Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Weddings and a Farewell

Wedding #1
We attended MrNordin’s cousin’s BIL’s wedding at a hotel in Ampang last Saturday night. It was the groom’s 3rd wedding but the bride’s first. The first lasted 2 months; the second one lasted 2 weeks. MrNordin attended the first two weddings ~ so that night, many people were betting on how long this one’s gonna last. The groom sang a song for his bride that night, something which he never did in his first two weddings, so perhaps that was a good sign. I just wish the couple a good life and may it last longer than the previous two…

Wedding #2
This wedding was held last night at Tropicana. The bride was MrNordin’s ex-colleague in S**ll. She married an Indonesian guy, quite elderly, but she’s not that young either. I think she’s 40+ and that guy is 50 something. That’s her first wedding, but the guy’s status is unknown. Divorced; perhaps. One thing I know, he has a son aged about 25. I know this coz he sang a song for his “Papa and Mama” last night.

Nice, beautiful wedding. Despite the odd pairing, I think there was a lot of love put into the wedding preparation. The rombongan pihak lelaki from Jakarta & Bandung stick out in the crowd. The ladies were very elegant in their French lace and chiffon modern kebaya, in bright red or turquoise. Some wore pastel colors and they looked absolutely gorgeous with their nice hairdo and make up. The men were very classy too, in their tuxedos. It was quite a sight. I was busy admiring the ladies’ dresses with my friend, S**ri**z throughout the night.

After the cake cutting ceremony, the MC announced, “The bride and groom shall now have their first dance..” The lights went down and the couple took to the dance floor and slow danced to a lovely tune. Ahhh… so romantic! Then a few couples joined them on the dance floor, mostly the Indonesians. Some danced really slow and cool with their partner, while some were more adventurous and did the twirl on the floor. Gosh… they were so style! I wish it was me on the dance floor, twirling with MrNordin. But obviously since we were only the invitees, segan pulak nak menari kat situ.

As we walked to the car after the wedding, I told MrNordin, "I like the slow dance part. I think it was very nice.." He said, "Kita tak bolehlah buat slow dance macam tu. Sure bising orang..." But why not? They were dancing with their respective spouses, so I don't think it's haram. Sama jugak macam setengah orang buat joget lambak after a wedding. Isn't a joget lambak more loud?

I wanted to have a kugiran and joget lambak for my wedding, but due to unfortunate circustances, it couldn't be done. Never mind lah, I'll do it during one of my wedding anniversaries nanti or one of my daughters' weddings. That'll be the day!! Yippee!!

The Farewell
We dropped off Nabila at UiTM on Sunday. I felt quite sad leaving her there. When we left, she was about to go for her first taklimat at the Dewan Makan. She quickly said her goodbyes and tried to hold back her tears. Later when I reached home, I texted her and told her to be strong. Mula2 memanglah macam tu, but once she get to know her friends, it should be ok.

To me, if she survived Gopeng, this should be a piece of cake for her. Good luck, my dear girl! I'll always be thinking of you.


Madam Tai Tai said...


Wedding #1 - is the groom a serial wedder ke? Why are the 2 previous marriages so short-lived one? Anyway hopefully the song bawa berkat to this current marriage and kekal lah lebih dari 2 tahun...harap2 sampai lah ke anak cucu.

Wedding#2 - Indonesian ladies memang bergaya esp at formal functions. I've been to a few formal dos organised by either the Msian or Indonesian embassies. They do stand out - very elegant with their sangguls (it's part of the attire, I think) and kebayas.

As for joget lambak - it's a tradition that is missing in our weddings nowadays. I believed Ning Baizura brought it back into fashion at her wedding reception baru2 ni. Hopefully there will be a revival as weddings should be a joyous ocassion - tak la tengok bersanding, makan, borak2 sikit and balik aje.

Can't wait to attend your daughters' weddings. Bila tu?!!

MrsNordin said...


I think there's something wrong with him. But wife#3 doesn't know.

My daughters' wedding? Let her finish her studies first. Then we talk about kawin, ok?

Hey, what time will you be at KLCC? Pegi cepat boleh tak? I'm pretty bored... :(

Anonymous said...


UiTM shah alam tak jauh sgt... but I guess its always worrying to see a child go kan??? She'll do well I am sure.

Hope the two newly wedded couples will be happy hingga anak cucu.

Speaking of kids' weddings.... don't push for one until u are ready to a granny ehhehehehe

Hope said...


Yes la- we have joget lambak so why not slow dance kan?

We had a lovely wedding with first dance, slow dance etc. My husband's family, being Persians memang into all the dancing stuff which we enjoyed a great deal. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents' danced and we felt so happy!!

busymum100 said...

My last joget lambak was in 1978! Oh no... ages ago! In 1977 I even danced joget lambat during a wedding reception in Banting, with my sporting brother who already had teenager kids!

During the wedding that that we attending to last fortnight, they only had live music and dance show by some professional dances.

When they played the instrumental zapin songs, I really felt like dancing! MrsN, remember, arwah and I was in the zapin group way back in 1977, and we came our 3rd in Kelantan ;-)

Oh, how i missed those dancing days. Now hardly found, and yet i don't think we are anymore religeous than before :-(

As for your gal, she'll do just fine. Now you'll have a good excuse to come over to SA and meet me ;-)

Kak Teh said...

MrsN Everytime i am an MC at a function, I will always announce joget lambak! Orang putih semua suka sebab dia orang pun nak try jugak berjoget.

Blabarella said...

Oooo i love to joget lambak - but not many people do it these days. Malu lah, apa lah!

To me slow dance for a wedding is boring, joget lambak is more fun!! :)

(Not that I could do it for my wedding, Bleargh)

Helena said...

2 months... 2 weeks..... mmm.... mesti ada hal ni.....

hopefully he is really really serious this time round....

MrsNordin said...


Sure ~ won't think about it until after she gets a job.


I'm sure you had a great time at your wedding. Kita ni ramainya malu2 kucing... that's why tak ramai takers for such events. Boring :(

MrsNordin said...


I didn't know you both masuk zapin competition last time. And dapat No. 3? Wow... you all must be very good!

Yes, I'll surely give you a tinkle when I visit her in Shah Alam, depending on the timing. But you know what's ironic? She is sharing her room with 3 other girls from Kelantan! At first, she was kinda depressed because you know, she's the only one from KL and the other 3 are Kelantanese (sorry, but I think she has this bad perception of Kelantanese ppl).

So I told her, if you think your life sucks, think of your mum. She had to go ALL THE WAY to Kelantan and make the adjustments when she was only 12. She made friends with the Kelantanese and she did ok. So, I'm sure you can do it too.

Then only she stopped complaining. She said it's a karma... :)

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh, Blab,

It seems you two enjoy dancing as well! Come to my party nanti and we can dance, ok?!

MrsNordin said...


I do hope so... We're counting the days.. hee.. hee..

Anonymous said...


When I was very young, they still had joget lambak and kugiran at weddings in my kampung. Sampai pagi, music dengar satu kampung. When I was in secondary school, I heard they (Jabatan Ugama) fined people who held these "parties". Anyway, kalau ada joget lambak aje, siap, mesti ada fight punya - guys from our kampung with guys from kampung seberang. . .he he he.

Oh, so your Nabila is off to college huh? She'll get used to it in no time!