Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Matchmaking - Update

Hi! Sorry for not updating any sooner. I was caught up with work and family affairs.

I'm sure you all want to know what happen after that first meeting, right? Well... let's put it this way. It worked! My BIL took a liking for the girl and I think, the feeling is mutual for both parties. They went out on Saturday ~ but I don't know whether it was whole day affair or just lunch in Bangsar (as what he told me) because my MIL said, "Y*m keluar dari pagi tadi. Dia kata ada kursus di Klang the whole day." Hee... hee... you figure out for yourself !

We had a chat with him on Sunday night, me & MrNordin. He said, he liked her and would like to know her better. He told my MIL about her that night itself after he came back from that first meeting. My MIL was apprehensive at first (the fact her parents are from Ipoh), but after much coaxing, she relented and said, "Kalau dah jodoh, nak buat macamana..."

I was surprised he told my MIL about her so soon. I didn't think he'd like her straight away. I thought, he would still want to look around for other suitable candidates. You know... keep your options open. But after talking to him, I sensed he has grown tired of searching and would like to, for now, focus on this one person.

I'm so happy for him! That night when we were with him, they were calling and texting each other until late. His phone tak putus2 beeping, signalling of new messages. And he proudly showed me some of her SMS, too. Hai... teringat pulak masa zaman2 courting with MrNordin dulu... :-)

I'm thrilled for both of them. I guess, a December wedding is not a bad idea after all, huh?


Anonymous said...

Wawawa...am so tumpang-happy for them too! And you must be happier right!!
December wedding sounds alright - jangan dok kenal lama2 sgt sampai tau segala. Lets their individual true colors come out after the akadnikah so they cannot escape from each other so instead build life together! They/We're not getting younger each day ...*sigh* -rad

Superwomanwannabe said...

Berjaya!! Tahniah...you tolong mendirikan masjid...

wanshana said...

Wow! Glad that the bibit-bibit chenta have started! Insya Allah, if everything goes to plan - banyak pahala you dapat, tau! :)

Sounds like love at first sight?date?


Madam Tai Tai said...

Alamak..baru aje berkenalan Y*m's SIL dah start planned for wedding lak. Hello..December is just 6 months away you know!

Let them take it slow and steady la..Biar dapat keserasiannya dulu.

Kmar said...


Ini betul-betul struck by Cupid´s Love Arrow.. he.he.he.!!! Really happy for both of them.

Anonymous said...


Its good to know that they've hit it off.... but like Gina says, I think Dec is too soon. Unless ur BIL pulls a MrN move ehhehehehe

There may be times when u know u have found the right person but at most times, if U do not actually know what u want, then jumping into something too soon, may not be a good idea.

All the best to the both of them.