Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lepas Geram!

Today is a real shitty day.

First thing in the morning, Nadim called me up and said he doesn't want to go to school today. I told him to go, no choice coz I don't like him to ponteng sekolah. Then later, he called me again and said Pakcik Mat cannot get him in time coz they're still not back from Shah Alam. I looked at my watch and it showed 11.30am. So I called my MIL.

You see, my MIL, FIL and another aunty went to Shah Alam this morning to send Nabila back to her college. They went with Pakcik Mat in our Naza. I couldn't send her coz I'm at work and when MrNordin is not around, my parents in law would volunteer to send her off. I've no qualm about that. Infact, I'm thankful to them for wanting to send her back.

But they went at 9am this morning and by 11.30am, they should have come back already. But when I spoke to my MIL, she said they were still not anywhere near and had asked my BIL, Nas, to send the kids to school. Upon hearing this, I knew Nadim will not go to school today because my BIL doesn't give a hoot about his kids going to school or not. His kids memang dah siang2 kata tak nak pegi sekolah, why should he go and send Nadim alone, right? So, Nadim pun tak pegi sekolah lah hari ni (much to his delight!).

As for me, I was mad lah of course. Firstly, Nadim couldn't go to school. Secondly, other people "dissappeared" with my car, entah mana pegi sampai lambat balik. I was trembling with anger and so, I wrote to MrNordin to vent out my frustrations.

From: MrsNordin
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 12:25 PM
To: MrNordin
Subject: Lepas Geram!

B, today Nadim tak pegi sekolah sebab Pakcik Mat tak sempat balik from sending Nabila. I don’t know why it’s taking so long for them to return home from UiTM when they had left at 9am tadi. I called mak, she said Nas will send the kids to school. But Nas is busy, so he cannot send them. As a result, all 3 (Nadim, Nabil, Jimbo) tak pegi sekolah! (of course, Nabil & Jimbo memang tak nak pegi sekolah)

I’m so MAD becoz last night, I had told Nadim to go to school eventho’ he had said he wanted to ponteng today. Reason being: if at home, he’ll do nothing but play PS2 and I don’t want that. Furthermore, he still has another exam tomorrow ~ Pendidikan Jasmani. It may not seem like a big paper, but the point is, I don’t want him to skip school. Period.

But today, due to unavoidable circumstances, that boy is not going to school. And I’m fuming mad here coz I’ve lost my case. But when I spoke to him just now, I told him not to play the PS2. And I made him promise he will do as I said. Otherwise, he’s so not going to his class party!!

Could you check on him after this and tell him the same? I hate it when budak2 tak pegi sekolah. Duduk rumah pun bukan ada buat apa. Kalau ada tolong tengokkan Nizzar ke, or play with him ke, or kemas rumah ke, tak apa jugak. Ini duduk memerap dalam bilik or TV room with no care about what’s happening to the rest of the world!! Arghhhhhh!! Help!!

Sorry, had to vent this out coz I’m so angry. Analyse this, pls. Who am I angry with? With Nadim (for not going to school?), Mak (for balik lambat from hantar Nabila and using our car for other purposes?), Nas (for malas nak menghantar budak2 ke sekolah?), or myself (for making such a big deal out of it?)

I desperately need a cigarette NOW!

His reply:

From: MrNordin
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 12:35 PM
To: MrsNordin
Subject: RE: Lepas Geram!

Take it easy B, I am sure there is an explanation for the delay. Anyway I was made to understand that they were using their car (Waja) to drive Nabila not ours. Bang Mat left our Naza at Mak’s house and took the Waja instead reason being, Mak finds it difficult getting and out of the Nazar. Anyway I will check on this.

About Nadim, I will call him and find out more on his "programme" today since he has somewhat "prevented" from going to school today.

Don’t get yourself all stress up B, take it easy and go and have a ziggie. Things will fall into places in due time. Will call you later when you have somewhat cool down and more relax ok.

Warm regards,
Nordin J

From: MrsNordin
To: MrNordin
Sent: 30 Oct 2008 12:49
Subject: RE: Lepas Geram!

