Thursday, June 12, 2008

MrsNordin the Matchmaker

I played The Matchmaker last night! Hee... hee... for my BIL.

Yesterday was my BIL's birthday. He's the one who just broke up with his 8-year GF and is now looking for love. He's MrNordin's youngest brother. After reading my short posting on him here, a friend, M, suggested that I introduced her cousin to him. I agreed, she passed me her hp no, and I passed it on to my BIL. Since then, they've been comunicating via the mobile network.

But that was a good one month or so ago. Everytime I asked him, "Have you met her?", he said not yet. I asked why, he just smiled. Hee... slow betul lah! I've never met her either, but I was very curious to know what this girl looks like. Aren't you? After more than a month of texting and calling each other, wouldn't you want you meet this person? I would! Dah lah office dekat2 !

So, I took things under my stride. I thought, since it was his birthday yesterday, it would be a good idea for them to meet. So, I made some phone calls to my friend M and the relevant parties involved, and in the end, I managed to invite this girl out for dinner last night. And my BIL also agreed to come! Yeay!

The venue chosen was Chinoz KLCC. For some reasons, I pulak yang nervous! On my way to KLCC, the girl texted me and said she was already there. I told her to go in first. She came with her SIL. Through my friend M's description, I could figure out how she looks like, so I wasn't really worried about having to search for her in the crowd. Bila I sampai je, I terus nampak these 2 ladies sitting at one table looking through the menu. Both pakai tudung, so I figured that must be them. One youngish looking, another one quite elderly ~ so that must be the SIL.

My first impression ~ hmmm... ok. Nothing like my BIL's ex-GF because that one was quite stylish and trendy. This girl is very simple. She's fair. She looks exactly like my friend Mimi (Gina, our Mimi), but MrNordin thinks she looks like Nurul Izzah (Anwar Ibrahim's daughter). She's a lawyer by training, but now works in the Legal & Secretarial Unit (LSU) of another telco. What a coincidence, kan? MrNordin is in a LSU whilst I'm with a telco. Is that a good sign or what?

My BIL arrived about 15 mins later. He looked kinda nervous, tapi budak perempuan tu lagi lah nervous! I ordered pizza for her, she only managed to finish one slice. Tak lalu makan, katanya. Most of the time, they were just smiling and glancing at each other. Tapi she ok lah... kata orang, boleh diajak berbual lah. The ex-GF dulu, berat mulut sikit.

One problem is, parents dia orang Perak. Kampung dia dekat je dengan rumah I kat Ipoh. You know how my MIL feels about orang Perak kan? That makes my BIL worried. Tapi, MrNordin kata, ignore the fact lah. Both me and my other SIL are from Perak, too. Kalau he marries another Perak girl pun, kira dah basi lah cerita tak suka orang Perak ni. I guess, my MIL just have to accept the fact that all her DILs hail from Perak. What to do? Heh.. heh...

Tapi kita ni dah jauh pulak terlajak cerita, dah masuk bab kahwin pulak when that was only their first meeting. But MrNordin likes her, I think she's got potential. My MIL pun sure suka (besides the fact parents dia from Perak) because she pakai tudung. But whatever it is, it's up to my BIL lah. He's the one who's getting a girlfriend, not us. I think the girl likes him, tho'.

She texted me after she reached home last night, thanking me for the dinner. I asked if he called her after that. She replied, "He did :-) ..." Hurray!!! I'm now imagining a wedding at the end of this year!

Why do I feel like I am my mother? Dulu, emak I yang rajin buat kerja2 matchmaking ni. Sekarang ni, I pulak yang match make kan orang. Hee... hee... that makes me feel OLD! But I don't care. I like doing it, if it means making some people happy. I asked MrNordin if I was doing the right thing, he said, "You're doing just fine...".

I hope so!


rad said...

I've been through the same situation recently - meeting for the same time that is after messaging&calling for almost 3 months. So I'm wondering - is that a good sign when he called & messaged immediately after the meeting? I've even reach my next destination yet! see -I am not at all familiar with this dating business eventhough age-wise both of us are quite old. Maybe a kind-hearted matchmaker like you would do a lot of goods to spur things in the obvious direction. You should take it as a challenge! Haha.

rad said...

