Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Movie Buff

I watched Sex & The City the movie the other night ~ one of those rare occasions when the little boy sleeps in early and Mummy can do the things she loves doing. I used to love the TV series before, but after a while, I naik jelak. There was just too much sex, and it put me off from watching it.

But the movie was ok lah... a bit overrated, I think. And Carrie Bradshaw is getting older, so she was not as perky as how she was when the series first started. For those who have not seen it and plan to do so in the near future, be careful if you watched it on DVD with the kids. There are some uncensored scenes which I myself found quite disturbing. So, exercise extreme caution.

Actually, I'm not really a movie buff. Unlike some people I know who loves going to the cinemas, I'd rather watch the movie on DVD at home. It's more relaxing. Movies have not really been my favourite thing to do when I was dating MrNordin either. Our first movie together was Mummy Returns (on our 3rd date, I think). And then another one in Singapore ~ Lara Croft (this, on my friend's recommendation. But I seriously didn't like it).

After we got married, I would accompany the kids to the cinemas sometimes. We like to watch cerita hantu (scary, but best!). Now that they have all grown up, we'd just drop them off at KLCC whenever they want to watch movies. MrNordin doesn't like sitting in the cinema for too long either because he can't have his cigarettes. So, we strike a common ground there.

But whenever there's a good Malay film shown at the cinema, which I know the kids wouldn't watch or we wouldn't buy the DVD, I'd go and watch it alone. Like Cinta, and Sepi. I watched both films alone at the cinema after work. Cried my eyes out sorang2, but who cares? It was dark anyway. This way, I could really enjoy the movie. Tak ada orang nak kacau or bagi komen.

Sometimes, I'd go with friends. I remember watching Embun with Gina and my mother (yes, my mother likes to do this kind of things also sometimes), Jangan Pandang Belakang with two of my office mates (I walked out half way because it was so boring), Soal Hati with Gina as well and a few others. As I see it, Malay films are light entertainment. You can't expect too much or be too critical about it because otherwise, you'll be disappointed.

But my best movie ever is Pretty Woman. Ahhh... Julia Roberts and Richard Gere! "Welcome to Hollywood Boulevard!", said the opening remark. I watched it with Gina (again..) in Canterbury after our final exams way back in 1991. That was awesome! We were crying buckets in the cinema, and after the movie, I was forever imagining myself as Julia Roberts. Shopping on Rodeo Drive, being ferried to the opera in a private plane, wearing that bright red dress and diamond necklace. ... And Oh! Making love on the piano, at the bar, with Richard Gere ?! Who wouldn't want that ?!!

I think, to date, I've watched that film close to 20 times. Whenever I was bored at home (masa zaman sebelum kawin dulu lah..), I'd put on the VCD and just while myself away in that film. Nice!

People say, the kind of movies you watch speak a lot about your character. So, do you like to go to the movies and what's your favourite movie of all times?

Richard Gere playing businessman, Edward Lewis, and Julia Roberts as pros******, Vivian Ward, in a scene from Pretty Woman


lilinbiru said...

yeah..pretty woman pun saya suke!!

Farra said...

My best friends wedding... Cool fun job food critic. Pastu ur bestfriend at work is gay n supportive hensem pulak tu. Your 'bestfriend' sorg lagi is soo hot mcm ur boyfrnd but not. A rich girl with a family so down to earth n humble.. phew.. best btol.

I watched this with my ehem 'bestfren' during uni. We were just like Micheal and Jules. Over the years we had different partners..tapi last-last kitorg kawin jugak. Hehe.. The best part of this movie masa kat atas bot tu.. when he said, if u love someone u shud just say it out loud.. or else it will just pass u by.

How true..

Anonymous said...

Orangputih ni memang pandai buat movie, cerita pasal prosxxx pun boleh buat duit. It was also my favourite, I was in 3rd year masa tu. All the catchy songs...
My family pun don't go to movies, nanti get distracted, sorang2 needing the loo. Some of my kids suka the fighting2 mcm Matrix, Alien vs Predators, which I usually fall asleep to. I prefer drama with not much special effect and animation like Shrek..:)


MA & Brood said...

I pun tak berapa suka tengok wayang. Well, nak kata tak suka sangat tu tak lah - I do enjoy a good movie once in a while, but kalau tak tengok pun tak apa. Very often I will catch it on HBO many years later.