This is why I love you so…

I broke into tears reading your reply coz you know my weakness and you read me well. Only you can do that and I’m so glad you gave me an immediate reply.

Your reply has somewhat diffused my anger. After reading it, I felt that it’s unfair of me to throw such accusations like that. Nadim not going to school is not such a big deal after all. Why did I get so uptight over it just now? I don’t know....

Don’t bother investigating more whether they took the Waja or Naza. It doesn’t matter anymore. But I’d appreciate it if you could just call Nadim later and find out what he’s doing. The rest – let’s just drop it, ok?

I will go and have my cigarette later. I just wish you were here..

Thanks, B.

From: MrNordin
Sent: 30 Oct 2008 1: 30pm
To: MrsNordin

That's why we make an excellent couple bcos we read each other ups and downs pretty well. Don't blame yourself on the going ons today, its one of those days where you need to vent out your anger and it cld hv been other things.

Me not being there may hv something to do with it too and I feel the same here sometimes when I am not with you and the kids, I think the feeling of missing the loved ones can trigger the frustration and anger.

As for our dear Nadim, I spoke to him and he told me that he has promised you not to play PS2 today. I feel he is genuine and he knows that you are serious abt it. I told him to play and entertain Nizzar and he said he will but I don't know how long that will last - you know how the 'little pengganas' is when he is on full swing.

I will call you later and hang it there B, love ya..... and miss you lots !

From: MrsNordin
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 2:58 PM
To: MrNordin
Subject: RE: Lepas Geram!

I love you too.

Anyway, Nadira is at mak's house now. She sms me just now. She said mak, abah, auntie and pakcik mat fetched her from school. I asked her in which car? She said the Naza and they came straight from Shah Alam.

Well b, next time we should know better, ok?

p/s Btw, they went to Kompleks PKNS beli baju & kain. Nabila took them. That explains it.

From: MrNordin
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 3:11 PM
To: MrsNordin
Subject: RE: Lepas Geram!

Ok, we just leave it at that. I gave Bang Mat RM50 yesterday for petrol money regardless which car he drives Nabila back to UITM. I am sure Mak will call me and tell me the whole story.

Warm regards,
Nordin J

From: MrsNordin
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 3:30 PM
To: MrNordin
Subject: RE: Lepas Geram!

Ok, I'm sure she will.

B... I miss you so much!! You know why I feel this way? I think becoz you're not around and they're not telling me what they were up to. And I feel sidelined. I think, they should at least inform me why they were late.

I don't care if they want to shop the whole day pun, but at least let me know coz when you're not around, I feel I'm in charged and I should be informed. But no, mak will only tell you and not me. And why is that? I'm not important??

Oh well.. I could very well pick up the phone and call mak now and ask her what happened. But malas lah... I shall just leave it at that. Anyway, the girls had told me the real story, so I know already.

B, just bear with my ranting, ok? It's a healing process. I don't know why for some reasons, I'm hyper-sensitive today. I've nothing against mak and you know that. I hope you wouldn't think bad of me for writing all this.

How I wish you're here.... you will keep me stable.

Btw, a juvenile from a nearby primary school 'dropped' a stone on my car's windscreen (from the flyover dekat Bismillah tu) as I was driving out for lunch. It caused a big crack. I managed to catch the boy by the roadside and gave him a piece of my mind. I told him the police will come and get him from his house later today. He was scared shit! Hee.. hee... To change the windscreen will probably cost me another RM1,000+..... sigh... apa lah malang nasib hari ni...

Then he called me and I broke down in tears...


Ezza Aziz said...