Gosh! Lotsa mistakes *ashamedofmyself*...
Meeting for the FIRST time..
Ive NOT even reach...

MrsNordin said...

Hi Rad,

I think if he called you immediately after that, it's a good sign. It shows he was not totally put off by you. You only met him after 3 months? Gosh... sabarnya you!

I met MrNordin after one week of e-mailing & calling. I couldn't stand the wondering bit! I was so anxious after the first meeting, afraid he wouldn't want to get in touch with me anymore after that. But he did, and the rest is history.

Good luck to you! BTW, I only do this when people showed interests. Otherwise, i wouldn't intrude their privacy. Some people don't like to be match-made like this..

Madam Tai Tai said...

Remember the matchmaking date that we went to with my BIL and your office colleague (yg sweet tu) kat Ali Tomyam?

That was my first (and last!) matchmaking attempt for my BIL, I think. Pelik juga menemankan dia orang having dinner, kan. I think both of us did the most talking whilst those two diam aje. wasn't a happy ending. My BIL is still searching for his Ms. Perfect. Umur pun dah 43 dah sekarang..tak tau la bila nak dapat Ms. Perfect dia.

Kmar said...


I dok bayangkan the ´situation´ at the dinner table.. ha.ha.ha.. must be funny because everyone knows the main ´intention´.

Keep up your good ´matchmaking´ skill!!! Menolong mendirikan masjid tu, banyak pahalanya..

MrsNordin said...


Hee.. hee... I remember the Ali Tomyam case! It was so funny, kan?

You know my colleague tu is now married and just got a baby? Dalam pantang lagi ni rasanya. But I didn't go to her wedding, so I tak kenal husband dia.

M called my BIL just now and asked him what he thinks of the girl. (M is our friend, M*ar*n*, ok?). He said, they're going out for a movie this weekend! Hurray!!

MrsNordin said...


Mula2 tu was quite awkward, but after a while, it was ok. Bising satu table! Sorang cakap dengan orang ni, sorang cakap dengan orang tu.. kelakar pulak!

Yalah, I hope also sempat bina masjid ni... :)

Emma said...

hehe..nice one. I matchmaked my 2 friends last puasa, they got married recently..sudah jodoh :)

they bought us our honeymoon trip.. good arr?

MrsNordin said...


Best nya! Dapat honeymoon trip in return ! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

You're spot on - do it when both sides show 100% interest in getting married otherwise no need la...perabih beras je!

I've been 'introduced' (very, very early stage) to guys who were at that time still carry a torch for the ex, maybe-still-undecided-yet 'gay', totallah uninterested in marriage etc. The niat is good tapi kena buat homework dulu lah..

So your role now is to prod ur BIL from time to time - no pressure on him but to make sure he's not too slow hehehe...a lady can only wait!!*sigh*

BTW, I ate a total of 2 cucuk sate (kenyang konon but it's my fave food) je for that 1 1/2 hr date -rugi!!

Anonymous said...


Is it my telco????hehehe

just curious,

MrsNordin said...


I've been through several matchmaking sessions before ~ arranged by my mother and friends. But semua tak jadi. Torture jugaklah masa tu... and I hate it! With MrNordin, I yang arrange sendiri. Hee.. hee...!

Whatever it is, the chemistry must be right. Kalau tak de chemistry, buat macamana lah pun, sure tak menjadi!

As for my BIL & the girl, they are going out this weekend! *wink!"

MrsNordin said...


No, not your telco. But the building is nearby.

jabishah said...

Keep more posting on this k. Enjoy reading it. Hope everything goes well. Amin..

ps- no time for telenovela. this is some sort like one too. of course with a happy ending, insyaAllah ;-)

MrsNordin said...


I think, so far so good... :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi J..phew! baru habis update myself on your blog after one week- macam macam..yah i remember you looked so beautiful at masjid keramat.. and abt nordin being the and jab separated at birth ye..hehehhehe...

im alone this weekend.