I banyak tengok wayang masa zaman bujang when my housemates and I will go tengok midnite and then lepak at coffeehouses after hours. Those days mana ada cineplex ni semua - kalau tak ke Rex, Cathay. Itu la saja dua panggung yang happening zaman dulu.

Since dah beranak pinak ni - I cuma tengok cerita cartoon animation sahaja lah. Lion King, Nemo, and many others.

I suka tengok comedy and drama. But tak suka sci-fi or thriller or hantu-hantu or superheros (Batman/Spiderman dan sewaktu dgnnya).

All time favourite movie? Akhir Sebuah Impian. Saw it when I was 10. Masih teringat sampai hari ini...

MrsNordin said...


It's so romantic, kan? And nice!! A truly feel-good movie!

MrsNordin said...


So kisah cinta you dengan husband sama macam Michael & Jules lah, ya? Syoknya! Did you have to kiss him at the altar on his wedding day?? Hee... hee..

As for me, kisah cinta I is a combination of a few movies, actually. You've Got Mail ada, Sleepless in Seattle ada, Pretty Woman ada... That's why I love these 3 movies!

I agree with you, we must say it loud if we like someone. Tapi tak ke segan, as orang perempuan?

MrsNordin said...


Budak2... biasalah. Bapak budak pun macam tu...

All this action packed movies memang I kurang berminat. Kalau they all nak pegi tengok, pegilah. I'd rather stay home.

Shrek? I like that too! You know... Shrek tu remind me of MrNordin. Kepala dia sama! (shh.... I hope my husband is not reading this!) But he's such a gentle creature, kan? I love it!

MrsNordin said...


Akhir Sebuah Impian? Yang mana satu ni? Is it the one with Sharifah Aini and Broery? Or with Latif Ibrahim? I was too young to remember lah at that time...

Like you, I like drama too and don't quite like all this superhero movies. My all-time favourite actor is Clint Eastwood. He's hot! (for an old man...) And actress goes to Merryl Streep, of course.

What's yours?

MA & Brood said...


Akhir Sebuah Impian is an Indonesian movie starring Broery marantika, Emillia Contessa (her first break into the movie and singing), Farouk Afero and Benyamin S, among others.

In this movie lah lagu-lagu seperti Mimpi Sedih (Emilia), Angin Malam (Broery) was sung. I am still looking for the DVD kalau diorang ada buat copy. It was a really beautiful story with beautiful songs.

My favourite male actors? Tak ada kot. I used to like Clint Eastwood in his cowboy movies (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly) but not his Dirty Harry ones.

Wait, maybe Tommy Lee Jones. I like his quiet, rugged demeanour. Tapi kdg-kdg dia tu kelakar juga. And he is really smart too - graduate from Harvard somemore If I want a boifren, I want someone like him. Boleh ke? Hahaha...

wanshana said...

My all time favourite is Forrest Gump... and I also like watching Kung Fu movies, especially with Chow Sin Chi in them (i.e comedy kung fu movies mostly)

My favourite male actors - Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, Steve Martin, and like MA - Tommy Lee Jones! ( I know...orang tua semua! Hehehe!

Actresses - I have to say Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock.

Masalahnya dah lama sungguh tak ada chance nak sit down and REALLY enjoy a movie without having to think about anak-anak, etc...

farra said...

Dah kawin ni ckp la bnyk2 kak.. dulu takat hint strongly je. My husben pulak ckp love u ni tak pandai..dia suka sekeh2 kepala i..tak pun wrestling ke..kena kepit bawah ketiak ke.. adula.

We watched this DVD recently husben tak ingat pun jalan cerita dia boleh tak?? Sengal btol org laki ni..i jela kot yg feeling2 hehe~

Anonymous said...


Lama tak nampak. I like Pretty Woman too, but my husband said the same thing Busybody said - she's a call girl :-)

We used to go to the movies a lot, nak katakan every weekend. Bila dah ada anak, we seldom go - and the ones we go to are usually animation jugak. DVDs pun beli yang rated G or PG aje.

OO, I love Sex and the City, the serries. Never watched it when it was airing, but got hooked on reruns, and then my friend gave me the whole 6 seasons set. Tak tidur malam aku menengoknya, lepas satu, satu.

I must say one of my all time favorite movies is the Shawshank Redemption. I also like Ghost. Can't remember the last movie I saw in theater, but the last movie I saw on DVD was Casino Royal (semalam). Damn, I think he is the hottest bond yet.

Anonymous said...