Dah ok ker!
Kan elok kalau ada tempat mengadu..sorang lepas kan perasaan,yang satu lagi mereda kan keadaan. Pandai MrN memujuk you. I ni orang luar tapi terasa sejuk hati dengan cara MrN memujuk....
Sebenar nya Mrs N, tak tau l kt sekolah Nadeem tu sama kat sekolah sini..tapi kat sini dah tak belajar dah..suka hati nak main apa pun..agak nya anak you malas nak campur dengan kengkawan dia yang lain,so he prefer to stay at home jer. Kat sekolah rendah anak I,buku teks dah di pulang kan hari ni. I pulak lagi suka kalau dia tak kesekolah..madsud I selang sehari laa sebab kalau dia ke sekolah tapi tak belajar..baju dia kemain la kotor...macam anak terbiar jer. Tak tau la apa pendapat you all,tapi itu la hakikat nya kat sini. Dari dia bergaul dengan budak2 ganas dan tak senonoh,baik duduk di rumah..

semuga you tenang selalu.

busymum100 said...


What a day for you!!

I'm glad now you are not so uptight about the boy going to school. As long as there's nothing important in school, I don't think it's serious for him to miss school. Kekadang tu, hari2 yg macam ni budak2 ni akan ingat sampai tua - how his mum is so sporting to let him off ;-)

As for the car wind-shield, kalau tka serious, just buy an insurance, and wait until you are eligible for a claim, baru tukar. We did that when our citra ada small crack ;-)
I am not sure about legality of this action, though ;-)

I ni sebenarnya tak kisah sgt pasal kids' attendance as long as academically tak affect sgt.

In fact dlm pc we all dah ada template utk minta excuse bila budak2 "terpaksa ponteng" sekolah.
Tambah2 akhir2 tahun..

Madam Tai Tai said...

BJ...sorry to hear about your car. Mcm jatuh ditimpa tangga lak. Memang incident yg you tak nak after a fiasco this morning. Glad you gave that boy a piece of your mind. Sure terkencing2 dlm seluar tu!

Glad to know Nordin's emails have calmed you down. I know you wish he was there with you every day, but he has not neglected you, you know. Sabar lah..I'm sure this long-distance thing tak lama.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy BJ... Had ur ciggy yet??? Take comfort u can have one hehehehehe I wish I dah stop bfeeding and can have a drag or two when I am stressed out.

I have one of these days u are experiencing once a month... and when that does happen , i do not rant... my email or sms or call to DH will be to have him come home NOW hehehehhe but like MrN, my dh knows how to diffuse the bomb before it blows up.

Hang in there babe.

tireless mom said...

Dear BJ

Take it easy. Rajin nya lah nak meng-exchange emails. Kalau I, the first thing to do is to angkat the phone. Shah prefers to listen to my voice yang mengamuk ke, merengek ke or ketawa ke. Emotional mails ni will be spared and saved waktu merajuk. Hope you do not have much trouble replacing your windscreen. Is it that time of the month?

wanshana said...


I can understand how you must have felt after all that. Macam never-ending ajer benda yang memeningkan kepala, and menaikkan darah. Had a similar thing last week. And it was THE time of the month. Maybe, you pun sama kot?

Whatever it is, take it easy, dear.
As long as it's not a matter of life and death, don't take it too hard, okay?

Cheer up - the weekend is here!

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Mrs N - bila tengah hot sangat-sangat, do take a deep breath.. hela nafas panjang2.. Insyaallah half the anger would go out with the nafas yang you exhale. Ni hanya dugaan Allah swt on your patience...

Just a short (but painful) story to illustrate kesabaran: someone close to me naik angin sebab his 4 yr old son melalak hentak2 kaki and refuse to calm down despite pujuk. the boy was sitting on tangga at the time. bapaknya hilang pedoman, tampar the boy. dia bergolek jatuh tangga, hentak kepala kat lantai and died. the father menyesal tak sudah, but what's the point? itulah sebab kena sabar.

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Mrs. N,

Terharu dengan apa yang terjadi pada you.

I pun macam you jugak, pantang betul kalau anak takmo gi sekolah...sebabnya kat rumah tak ada sesapa, takut juga dia merayau tak tentu hala,lain lah macam Ezza, dia sentiasa ada kat rumah, boleh jugak di suruh budak tu tolong-tolong apa yang patut.

