Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Report Card Day

I still haven't spoken to MrNordin about that. Malas.

But I have spoken to him lah, about other things. Dia pun tak tanya, so let's just leave it as it is for now.

Despite my anguish, there are some good news from the children's front. Nab***, my eldest stepdaughter, has just received an offer to do Finance in UiTM Shah Alam. She did well in her matrics and will now pursue a degree of her first choice. She's leaving this Sunday.

Nad***, my second stepdaughter, is first in class for her mid-term exam. She's in Form 5. We went to collect her report card this morning and when her teacher told me that she's got No. 1, I almost shed tears. I was so proud of her. She was smiling away, but MrNordin remained calm. He must be very proud of her daughter too, but men being men, kena lah maintain macho, kan?

In a while, I have to go back to school to collect the "anak teruna" punya report card. He's in Form 2. Yang ini, ada leceh sikit. Results dia selalu sama je... sederhana. Malam tadi Baba dia dah tanya, "Is there any surprise tomorrow?" He said, "You'll see..." Baba dia tanya lagi, "What do you mean?" Dia jawab, "Yes, there's a surprise, Baba..." "Good or bad?", the father asked again. He said, "Bad surprise."

Bad surprise ni yang tak suka nak dengar. Because of that, we're gonna pick up his report card much later. I'm sure he doesn't mind waiting since he knows he's gonna get a lashing from his father anyhow. Boys.. they are so different from the girls!


Madam Tai Tai said...

So, what was N*dim's bad surprise?

Teruk benar ke?

MrsNordin said...

Memang teruk! Since now he's in the 2nd best class, competition is tougher. His percentage marks lebih kurang sama dgn yang dulu2, but position in class teruklah. Dapat nombor 37 out of 42. Mana tak mengamuk bapak dia semalam! The deal is now he has to buck up and make sure dia tak turun class. Balik je dari sekolah semalam, dia terus surrender his PSP. Hee.. hee..

Anonymous said...

BJ that reminds me of my step-son's (Ad*m) results. He's always been in the best or second best class, so number selalu corot jugak... then last saturday when we went to see him, he proudly announced that he got No1 in the last exam.... u can see his Baba was beaming.

Then A*ya burst the bubble by telling us that he's in the worst class now.

Like ur step-son, mine also takes a nonchalant stance in his studies. Kesian jugak kat dia sebab ramai suka compare him with his sister.

And at least dia boleh surrender his PSP, Ad*m will make up all possible excuses to play more.

But in this case, I am not allowed to "meddle", my MIL thinks that I should not dicipline him for the fear that he may not want to see us weekends (as we get him during weekends ajer). Lagi lah dia can step all over u, tue baru boleh panggil step-son.

MrsNordin said...


Hee.. hee... both of them can be in the same boat!

Susah juga macam ni when your MIL has said like that. I suppose, since he's only with y'all over the weekend, you cannot marah him. Err... somehow I feel that's not right.

How old is A**m?

Anonymous said...

Ad*am will be 12 this Nov and A*ya just turned 14 last week.

Yeah, its not fair when everyone (but me of course) give in to what they say or do but become very stern when my kids are concerned.

To me discipline is discipline lah kan? (I know u and me have the same outlook on this matter ehhehe)

Would u believe that when deciding to buy a PS2 for them, my opinion and consent was asked, but my opinion not welcomed when I see fit that it should be taken away at times like this.

Argument is that he gets to play it anyway at his Mama and Ayah's house. So if he's with us and not get to play nanti dia tak nak dtg.

But the funny thing is, I am the only one who can tell what is going on in his bergeliga mind ehehehhee

IBU said...

Congratulations to your girls! Well done indeed.

As for the boy(s)..... I have THREE BOYS !!! Muahaha...

I had to divide the duty with Ayah for repord card day. I went in the morning for Abang Idin, Std 6. As usual, did not get A for BM. The hope for 5As for UPSR looks gloomy. His class teacher consoled me, boys are like that la Puan. Hmmm....

As for Hafiz, Ayah said, the teacher simply told Ayah, that he's ok, he passed. WHAT? Passed? And that's ok? Oh well.... we are talking about a 7 year old who had major difficulty adjusting from Kindy to primary school for the first 2 months solid. Ok lah..PASS. What to do.

Ameer? 4 going to be 5, in Kindy. Perfect scores for all 4 papers. Wahhhh..... bintang harapan!

So how did your boy do? What was the surprise?

MrsNordin said...


That's because you're not his real mother. If you were his real mum, you'd probably ignore his mischiefs.

