Friday, October 31, 2008


If yesterday was a real shitty day, today is a real sad day.

Made, MrNordin's pet bird, died today. Made was a mynah bird who could talk and laugh, and was very clever at imitating people's conversation. It was a birthday gift to MrNordin from his late wife.

Made developed some kind of boil or "bisul" near his left cheek, a result of too much iron in his diet. It started before bulan puasa and the boil grew bigger and bigger until it reached the size of a limau kasturi. Round and hard like that.

I got worried and persuaded MrNordin to bring the bird to the vet. I was afraid the puss would infect other parts of the bird's body, which could be fatal. MrNordin didn't want to bring him to the hospital initially as he was afraid the doctor wouldn't know how to treat a bird and the bird would die. But I insisted coz in my opinion, a vet would know better what to do. But he still refused.

At the same time, I asked a few people who own mynah birds if they knew what to do. They told me to just leave the bird as it is as the boil would heal by itself overtime. It seemed, it is a common disease for mynah birds like Made due to possibly too much iron in his food. So, I relented and we decided not to take him to the vet, hoping it'll cure by itself.

But nearing hari raya, we saw there was no improvement in Made's condition. So MrNordin agreed to bring him to the Animal Hospital for an expert's opinion. The senior doctor there was not really sure what to do at first, but gave us a 2-weeks' supply of antibiotics for Made and told us to bring him back after that for further analysis.

With the antibiotics, the boil got somewhat better. From yellowish in color, it turned blackish and rather dry. But it was still quite large and remained dangling near his left cheek. Made however, seemed normal. He was eating as usual. Sometimes he made some sounds but not as frequent as before.

So on Monday, we took him to the Animal Hospital again. We asked if the doctor could remove the boil. The doctor cautioned that they needed to do some tests first coz they were afraid the boil could be connected to other parts of its body, and if that was the case, a surgery was not advisable. We allowed him to do the tests and the results proved positive. It was just external.

So yesterday, Made had the operation. It was a minor surgery. MrNordin called me from JB at 4pm yesterday and told me that the doctor said the operation was successful. Made had just recovered from the anaesthetic and was resting. MrNordin sounded happy. But doctor advised that Made should be left at the hospital for a couple more days for observation. That's fine.

Today, at 2.20 pm, I received a call from the Animal Hospital. The doctor informed me that Made has gotten weak. He was ok in the morning, but as he made the call, the bird could not stand on its two feet anymore. I was shocked. I asked him, "Is he gonna die?" He said, "Possibly."

Oh my God! What am I going to do? This can't happen, Made cannot die! My husband will be so heart broken! That's his favourite bird!!!! I was at GE Mall with my friends at that time. So I told my friends to get in the car quickly coz there was an emergency. My bird was dying!

I drove very fast and when I reached the hospital, I asked to see Made. The doctor on duty gave me a nod and went inside. I waited for a while at the reception but no one invited me in to the boarding area. Then I saw someone bringing a small brown box, the size of Made. I screamed at the nurse, "WHERE'S MY BIRD? IS HE DEAD??" The girl looked at me and when I saw her face, I knew the answer already. "I'm sorry...", she said.

I burst into tears! I went there hoping that I could still see him alive but I was too late. Made has died. Poor thing... I sat down and cried and cried and cried. At the back of my mind, I was thinking how am I going to break the news to my husband? He's gonna be shattered!

To cut the story short, I took Made's dead body home. At home, we were contemplating when was the best time to tell MrNordin. We decided to tell him when he got home tonight.

He just got back and I've told him about it. He was pretty calm tho' I know deep inside, he regretted sending Made to the hospital. I showed him Made's body which we kept in the fridge. He took one look and told us to take it away. I said I'm sorry and I feel so guilty for pushing him to send the bird to the hospital. He said, that's alright.

Tomorrow morning, we'll hold the 'upacara pengkebumian' for Made. We'll bury him in the garden where we buried many of our loved pets which had passed on.

Goodbye Made, you shall be dearly missed by all of us...


wanshana said...


So sorry to hear this sad news about Made :(

One of the reasons why I always object when the kids ask if we can have a pet at home is because I don't think I can bear if the pet dies. We had a cat a few years ago - Oren, and it went missing at the age of 6 months, and we were all devastated. Can't imagine if if died instead...

Janganlah rasa guilty or regret for bringing Made to the vet, BJ. If it was his time to go, he would probably have died at home anyway...

Ezza Aziz said...

Kesian Made,
kesian Mr N.

Haris S.B said...

Oh BJ...that is so sad. I remember Made well. He was such an entertainer whenever we sat kat patio tu.

Don't be hard on yourself. What you did was right. Sick pets should be taken to vets. Dah ajal dia...apa nak buat.

Madam Tai Tai said...

haris s.b tu was me. I accidentally used Haris' blog. He is going to be upset with me!! Yikes.

