat situ. I don't know how she could study like that!

Anyway, I'm meeting Intan & Dada for lunch. We'll talk about you *wink*!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Ezza,

You pun orang Perak ke? Oh kome... doghrian dah berbunge!!

Insyaallah, we'll meet one of these days. I so much want to meet you, boleh dapat petua memasak!

MrsNordin said...


I had some free time yesterday evening, that's why I wrote that quickly.

I also think MrsN#1 was just an excuse for us to meet. Whether or not she's happy about me meeting you all, I don't know. I took over her husband... her children... and now her friends? Hmmm... but I think it's ok. I meant well.

Hey, write about your real parents. Semalam tak habis cerita.

MrsNordin said...


It's nice to meet new friends this way. Rasa macam dah kenal lama. You'll get your chance, too, one of these days...

Can't wait for you to come back in a week's time!

MrsNordin said...


So, Mak Andeh was your first kawan blogger that you met face to face... No wonder, I always ingat both of you have known each other for a long time.

You know what's nice? When they saw me, they said, "Oh... so this is MrsNordin.." Cool! Hope to see you too one of these days.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Kay,

Nervous memang nervous, but since I knew this person exist and I've sort of known of her personality, tak le takut sangat.

Your son is 19? He must be the same age as my eldest. Elok lah ada ramai2 engineer kat rumah... senang nak bertukang!

Anonymous said...


It's nice to make new friends. Think about it, many of us don't know each other personally, but we do know about the happenings of each other's daily lives,a s well as our emotions. So walaupun belum bersua muka, dah terasa macam dah kenal hati budi masing-masing. I guess that is one of the benefits of blogging - support system :-)

MA & Brood said...

Yes Mrs N, Kak Yan was hiding behind a pillar while I was looking for her. There I was in my Batman tshirt hahaha...Must have scared her away!

It is very nice of you to get to know MrsN#1 friends, I think the children would appreciate it (maybe not now, but later) when they would have wanted to know more about their late mum.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Farizah,

What you said is correct. Take you, for example. I've only known you through your writings and those few photos you posted in your blog, and yet I feel that you'd make a good friend. Just like my other girlfriends. Your values and views are almost similar to mine; the only difference is you live thousand miles away.

Sometimes the wonders of blogging is quite intriguing...

MrsNordin said...


Kak Yan was hiding behind a pillar? Hee.. hee... she must have thought that you were brutal! You always said so yourself, what?

Anyway, I'm sure you gals exchanged lots of stories. Tulah kan, blogging ni works well for ladies becoz kita ni rajin bersembang. Ada je benda nak cerita...

So, kalau terjumpa I kat pasar tu lagi, jangan segan tegur, ok?!

ms hart said...

Hi MrsN!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the jejak kasih with my Kak Liz!! You just had lunch with her and your friend Dada today? We just talked and terkekek-kekek on the phone!!! A lot to catch up dgn kakcik tu!! Hari tu birthday dia, I remembered! I wanted to leave a message here for you to pass to her, but I thought I wouldn't want to 'pressure' you to accomplish my jejak kasih!! he he Anyway, tadi dah wished dah! Thanks again MrsN - may Allah bless you, Ameen.

Yes, what a nice world this blogging is! One day we all - mak-mak bloggers - should meet and lets see if we can bring the roof of any building down!! heh heh

MrsNordin said...

Ms hart,

So she called you? That's nice! Eh, we all tak ingat pun birthday dia, tau.. but we treated her the lunch lah. Maybe we'll do something for her next week, when everyone is free.

She told me you were from T*C, one year our junior. I was there doing my A-Levels in 1986-88. Haa... which house were you from? I was in Yellow the first year.

ms hart said...

MrsN!!! Haaaaaaaa????? in Yellow House too lor!!! In 86 means I was at Block A, top floor prefects' room! And I dok bergolek-golek kat prefects' room first floor, where Kak Elly (a Srikandi) was!! What a small world!! Bertambah-tambah patut you look soooo familiar in the very first place!!!

MrsNordin said...

Ms Hart,

Now, hold on... my memories of T*C ni ada kureng sikit!

I remember in 1986, i used to stay at one of the top floors in Yellow house. The prefects yang I selalu terserempak were Fuzette, and Amy, and another one yang macam Chinese sikit tu, name starts with "R" (if I'm not mistaken lah..)

Then the next year, I duduk top floor prefects' room kat Red House. Dah tak ingat dah siapa nama bebudak tu...

I also recall at one time, I was staying at that block yang betul2 opposite the main hall. What house is that? I was on the first floor, I think..

Eh, nama you T*ti, kan? I recall vaguely a girl named T*ti but I can't remember wether from STF or TKC. Dah tua lah... dah tak berapa ingat sangat! Remind me!

Kak Teh said...

Mrs N, since entering blogosphere, i have met many new friends too and meeting them seemed like meeting old friends. So, why dont we make a date - bila kak teh balik - will round up Puteri and MA for a round of karaoke!

ms hart said...

MrsN!!!! This is interesting!!! So you were in Jasmine dorm in 1986! You sure were dormmate with Sharif(ah)? And yes, Amy was my roommate at the prefects' room! Could the Chinese looking girl be Nani - my roommate too! Anyway, I know there's a Ta*i in S*F too because we were coursemates in U and she married my ex-colleague in the service!! Wow...the world is getting smaller and smaller, eh?!!

Oh ya, the block right opposite the main hall is Block G. If you were staying on the 1st floor, then memang you Yellow House! Our house master was THE Mr Nathan! Strict giler, tapi so caring macam uncle-uncle - tu yg buat Yellow House champion cleanliness all the time!! He passed away a few years back, due to the infamous C. Wow...this is going to be a long story lahhh!!! Thanks MrsN!

tireless mom said...

Hallo to New Friends and Happy lasting friendship, betul tak MrsN?

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

Sure!!! That's definitely in my agenda! Let us know when you'll be back. Karaoke with you, Puteri and MA? I'm sure it's gonna be swell!

MrsNordin said...

Ms Hart,

It sure looks like our path have crossed once before! If not masa pegi toilet kat dorm tu, must be masa kat dining hall!

I remember Sharif. And yes, nani ~ she looked serious all the time, didn't she? I remember meeting Amy once or twice when I was in the UK. Don't know what happened to her now, tho'

Mr Nathan? I don't quite remember her but I remember that Indian lady teacher, very garang one... she was incharge of rumah merah, I think.

Oh ya... THAT Tati (tapi I tak ingat muka..). Maybe you should post your gambar masa sekolah dulu so that I remember better.

Eh, hari ni i kena masak for my in laws lah. I'm looking for your resipi ayam bali!

MrsNordin said...



ms hart said...

ha ha ha MrsN, that's Miss Vicky, my dear!!! And Amy is now a specialist doctor but I can't recall which field! I think she's still at IJN, something to do with paediatric cardiologist kot.

Ayam Bali? Ni mesti dah ter'motivated' oleh our Madam Tai Tai!!

Anonymous said...

since byk yang tati(ms hart) dok cita, i still tak ingat how mrs nordin look like?

liza (satu batch dgn tati but red house - ya ms vicky yang garang but we always like to match her up with Mr. Nathan)