Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girls Day Out - Part 2

So, Mdm Tai Tai came home for a short while last week. She was on holiday in Singapore. I didn't get to see much of her this time except for the outing we had last Wednesday with 3 other friends. Sigh... what to do.... time was not on our side. But when I saw her this time, it felt as if I just met her a week before. As if she never left at all. That familiar.

As usual, she brought gifts for us. She gave me a beautiful black necklace and Superwoman got a lovely string of pearls. Mdm, next time you should stop buying for us. You just made us feel bad about ourselves!

Breakfast, or rather brunch, was held at one of the Cafes at The Curve. I can't remember the name but it's opposite Italiannies. Sharinaz brought along her daughter, Yasmeen, who's turning 3 in November. My God, the girl is so well-behaved! We were there from 10am until 1pm (a good 3 hours!) but the little girl just sat there silently beside her mother. No whining, no crying, no attention grabbing tactic. I was amazed at how easy it was for my friend Sharinaz to have a good conversation with us despite having a toddler in tow. Kalau si Nizzar, I don't think I could even finish my coffee!

As I sat there watching the little girl, how I wish Nizzar would be more like her so I could bring him along whenever I meet up with my friends. Unfortunately, that will not happen for now lah, kan? My other friends said, a child's behaviour depends a lot on the parents' behaviour. Really? Well, in some ways, maybe they are right.

My friend Sharinaz is the most gentle person I've ever met. She is so soft spoken and ever so lembut. I've never heard her raised her voice or screamed at anyone before. I always envy her for her finesse and always wished I could speak as gently as she does. But that's just my wishful thinking. Although we were born on the same day (23rd July 1968), our characters are different. She's soft spoken, I'm loud. She's gentle, I'm rough. She laughs sheepishly, I laugh out loud. The only thing that's similar is, our husbands used to and are working in the same organization now! Who would have thought of that, huh?

So, I'm not surprised if her daughter is so well-behaved. Like what my stepchildren used to say, "Alah... you dulu masa pregnant, mana lalu diam, Aunty Yati...." Well, point taken.

Although we didn't get to do much this time, it was always nice to see Mdm Tai Tai. I don't know when we'll meet again, but hopefully, not too long. Thanks for a wonderful time, dear friends. Until we meet again, take care.

MrsN, Mdm TT, Superwoman, Jojie, Sharinaz, little Yasmeen

The roti ikan bilis

The adorable and well-behaved Yasmeen

Mdm TT and Superwoman striking a pose

Jojie & Sharinaz


The empty plates

Me & Jojie


Ezza Aziz said...

Hi again,
I tengok pipi Mdm Tai Tai tu maam ada telur!!!
And you look like Kak Salma Beach/Mutiara. Selalu tgk dalam komen blog you name Superwomen,sekarang dah nampak muka dia..cute miut lagi..begitu juga kawan yang lain tu..nampak bahagia jer.....
Nizzar apa khabar?
Have a nice day!!!

IBU said...

Hey... I know this place! Empress Cafe kan?

And hehehe... nak gelak I baca your wishful thinking of Nizzar to be well behaved like the toddler of your well behaved friend. Allllooo....mana la nak tumpah kuah kalau tak ke nasi? jgn mare... my boys are lasak like your boy too I am sure. Sama jenis kuah ler gamaknya! hahahaha....

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi BJ,

Thanks for posting the pics! I've copied them into my folder for keeps. As usual, kalau kita bergambar paling tua will always be me!

And also apasal ek bila kita ambil gambar 'Girls Day Out' for sure we will have a photo of Shila with food? Hee..hee.. Sorry Shila - it's inevitable.. :)

Thanks for the lovely necklace you got me. See..it's not only I who give, I do receive too!!

Ibu got the place right. We had the brunch at Empress Cafe. I hope to go there again for other lovely dishes.

Ezza...sedihnya bila you cakap pipi I mcm ada telur! Sah kena makan Herbalife banyak2 ni. I ni memang tembam kat pipi, dari kecil sampai lah dah tua ni.

Btw, each child has his/her uniqueness. Nizzar may not be able to sit quietly like Yasmeen, but I'm sure he has some other admirable characteristics, like doing free facials for his mummy. :)

tireless mom said...


The Yasmeen girl memang adorable and so well mannered. You fren Shahrinaz must have been very well behaved when she was pregnant. Betul what you said, MTT looks the same like how I met her last. Hmmm SW looked the very vogue!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs N,
Seronoknya tengok gambar u all. U and Superwoman nampak macam dah lost weight actually.
Don't fret about Nizzar..biasalah budak2 mana boleh dok diam sangat. Maybe only 25% of all the kids yg boleh dok diam macam tu. Of my 4 kids, only 1 yg macam tu. But her weakness is too sensitive lah pula!


ms hart said...