He!He! I agree with Farizahb..that Bond in Casino Royale is just heavenly..oit, terlupa posa..I have a friend who would watch the DVD alone when her hubby is outstation..he..he..dok admire ciptaan Allah. Tapi dlm movie lain taklah berapa macho..


Madam Tai Tai said...


Asyik2 nama I keluar as your gang tengok wayang. Yes, yes, yes I'm a movie buff! Nasib baik dapat husband pun a movie fan jugak..kalau tak sengsara hidup.

My favs are Pretty Woman (of course! I'm sucker for romantic movie), Last of the Mohicans (the young Daniel Day Lewis..drool..drool..) and the Roman Holiday (with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck).

Unlike most Malays, I tak berapa minat sangat cerita2 P. Ramlee. There is one movie I really like tapi tak ingat the title. I watched it in the late-70s kot. It starred Aziz M. Osman when he was very young. Sedih bebenar cerita dia.

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Mrs.N,

Berzaman dah Auntie tak masuk panggung. Dulu-dulu...jaman muda, suka jugak lah tengok dengan kenkawan kalau ada cerita yang menarik. Mcam MA, "Akhirnya Sebuah Impian " menjadi favourite...Dannnn jangan gelak.....Auntie jugak suka filem "Bobby" tau!...(the only Hindi filem yang Auntie tengok kat panggung)...kat Ipoh, panggung apa dah tak ingat..kat Ipoh Old Town rasanya.. :-)

MrsNordin said...


Eeee... you ingat lagi nama2 they all?! Superb memory!

Just the other day we were trying to recall nama Benyamin S. Even my maid pun tak ingat. Yes, I think I've watched that movie tapi tak ingat story line lah.

You like Tommy Lee Jones? Hmmm... interesting... tapi I rasa muka dia macam senget sikit lah. Why?

MrsNordin said...


You pun suka Tommy Lee Jones? Like this, I must watch his films.

Bab Kung Fu ni, husband I yang suka. Kalau cerita cina, I suka tengok cerita hantu lompat. Kelakar!

MrsNordin said...


I think men show their feelings differently from us women. I pun kekadang pelik. Dulu masa courting, husband I sikit punya terror mencurah perasaan. ia paling suka talk about feelings. Lepas dah kawin ni, bila kita nak start cakap pasal tu je, dia terus tukar topic! Or paling tidak, jawapannya cuma, "Mmmmm..." Boring betul lah!

MrsNordin said...


Actually, Shawshank Redemption is a good film. After watching that movie, I began to like xxx (sapa nama that guy tu, the one who's partner with Susan Sarrandon?) a lot. I thought he was so cool!

But that's Hollywood. Anything can happen. Like Pretty Woman, in reality, ada ke orang yang so lucky like that?

Kalau kat M'sia, tak de pros yang look like Julia Roberts. So how??

MrsNordin said...


I've never watched Casino Royale. Macam tak minat pulak. Now that you've mentioned it, maybe i'll take a look!

MrsNordin said...


You memang hantu wayang pun! No one can beat you and Chepul. Dari dulu sampai sekarang!

I think cerita Aziz M. Osman tu tajuk dia Sayang Anak ku Sayang. Sedih cerita tu... mak dia mati or something, kan? Adik beradik ramai... Normadiah jadi nenek dia, kan? (eh, I boleh ingat?)

MrsNordin said...

Auntie Yan

I like Bobby too!! (peletum, peletum, peletum....) I even bought the VCD just for keep! Kalau teringat zaman2 dulu, I'll watch this movie again.

I think panggung wayang tu namanya Grand, kan? Kat tengah2 pekan Ipoh tu. That's where my parents used to take us for midnight movies masa I kecik2 dulu. I remember watching banyak cerita Hindustan kat situ. I think, my mum was a movie buff too back then...

But I watched Bobby masa kat Parit, my kampung. Ada satu panggung wayang kat situ. I used to follow my older cousins to watch movies kat situ. Eee.. so nostalgic!

Anonymous said...


I love movies... to list all my faves susah but top is the Sound of Music (which I let my daughter watch in the car). I grew up with movies of musicals.... My Fair Lady, Hello Dolly, Dr Doolittle (Rex Harris not Eddie Murphy).

My hubby is a movie buff like me, we used to watch a movie once a week (cos he abhors pirated VCDs)but with little kids its hard to leave the house without them. So we watch whatever is on tv ajer lah. I cannot wait till my two youngest are old enough to leave at home or to take along to the movies ehehhehe

My last movie in the cinema was The Devil Wears Prada (masa bulan puasa; which my MIL highly disapprovs of) what year i tak ingat... with multiple child births, dates are just to hard to remember ehehhee

Aida - terigat Legends of the Fall *swoons* I can still cry when I watch it for the 100th time.