Yang berbalas e-mail tu...wah!!! so coooll!. Ye lah, kita pompuan ni, ada masa, rasa 'down' tak tentu pasal. Tapi, kalau rasa marah, elok lepaskan saja, jangan pendam, kang bp naik lak...
Kalau boleh bersabar, lebih elok..macam kak Puteri kata, tarik nafas panjang-panjang dan beristigafar... :-)

Anonymous said...

Mrs N,

I hope by now you dah calm down..the time for me to be in that state was when my previous maid pi dating tinggalkan my kids alone at home during school hols last 2 years..Sigh..But my current maid seems like a god sent.

Anyway, your darling would be home tonite kan..Nadeem is lucky to have a mom who cares so much about him. Err..scary lah about what Kama wrote


Eta My said...

Alahai Bj....terkedu kita membaca segala luahan hati dan balasan2 nya sekali..shows that communication memenagle paling least u dah luahkan segalanya dan che abang kumain memujuk che adindanya...weeee...loving couple nih..Bj ..sorry to say (bukan nak kasi u lebih sentimental..)tapi I rasa beban yang u tanggung setinggi gunung...tapi u sangatle sabar..and I cd not say more sebab i'm not in ur shoes....size lain-lain pulak tu!Insya'allah ade ganjaran...relax ye!..nice weekend ...

jabishah said...

Hope you feel better now. It must had been one of those days... But Mr.N is a God sent to you. How I wish my HB can write like that ;-)
As for Nadeem, you did the right thing. And abt your MIL & all let Mr.N tackle that lah.
You take adeep breath & enjoy your wkend!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Ezza,

Dahh.... dah ok dah.... thanks.

Actually, I know kat sekolah tu sekarang dah tak de belajar sangat. But I don't want to make it too easy for him to ponteng sekolah, you know what I mean? That's why I insisted that he went to school yesterday sebab duduk rumah pun, bukan buat apa.

Tapi after MrN cakap dengan dia tu and he promised not to play the PS2, I felt somewhat better. Tak tau lah angin apa dah masuk dalam badan I ni semalam... I hate that feeling!

MrsNordin said...


I know there's nothing important in school, but I just want to prove a point and make life slightly 'difficult' for him. That's all.. :)

On my car windshield, sigh... it is insured, but I don't think it can cover the total cost of replacing it. It's a Citroen, and you know that the spare parts are pretty expensive.

But I'm happy that I managed to give that boy a tounge lashing. My friend said, "I don't think he'll ever do it again, Yati.." Hee.. hee..

MrsNordin said...

Hi Gina,

One after another, kan? When it happened, I straight away thought, "Is this what I get for getting so angry over nothing this morning?"

Anyway, I think that boy was pretty scared off. There were 5 of them altogether, budak darjah 4 atau 5. Small boy, tapi muka dia buat derk je.. Nakal betul lah!

Yes, Nordin always has a way with his words, kan?

MrsNordin said...

Hi Aida,

Thanks! I didn't have the drag until much later. Boleh tahan lagi... hee.. hee...

Of course when that happened, I wanted him back promto too. But nak buat macamana, kan? I just didn't know what to do, that's why I wrote him coz I knew if I called him, I'd surely break down and I didn't want that to happen in the office!

MrsNordin said...


I do it better in writing. Kalau cakap dalam phone, sure nangis punya. And I didn't want my office mates to hear me screaming either. Malu lah!

No Yatt, it's not the time of the month. It's just one of those days, I guess. Salam to Shah.

MrsNordin said...


Thanks! I read about what happened to you last week, too. So stressed out, kan? If I checked my BP now, sure tinggi gila ni. It's so not good for our health. Kena take up anger management lah... :)

You have a good weekend too. Cheers!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for the tips. I tried doing that yesterday (took a deep breath... breathe in, breathe out... ) but it didn't help. The e-mails did, tho'.

And that story is scary lah. A very good reminder to all. Ada tak ubat sabar? I really need that!

MrsNordin said...