Mrs N, all of you looked reaaaaally good, lah!! Love it when girls meet up, kan? Berseri-seri!! Anyway, I think that's Jojie I know from my school days! Dulu kat sekolah, kalau one year senior, tak panggil 'Kak'. She's in Blue House and a band member. Ever so soft spoken and sweet. She definitely still looks the same. That's why I can recognize her! Oh what a small world!! (again?!!)

MrsNordin said...


Pipi Mdm Tai2 ada telur? Hee.. hee... sure kena marah ni nanti!

Who is Kak Salma? Is her blog linked to yours?

SW - dia memang cute.

Nizzar - hmm... belum berubah2 lagi perangainya...

MrsNordin said...


Ya!! Empress Cafe! That was my first time there, but the food was not bad. Quite good, eh? I bet you've been there many times before.

I think what you said is true, mana tumpah kuah kalau tak ke nasi? But I don't think I was that lasak when I was pregnant with him last time. Hmmm...

You ada 3 boys, lagi lah. How you cope is beyond me. Tabik spring!!!

MrsNordin said...


I think SW looks good with food in her mouth. That's why we love taking her photos while she's eating! Hee.. hee... jangan marah, SW!

I guess I'll just have to accept Nizzar as who he is. Penat pun, penat lah...

Yesterday, when I came home from work at about 7.15pm, dia dah tertidur atas katil. Knocked out sebab petang tu, Sri & Nadira ajak dia main in the garden. Hide & Seek lah, badminton lah... hee... hee... so I had a peaceful night last night! Hooray!

MrsNordin said...


I suppose so lah... I masa pregnant memang quite active, tapi tak lah terloncat2 macam budak tu!

On SW, I think it's the hair cut. It suits her very well. That's why she looks very vogue!

MrsNordin said...


I've lost weight? Err... I don't think so. SW ~ yes. Orang tu pegi gym, babe... I ni mana rajin nak pegi work out..

I'll take your word about Nizzar. I shall persevere and tolerate his lasak-ness!

MrsNordin said...

Ms Hart,

That's your Jojie, alright. She's still as sweet and soft spoken as ever. Do you know that her husband is double her height? Hee... hee... she's only up to his waist in height!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi ...terimakasih ler I am so not cute though.Miyut ada lah.

Gina I do feel bad sebab selalu you yang memberi but its hard to get anything for you..nanti I surprise you ok...:-)

Funny you should say that abt me and food- masa kat ALEVELS lagi org duk kata if I eat anything it will make them want to eat also- sebab aku kebuluq kot hahahaha!

I had a good time, although it was too too short. Jojie and Sharinaz it was really great to meet up again with you!

yah, sharinaz is physically unable to speak loudly. Tak macam kita hehehehe...

MrsNordin said...


Ha! Ha! Sharinaz is physically unable to speak loudly! I like that!

She is sooooooooo gentle, kan? I always envy her. Tried to speak like that a couple of times, but it didn't work. It just feels strange to speak in such a gentle voice!

Ezza Aziz said...

Mrs N
kak salma is one of the bloggers here laa..http://bicarapantai.blogspot.com

wanshana said...


Small world again - I also know Jojie mehhh! And do you know that she was Ab*d's room-mate for two years at Ba*mi*ton School kat Bristol dulu?

I last met Jojie about two years ago at Ja*a Section 14.

Do convey my salam to her when you see or contact her, please. Thanks!

myheartbleeds said...

You gals look greattt!! I just came over from MTT's blog and when I look at your pictures... dok tercari2 ada tak gambar dia & SW jalan belakang you sambil muka takut2 hehe... kelakar!!

My best friend considers me her voice of reason too (just like MTT said you're hers). I boleh marah2 dia sambil menggeletar2/nangis2 if I really think that she's about to make a bad decision (usually involving men!!). Tapi in the end I still tell her that it's her own decision to make... am just giving my piece of advise coz I care and love her. And I think she appreciates it!!

So, tak pe lah kalau orang panggil mak tiri pun!! hehe

the principal said...

mesti gempaq Empress Cafe; I can imagine..

macam mana I nak dpt pipi bagai pauh dilayang mcm pipi MTT?

MrsNordin said...


I know Jojie and Abid were together at Badminton. I'll convey your salam if I see her again. I don't think she reads our blogs...

MrsNordin said...


You pun garang, ya? Hee.. hee...

I guess, the reason why we turn out to be like that is because we care so much for the other friend. And the subject matter was something that we feel very strongly about. That's why...

Like you, at the end of the day, I'd tell her it's your call. I love her so much, that's why I did that. If not, I wouldn't give a damn about what she did or who she dated.

MrsNordin said...


Tanya lah tuan punya nya sendiri... :)