Kak Teh said...

Mrs N, kesian I have a love for all animals. and I cant bear to have anything happened to them When we moved to this present house, there was a pigeon perched on the wondow sill - tak bergerak. Rupanya sayap dia patah. My husband nursed it until he recovered. We thought it was a he. And we named him Capt Bob. Capt Bob walked aorund the house, followed my husband everywhere - dok atas bahu dia when he worked, perched on his car when he fetehced the children from school. and one day afetr a year - it went missing .My husband was heart broken...perhaps Capt Bob went to join his friends in Trafalgar Square!

May your Made rest in peace.

Kak Teh said...

ps - sorry banyak typos - dok menaip dalam gelap.

To mdm Tai tai - hehe - I have so many times commented in people's blog using my husband's account! hahaha! and recently when the children left their facebook account - i had a wonderful time going round using their nick! hehe.

myheartbleeds said...

Made was lucky to have had such loving owners like your family. It was his time to go, so no matter what you decided, his fate would still be the same... don't be so hard on yourself...

p/s to Kak Teh: tak baik tauuu!!! :o)

tireless mom said...

Dear BJ

May Made rest in peace. I am sure he is devastated having to leave wonderful family like yours. Maybe sebab tu God tak mahu you all tengok how its condition was towards the end of its life.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Mrs N - it's always a sad day when a favourite pet dies. tapi takpalah, sekurang2nya it no longer suffered. you did the right thing by sending it to the vet... takpalah Mrs N, that is God's will.

Anonymous said...


For sure anyone in MrN's position would be heatbroken.... give him time.

And pls do not ever think its your fault cos u had pressed MrN to send Made to the vet. Kita tahu ajal is in the hands of the All Mighty.


MrsNordin said...

Thanks all for your kind wishes. We buried Made on Saturday. I placed his favourite ranting pokok where he usually perched on, on his burial ground. Made was buried next to Bujang, MrNordin's arowana which died two years ago. He was about 3 feet in length.

emma said...

sorry to hear about the loss kak

Anonymous said...


My condolences to you and MrN. As a bird owner myself, I understand how deep a bond you can form with these creatures. I can't imagine if anything like this happens to my Booboo.

Sounds to me like Made had had a happy life and he was much loved. Cheer up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the bird. I will let my father know the terrible news. I know exactly how you and Nordin feels about the loss of Made. It reminded me when we were in Mekah hari tu, my mum's neighbour text me to inform me that my parents' bird, nama dia intan mati. She told me not to tell my dad takut dia sedih. But I decided to break the news to my mum. Tak sangka pulak she went and told my dad. Dah lah both of them menangis teresak-esak. Sedih jugak aku tengok dia orang. Now, they have 2 more birds like Made that can talk. Tak taulah apa nak jadi if anything happen to them...


Anonymous said...

Mrs N,

Sorry to hear about your loss. Hmm, you are one very loving family. I only had cats when I was small and cried when they died but that was many2 years ago. Bebaru ni my kids minta bela ikan, i said only if they are willing to care for the end tak jadi coz nobody is rajin enough!


MrsNordin said...

Hi Emma,



You are definitely gonna cry buckets when your Booboo dies. But for now, don't think about it and just enjoy his company while it lasts. If you loved him enough, he'll die a happy bird and will be ever grateful to you..

MrsNordin said...


You shouldn't have told your mum... Kesian pulak bila engkau kata diaorang menangis kat Mekah teringatkan si Intan yang dah mati. They cried becoz they couldn't be there to see the last of her. Poor intan...

MrsNordin said...


That's why lah sometimes now we think dah malas dah nak bela pets. But since they've been with us a long time, tak kan nak buang cam gitu saja.

Now what's left are just 2 birds. But we also have 5 cats. So, there are still a lot.


Mrs N,

Harap bersabar ye ...Never had a pet before ...(that explain kenapa I'm a bit lost ..)

I'm sure Made is very special to you and Made is lucky to have a very responsible owner like you.


IBU said...

Oh no..... this is so tragic. I'm having tears welled up now. Ishh...

Sedihnya MrsN! Kalau I pun memang I nangis. I'm the type yg memang boleh nangis sampai bengkak mata kalau pasal pets ni.

Condolence to MrN. May memories of Made remain forever.

jabishah said...

Im sorry to hear abt Made. Wow... it must had been hard for you esp breaking the news to Mr.N.
Before Blanco, I never did understand the love between men & animals. We used to own a couple of hamsters but when they died, I didn't really feel disturbed over the news.
With Blanco is different. Like you once commented, they will be part of the family.
How did the kids take it?

MrsNordin said...

Jalan Rebung,



Tu lah... kalau nak bela pets, kena kuat semangat. Bila dia mati, memanglah teramat sedih.


The kids were ok. But Nadira cried when she buried Made. Kesian dia..

tya said...

im sorry to hear that