Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tow Truck

MrNordin is back. Exhausted.

Our Naza broke down near the kids' school this evening. This is the second time the car cannot start in 1.5 months. MrNordin was still on the way back from JB at that time. Pakcik Mat, the driver, called me while I was relaxing in the bathroom. I had to rush out to fetch Nadim from school as it was already 7.15pm. Nadira was having tuition at a house nearby; I told her to walk home.

MrNordin made the arrangement with Naza to send a tow truck while he was on the NSE. Ok. We waited for 2 hours and after many calls, 3 guys came ~ in a car. They took a look at the car and made some calls, but no tow truck. Ten minutes later, another guy came ~ on a motorbike. He said he's the guy in charge of car breakdowns for Naza. But this one came sehelai sepinggang ~ no jack, no car battery, nothing! ~ and still, no tow truck.

By that time, it was almost 9.30pm. I was getting very impatient. 4 guys from Naza and they couldn't do a thing? Ooi! I want a tow truck lah! My car can't start! All the time when we were waiting, we thought there was a tow truck coming. Rupa2nya, the guy we thought was the tow truck man was actually that guy on the motor bike!

Man... was I furious! Kena maki lah budak2 tu! Bila nak suruh kita beli kereta, sikit punya manis janji. Tapi lepas dah jual, lepas tangan. Bila kereta rosak tengah jalan macam ni, semua claim they are not responsible. Tak tau mana tow truck, tak tau the process. What the hell! After sales service in this country is really appalling!!

Nasib baik my BIL was with me at that time. Dah puas I screamed at the 4 Naza guys, who seemed unperturbed by it as I guess that was a common phenomenon for them, my BIL called his friend who refered us to this tow person. Within 30 mins, dia dah sampai. And he's Chinese. Very efficient. Very big tow truck. Within one hour, semua dah selesai and the car is now nicely parked at the Naza Kia service centre in Setapak.

Nak tolong Melayu, itu lah jadinya. Buat sakit hati je. Orang Cina jugak pandai buat business. That's why melayu susah nak kaya.

I'm going to file a complain against Naza. I surely am!


busymum100 said...

We have a citra at home, but never knew Naza has support service.. We just rely on AAM - so far so good. Early this yr i was stuck at a petrol station on the NSE (the over 1 yr old batter expired!), called AAM, they said will be there in 30 mins, but 20 mins later, the AAM guy called, saying that he was standing near my car. I was having orange juice in the petrol station's cafe! Now, that was fast! And the guy was very friendly too..

MA & Brood said...

Ya - I second busymum100. I rely on AAM cos all I know about cars is to drive and isi petrol saja. Hehe... Their mechanics are friendly and efficient too.

Madam Tai Tai said...

'he's Chinese. Very efficient.' 'Nak tolong Melayu, itu lah jadinya. Buat sakit hati je. Orang Cina jugak pandai buat business. That's why melayu susah nak kaya.'

Sad, memalukan but true.

IBU said...

Hishhh...mmg sakit hati baca. The best is still AAM lah (for most trunk roads). Kalau hiway, plus ronda is efficient enough.

Haiiiiiiii.... time to upgrade to XC90? ekekkekekkk....

p/s sad lah kan malay buat biz cam ni? mmg very often mcm ni, kita nak bantu pun jadi pissed off.

jabishah said...

Tu la pasal... I sort of mls nak layan dgn this type of Mal**s. There was once, we wanted to get a simple mattress. HB in his painting attire (he's always a DIY person), jeans potong penuh cat & T-shrit pagoda went to this shop. The hospitality of the salesman mmg bagus smpi suamiku terbeli duvon bed! I bet, I need not hv to mention whose shop he went to... cha ya nun aliff lah.
ps- Totally agree of you mking the report!

MrsNordin said...

Yes, I think I will become a member of AAM. Thanks, all!

Anonymous said...


We just traded in our NAZA mini MPV for a Japanese MPV.

Tue u baru cerita pasal tow truck woes.... nantilah u tengok their service centre woes. Mind U we stopped going to the Setapak SC after ONE visit. We were regulars of the KIA Metro service boys at Danau Kota. I rate their service first class. But not much I can say for the car, hence the trade.

Hope all goes well.