Friday, October 17, 2008

On Nadim

Last Tuesday was Nadim's birthday. He turned 14. Only 14? I always thought he's older than that.

Nadim doesn't like me to talk about him in this blog. And, "No pictures, please!", he warned. Well... this is my blog, right... and I can do whatever I like. So, if you don't like it, Nadim, tough luck!

When I first met him, way back in 2001, he was this cute little boy aged 7 years old. Very fair and chubby. Wherever he went, people would say how cute he was and pinched his cheeks. They'd complimented him by saying, "Nanti bila dah besar, sure handsome ni!", and without fail, his cheeks would turn red.

He was very manja with his father. Apa nak, semua dapat. He was the only boy in the family and his Baba doted on him like nobody's business, much to the annoyance of his two elder sisters. Because of that, the girls liked to bully him.

For his first birthday (I mean, my first time celebrating his birthday), I gave him a red baseball cap with his name on it. He wore it very often sampai kepala dia dah tak muat pakai cap tu.

He was the first one who called me Mummy after I married his Baba. He asked me, "What shall I call you after this?" I just said, "Mummy?". And he said ok, just like that. He was so sweet.

Sometimes I feel sorry for him because he lost his mum at such a young age ~ 7 years old. And I couldn't give him the same affection and love that he craved for from a mother because I didn't know how to.

Now that he's a teenager, his character has somewhat changed. He can be temperamental sometimes, and degil (kalau sehari tak jerit kat dia, tak sah!), but overall, he's the one that has given me the least headache.

He also has the least needs. He's quite happy with a Korean meal for his birthday. Doesn't need a new handbag, a new pair of shoes, or a new baju every month. His money is mostly spent on PS2 games. Food wise ~ give him rice and chicken, he'll be very happy. Paling suka beef. Other than that, he'll eat very little.

Anyway Nadim, if you're reading this, here's wishing you a happy 14th birthday. Wish I could have been a better mother to you but you've done well on your own and I'm happy for that. I love you, and hope you'll grow up to become a fine young man with many girls wanting to make you their boyfriend! (but you be nice to them, ok?)

Nadim throughout the years...

Posing atas bukit at Clearwater Sanctuary, Batu Gajah (2004)

His 10th birthday, with my nephew (Hafiz), in Ipoh (2004)

With friends on his 10th birthday party (2004)

Clowning around with Nadira (Bandung, 2006)

Majlis Berkhatan at home, with his cousin (Nabil) - 2005

Lepas berkhatan, with his proud father (2005)

With Nizzar, as we got home from the hospital (2006)

With Nizzar again

First day masuk sekolah menengah (2007)

His 13th birthday (Raya 2007)

That's him now (July, 2007)


the principal said...

mrs nordin,

I wish I'm 22 years younger...

so, whatever they said about him besar nanti mesti handsome, mmg betullah ye..

Kak Teh said...

yes, he is indeed a handsome young boy and will grow up to be quite a heart breaker! Happy birthday, Nadim.

Tahniah to you too, Mrs N.

wanshana said...

Yup. Future heart-breaker alright :)

Happy Birthday, Nadim.

Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezqi and menjadi anak yang soleh, insya Allah.

Nek Rock said...

Yooo mrs nordin,

Nek singgah ronda2 ni:)

Woww such a handsome young boy,Happy Birthday Nadim!!

MrsNordin said...

Thanks, you all! If he reads this, he's sure gonna be mad at me! (But come to think of it, he may appreciate the birthday wishes...)

But Nadim, sorrylah, ya.. Only aunties2 je yang wish you Happy Birthday. The sweet young things don't read blogs lah! :)

p/s Nek Rock, thanks for dropping by!

Kama At-Tarawis said...

oh my oh my! What a looker! What can I say? Just this...Nadim, please don't break too many hearts, okay?

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Mrs.N

Happy B/day Nadim! your Mummy is right, kami Aunties-Aunties je ni....
....errrr..kalau ada anak dara boleh lah buat booking!...Tapi, apa nak dikato, Auntie tak de anak daro! :-(

Calla said...