Like that day, my husband was telling the older kids, "I think, N*d*m has changed his attitude eversince dia masuk a higher class ni. His attitude towards studying, tuition etc..." I just kept quiet. In my heart, I said "No, he has NOT changed." coz I know better since I'm home more than my husband is.

So after seeing his poor results, I'm sure my husband wished he hadn't said that about his favourite son tu. He got away with a lot of things becoz the father would say, "Tak apa lah... boys will be boys...".

That's why kalau dia nak anything, he'd go to his father coz I would most definitely say no to his requests. Kalau nak beli buku, yes he'd ask from me. Kalau nak beli PC games/DVD ~ he'd go to the father coz I'd say no. And the father would always give in to him. Kadang2 dia sorok2 from me so I tak tau. Kakak2 dia semua geram je tengok perangai dua orang ni...

MrsNordin said...


Read my earlier comments for the surprise.

For someone who always strived to do well in exams dulu, that is totally unacceptable by my standard. The father said it was a shitty results. Crap. The boy teruk jugak kena shelling yestrday. I hope dia sedar and aim to do better in the next exam.

wanshana said...

Congratulations to your two girls!

As for your anak teruna, I bet with PMR looming next year, insya Allah, he'll turn a new leaf.

(At least, he has turned in his PSP, right? That's good - for a start!)

MrsNordin said...


I do hope he'll change. But I blame myself too for not paying attention to his studies. Tapi budak ni, bila orang tanya dah study ke belum, dia marah kita balik. Kata we are such a nag lah.. Susah!

Madam Tai Tai said...


FYI, Haris hanya dapat top 3 sekali aje sepanjang primary school dia (well..of course we left after he completed Std 4).

During the recognition ceremony for him being no.2 in class, MrS and I agreed that would be our first and last attendance such ceremony for Haris. True enough - it was!

Although we want our kids to excel academically, we don't really force them to study ALL the time. Sekarang ni min. should be an Honour Roll (As and Bs). Haris was struggling in his first year of Middle School. He missed getting Honor Roll in his Q4 result because of the C for Humanities. But the teacher was quite a tough grader.

However, when we saw his overall performance thru-out Grade 6, we know that he did made progress. To us that is an achievement by itself. Yes, kalau boleh nak la dia dapat High Honor/ Honor Roll tapi kalau dah nampak that he had made an effort to improve his studies - I rasa itu memadai juga.

We always believe that our children must not lose out on their childhood. Belajar2 tapi main2 juga. Kena balance la.. Once our childhood is gone, it's not ever going to come back again.

Furthermore, we have seen that excelling at school doesn't mean that that person will excel in his/her profession.

I think to tarik back his PSP will be a good motivation for N*dim to work harder. He has an objective now.

MrsNordin said...


I don't push the kids to study all the time either. But effort must be there. Tengok kan results dia baru ni, we knew dia memang didn't put any effort into it. That's why yang hot sangat tu. Bila tanya dah study ke belum (whenever I saw him watching TV or main PS2), dia kata dah, and marah kita balik for nagging him. Now the father said, "From now on, if we nag you about studying, you don't answer back, ok, because you deserve it!"

I think he will make some effort over the next 1 month or so. After that, tak tau lah..

Eta My said...

Bj..I guess u punya life lebih mencabar dari di sini...dan kekadang bila lepas dapat result tak kirale ..di sini atau di sinun..mesti ade sket rasa terkilan...rasa bersalah..

Bukan ape..rasa penat dan tak kuasa tu kekadang mengatasi kehendak..

Tetapi...jgn risau sgt..becoz my hubby kata..some boys..mungkin lambat sket 'matang'..tapi insya'allah..naik form 4 terus pecut laju...and psp tu kalu dibekukan..tak ke dia mati kutu..becoz for my nephew..bila my brother lock up his psp..all he did was..tido dan tido....hehehe..macam2...

Dan...tahniah untuk your girls...bangga sungguh la...depa ni..jenis yang start awal...and terus pecut..contoh baik untuk anak teruna kecil you...

MrsNordin said...

Hi Eta!

Dah lama tak dengar from you! I cannot open your blog, that's why I couldn't visit yours.

Anyway, I think apa yang you cakap tu betul. Rasa terkilan... penat & tak kuasa... mengatasi kehendak... That's how I feel most of the time, hoping that the kids would take responsibility in studying on their own.

Macam kita dulu, ya tak? Mana ada mak bapak I duduk kat sebelah bagi mock exam papers to do before I sat for my exams? Or coach me, or guide me like what we're supposed to do for kids these days? Macam2 lah bebudak sekarang ni... tension dibuatnya !