Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Drama

I went shopping with my stepdaughters yesterday. Not for baju raya as they have those already, but for beads for our baju kurung (jahit sendiri, hantar upah mahal sangat). I’ve been meaning to take them out shopping, just us girls, but the little boy at home always prevented me from doing so. I rasa berat hati nak tinggalkan dia, even for one hour, coz I kesian kat dia tinggal kat rumah sorang-sorang.

But yesterday, I told myself I have to do this. I want my time with the girls too, right? So, pagi-pagi lagi I dah bangun, mandi and got ready while MrNordin and the little boy were still sleeping in bed. Then I quietly knocked on the girls’ door and told them to get ready as I planned to leave the house before the boy woke up. They got ready very fast and waited for me downstairs.

Just as I was about to walk out of my bedroom, the little boy woke up. “Mummy!”, he called out. Alamak…. Budak ni dah bangun pulak…! Seeing me all dressed up like that, of course our friend insisted that I go back to bed.”Mummy, sleep! Sleep!”, he said, signaling me to lie down next to him. I looked at the watch, it was almost 9.30am. Kena keluar cepat ni sebab nak pegi kawasan Masjid India. Kalau lambat nanti, sure ramai orang.

“Ok, ok.. “ I said and lied down next to him. I tepuk2 dia, tapi dia tak nak tidur balik. Dia suruh kita nyanyilah kat dia, cerita lah kat dia, nak airlah, nak susu lah... macam2! Orang dahlah lambat ni..

“Mummy, Lion & Mouse”, he said (he wanted me to read him his Lion & Mouse story). After that,

“Mummy, ai-lee-you” (he wanted me to sing that Barney song “I love you.. you love me…”). Then,

“Mummy, brother John!” (he wanted me to sing “Are you sleeping, brother John… “)

Adoi… naik penat I melayan dia. MrNordin was still snoring away. Budak2 dah tunggu kat bawah, this boy was not letting me go. Last-last, I just got up and go. I told the maid to distract him while we made our dash. Of courselah he cried, kan? He was screaming out loud when he heard me starting my car engine. “Mummy! Mummy! Nak kut! (nak ikut)!!!”

Punyalah sedih hati I when I heard that. Sampai keluar gate pun masih dengar dia menjerit sekuat hati. I felt like turning back, but I told myself, tak apa, kuatkan hati. He’ll be ok in a few minutes time. I drove out very fast so I won’t change my mind.

True enough, when I called the house half and hour later, my maid said he’s ok already. Tengah tengok TV while having his breakfast. Lega… then baru I could start the outing with a peace of mind.

So we got the beads from Semua House. Then we went to Megamall MidValley for a hair cut. I desperately needed to do my hair and the girls wanted a trim. Since my stylist was free that morning, I decided to bring them all there for their hair cuts. Usually, they'd do theirs at W, a hair saloon near our house. But since W was closed on Sunday, I thought might as well they follow me.

I got a new hair colour and cut, Nabila got a relaxant and cut and Nadira just had a trim. It was quite costly, but tak apalah, sekali sekala. Nabila said, "Mummy, just a hair cut for me lah... no need relaxant (coz it's expensive)..." That's very thoughtful of her, but I wanted her to have it coz it'll make her hair more manageable. And it's not often that she gets such treatment anyway. So that's ok.

Just as we were about to finish, I got an sms from MrNordin saying that they (the boys) were at Bangsar Village. So we met them there after the saloon. It was raining when we left MidValley. I was so happy to see Nizzar, tapi budak tu macam indifferent je. This morning when I left him, meraung bagai nak rak. Now macam tak ada apa pun... So much for the drama this morning, huh? Lain kali, I should have known better.

Lesson learnt: Do not feel guilty about leaving your toddler behind when you need to have your girls' day out.


Anonymous said...


For toddlers, as long as tey are occupied while u are gone they will definitely be ok after a few tears ehehhehe....

We were at IKEA yesterday. Bought a tent for my darlings and last night Ainul terus tidur dlm tent dia. So cute.

Aida - twice I nearly lost Ainul in a crowd, she thinks she'll all grown up now and can go off wandering all on her own... grrrrrrr

MrsNordin said...

How old is your Ainul??

Anonymous said...

Ainul is alittle older than Nizzar. She'll be 4 in December. Though she's older, does not mean she'll not try to get everything she wants. She's a good negotiator.

And she's very indenpendant and harded headed (every tells me just like her Mummy).

She keeps telling me, she's now 3 and once she turns 4 she will be "all grown up" (her exact words).

Sometimes its soo cute, there are days when u just want to scream and hope that she just listens to u (the adult) rather than the other way around ehhehe


kay_leeda said...

Dear Mrsnordin,

Salam perkenalan. I have once in a while dropped by this space of yours but have never made any comments.

You do your own beading? Yay...seronok I dengar. I bead too and I do it for the same reason - too expesive to upah.

Now tengah juling-juling mata mem-beading. Hopefully siap lah by Raya. How are you getting along with yours?


kay_leeda said...

ooppss...syok sangat meng-comment spelling pun silap, "expensive" that is.


MrsNordin said...

Hi Kay,

It's getting there, very slowly... Infact, i just finished one side of my baju kurung sleeves after 2 days. I don't do the intricate ones ~ just the simple one where you jahit the beads "berterabur". Senang sikit. Even that one pun, sakit2 dah sebelah bahu ni!

I'm very impatient and beading is definitely not something which I want to do for all my baju kurung unless it's really necessary. Upah kat tailor sampai RM150-200. Rugi duit rasanya!

Hope yours turn out nice too. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

Hope said...


You are indeed a wonderful step mom to your girls..

MrsNordin said...

Hi Hope,

It's been a while since you dropped by here. Thanks for your kind words..

myheartbleeds said...

mrsnordin, kids can be like that. Many a time I went home in a rush coz my youngest kept calling at work, "Mommy nak balik pukul berapa?"... bila sampai rumah, my salam and hi pun tak dijawab!! dia buat selamba je...

MrsNordin said...


Hee... hee... so anti-climax, kan? One time, they made us feel so important. Another time, as if we are non-existent!