Auntie Yan,

I'm feeling much better today, thank you. Sometimes, I just wanted to prove a point and when it didn't turn out the way I wanted it, I get angry & frustrated. Tu yang naik darah tu!

I hope this doesn't happen too often lah. No good!

MrsNordin said...


I'm feeling better today, thanks.

Geez... your old maid was so irresponsible! How could she leave your children at home alone like that? Kalau I, memang kena pelempang sebijik dah tu! Did you?

MrsNordin said...


Kesabaran ni kadang2 tak boleh bertahan. Ada masanya akan meletup macam semalam. Nasib baik I was at the office and yang kena tempiasnya cuma MrNordin via e-mail. Kalau kat rumah, sure memang ramai yang kena shelling!

You take care now and stay well..

MrsNordin said...


Thanks and you have a good weekend too!

p/s hari tu, I mimpi pegi rumah you for raya. I think, it's a sign! Hee.. hee... remember your comment "On Nadim"?

Anonymous said...


Masa my DH kat Johor dulu I too resorted to writing emails and had broken down during the process.... but now, I do not bother lah writing cos better to luahkan terus. Nak break down into tears pun dah tak larat esp now he's even further away.

My only consolation is that he's away for work; to earn a living for the family. Nabi pun dulu byk travel for His work.

I friend selalu remind me that if we do not complain pahala kita sebagai isteri yg sabar sgt lah besar.... but then there are days when u just cannot hold it in kan?

Its Friday and so have a good weekend dear.

Aida - tak sabar tunggu DH balik tonight. My daughter has already booked her spot on the bed with him ehhehehe

MrsNordin said...


Eh, how could your daughter book a spot on the bed with her daddy? Must reverse it for her mummy only lah.... :0

You have a delightful weekend, ok? I think mine will only come back tomorrow morning as he has a meeting very late in the evening today...

Anonymous said...

Mrs N,

I never laid a finger on my maid bu my tongue could be sharper than the knife. I was SOOOO furious that I could feel my blood boiling to my head!

My kids were bribed with canned drinks and junk food..she lasted 6 mths more sampai habis contract. You may wonder why did i still keep her, it was complicated coz she's the sister of my SIL's long serving (14yrs!) and reliable maid. I was made out to be the bad employer BUT I felt so vindicated when she got pregnant before going back to her husband in Indonesia!!


MrsNordin said...


Hee... hearing your story je dah buat I marah! Hampas lah some of these maids... Ingatkan orang susah, tak de buat perangai tak senonoh macam tu. Rupa2nya, they all lagi teruk!

Good riddance!

Sue@MamaMaryam said...

hurmmm..sebak plak baca tang mak x bgtau u penah kena camtu..

Anonymous said...


Goes to show how much she is her Baba's little girl. Kalau Baba dia ada, mummy dia tak laku. She tells everyone that she loves mummy when Baba is not around. And half the time dia kena marah dgn mummy dia, so that half pun dia tak sayang mummy dia ehhehehehe she is so much like me I tell u. I am so very close to my dad, and takut my mum when I was little.... but no matter what I knew my mum loved me as much, tue yg boleh jual mahal tue hehehe

BJ, if it were not for the kids, I tak berapa kisah sgt if my husband worked away for most of the time actually ehehhehe more time for me .... but to see the kids pining for their Baba.... kesian betul, so when he comes home, they all go crazy ehhehehe and mummy gets much needed rest.


kay_leeda said...

Hi MrsN,

By now I'm sure dah ok semua nya kan. At times we just don't know we are to lash out to. Should the man get the screaming or the kids receive the verbal abuse.

But it's good that you got the whole thing out of your system. Classic lah you both, the exhange of notes. If I could get my husband to pen down two lines pun dah cukup bagussss...

You have a GOOD weekend :-)

bella said...

Hi Mrs Nordin, I do get your rantings....its more about the exclusion then about the other issues kannn...well...sabar dear...ur hubby loves u and thats the most important point.I am facing the same problem with IL and as I said, am now in "ignorance mode" hehehehe...(gelak sedih)take care!