Ooooo hemsem.

Sorry, I bukan auntie lagi, baru 33. (Yeah, yeah, I'd like to kid myself that I'm still kak, but truth be told, I haven't been called kak in a while..)

Happy birthday Nadim!

btw, MrsN, me likey your blog :P

MA & Brood said...

Happy Birthday, Nadim!

Auntie pun ada anak dara sama umur dgn Nadim.

Boleh exchange exam papers nanti.

*wink-wink kat Mummy N*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nadim.

He's the same age as my Alya tapi Adam kata kakak dia dah ada boyfriend... hehehehhe


jabishah said...

Mrs. N,

Sentimental lah pulak I baca posting ni... Nadim is indeed very lucky having you as his mummy. Not only him but the other members of Mr.N family too.

You know, I cld feel your affection for him in this entry. Tu yg mcm nak ter drop a tear tu.. hehehe.

Happy Birthday Nadim! Aunty ada 4 girls... jom dtg raya rumah ;-)

IBU said...

wah.... hensem nyer!

Happy Bday Nadim, may life ahead brings lots of happiness & wellness for you.

kay_leeda said...

Mrs N,

Uhuu...handsome tu yr Nadim boy. Do I spot little moustache growing? Bet there are stares going his way already hah?

Happy Birthday to Nadim.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi J

I pun macam jbishah...sentimental...I remembr looking for that embroidery place in AP! Hehheh..who knew how perfect you r for each other.

Anonymous said...

Wow, he turns out to be a very handsome young man, indeed. MrsN, you are so blessed with all these children and they are blessed to have you in their lives. Happy birthday to Nadim.

izreen fara said...

mrs nordin!! your anak teruna is handsome lah! wonder what he'll look like in say....25 years time (Inky will be 27 by then :P)


mrs nordin,

I wish my parents ada photo collection cam you buat for nadim ...Thanks for digital camera I'm doing that for my kids. Bila tengok baru perasan time do flies and I dah tak berapa nak muda lagi ..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nadim. My, my, you've grown so matured and handsome. Nanti, surely as your mummy prophesises, you will have girls keliling pinggang - don't go breaking their hearts, ye. let them down gently. :)

auntie fulltime mom

Kmar said...


Good looking young boy!!! Mesti pening kepala you bila girls ´start´ paying extra attention to him. Ramai peminat laa...

Btw, happy birthday!!

busymum100 said...

Memang mamat hensem lah!!!
Happy birthday, Nadim.

I tak sempat baca blog yg before this one, too sleepy now...

Anonymous said...

Mrs Nordin,
sentimental betul entry ni, (I know you didnt mean it to be one)meleleh leleh airmata ni, I'm so thankful you found each other.Can feel your love for each other!Take care.

Mrs Nazri.

MrsNordin said...

Hi you all,

Thanks for the well wishes! Kepada yang menjemput datang ke rumah tu, terimakasih lah, ya... Dan yang nak bertukar2 exam paper tu, boleh dipertimbangkan... :)

Izreen, in 25 years time, Nadim will be 39. You sure you want your daughter to marry an older man? I think, Nizzar will be more suitable for Inky. Nama dia pun serupa dengan nama your husband! *wink!*

MrNordin read your comments about his son on Saturday, and senyum meleret.... Nadim hasn't read them yet (tho' he's aware of them) coz he's got an exam today.

Tak sangka ramai peminat anak teruna I ni... hee... hee...

tireless mom said...


My anak dara reads your blog too. She and Nadim are the same age. I think Nadim acquire the looks of his late mom? Anyway, my daughter nya comment is like her other boy friends at school, these boys' faces in most times change that time from Form 1 to Form 2, for the handsomer lah. We know why kan! Hik. Happy birthday Nadim.

Nadim said...

hi this nadim here TQ for your wishing me a happy birthday. i am 14 now and still single *sob*. well thanks for the comments bye