MrsNordin said...


Legends of The Fall memang best!!

Madam Tai Tai said...

BJ, your memory terror lah! Yes, it was Sayang Anakku Sayang. Meleleh-leleh airmata tonton wayang tu. Why can't they make movies like that anymore, kan?

Kak Teh said...

Mrs N - yes, love Pretty Woman as well and Nottinghill. such a romantic fool i am.

ms hart said...

Mrs N, yes, yes, yes..Pretty Woman!! And of course Sounds of Music & Mary Poppin. Oh, not forgetting, The Enchanted! Our very own CINTA was not bad. But it doesn't 'stay' with you long like Pretty Woman.

Ezza Aziz said...

akak lak tak kira,apa apa pu, boleh,melayu ka,cina ka,waima cerita tamil pun ok gak. Last sekali tgk wayang 4 bulan lepas kot,cerita cina entah apa nama nya tu udah lupa la..Cerita ganas2 paling tak suka satu lagi macam matrix tu lagi la tak faham. Dulu ada satu movie kramer vs kramer betul ka tajuk dia,, best cerita tu.Cerita cinta tu akak pun tgk sampai menangis,part yang Que haidar dan aktress sapa tu..lupa lak nama dia. Ok la,dah pukul 2.25 ni,laki akak dok bising no..tido laa..esuk nak sahur....Hiss orang tua ni.!

Eta My said...

Bj..julia best..preety woman and ade satu lagi cerita yang dia dok fight for a community yang kena pollution tuh..entah ape tajuk tak ingat...dan combination dia ngan tom hanks pun best gak..

Kita asalnya tak kesah cerita ape-ape..tapi yang sewaktu cam star wars ke...yang pelik2 le...kureng le..nowdays..kalu tersempat and terduduk kat depan astro..tengok aje lah!

But masa kecik selalu ikut my parents gi cinema..cerita hindustan, melayu dan hantu orang putih...and I cd still remember tengok exorcist..eeeee...and I wdn't mind watching sangam..again and again..classic besh!.cerita hindu sekarang banyak mengarut..

Sepi tu macam best je....nanti nak beli vcd lah..tata!!

MrsNordin said...


My memories are still good, eh? Ya lah... kenapa cerita melayu sekarang tak boleh buat yang macam2 tu? Asyik2 cerita cinta, lepas tu merapu macam cerita Duyung (not that I've watched it). Nak tolong industri filem melayu pun, susah!

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

I like pretty woman better than notting hill...

Mr Hart,

Mary Poppins? Hmm... I've only watched it once or twice, maybe. It's a classic. The Enchanted ~ tak tengok, tho' the girls at home have been asking me to watch it many times coz they said it's nice.

MrsNordin said...


Actually, cerita Tamil is better than cerita Hindustan. They have good story lines. Tapi tu lah... cerita Tamil kan, orang macam malas nak tengok..

I like Kramer vs Kramer too. It was a long time ago... it was Dustin Hoffman and Merryl Streep, kan? Sedih cerita tu...

p/s how can you stay up so late masa bulan puasa? I, malam je, sure knock out cepat. Like last night, pukul 9 I dah tidur! Hee.. hee... dengan Nizzar!

MrsNordin said...


Oohh... you pun peminat cerita Hindustan rupanya! I don't quite remember Sangam, but I remember Bobby and Qurbani. Dharmendra was so handsome!!

Exorcist pun I ingat. Tengok wayang with my older cousins. Masa tu I Std 2 ke apa. Punya lah takut... dekat seminggu tak boleh tidur malam! That was my first horror movie. Unforgettable!

Ezza Aziz said...

Mrs Nordin
macammana nak tido,siang tadi akak migraine,lepas berbuka telan 2 biji ubat anti migraine tu,kesan nya tak leh tido la ni, Dok cegil biji mata ni sampai lani...
adoiii...mak..pinggan dah habis basuh,kain pun dah basuh tapi mata tak mau tido laa..terlecih dos la niii

Anonymous said...


I actually have Sangam - husband bought online for me since I dok tengok on you tube 9 minutes at a time. Memang menarik dan lagu-lagunya sungguhlah menghiburkan! Highly recommend it!