Monday, September 01, 2008

First Day Puasa

Alhamdullillah... the first day of Ramadhan has passed. Surprisingly, it was not too bad. Usually, I'd get a splitting headache by mid-afternoon (no coffee syndrom), but this time, I was completely ok. I even got to spring clean the guest room, which was strewn with Nizzar's toys, and clean up the bathroom as well! That was unbelieveable! (for a first day of puasa)

Maybe because yesterday, I was confined in bed most of the time because I was really sick. I guess, the Krabi trip, Desaru and office work had really taken a toll on me. I slept the whole afternoon, went to have a massage in the evening, and when I came home, I almost fainted in the bathroom. I quickly stepped out of the bath tub, dried myself up and lied down in bed. And that was only 7 pm. I didn't wake up until sahur. Nasib baik today ok. Boleh puasa.

MrNordin, as usual, tidur sepanjang hari. Every year, on the first day of puasa, dia sure lemah punya (nicotine withdrawal syndrom). And he'd get very cranky whenever anyone wanted to have a conversation with him. So I let him sleep. But in the evening, we all went out to my MIL's house. He seemed ok pulak, tak de lah crabby sangat. He was surprised himself.

So for berbuka today, we had ikan senangin masak lemak kuning, sup tulang rusuk, goreng ikan masin and pecal. Kuih: I made ondeh-ondeh (first time, ok?), my MIL bagi kuih ketayap, and I bought vadai from Pasar Ramadhan. The vadai now cost RM0.40 each. Last year, 3 ~ seringgit; now 3 ~ RM1.20. Mahal nak mampus! Bukannya besar pun, biasa je... Kalau besar macam kat Sri Paandi punya tu, ok jugak lah. (I wonder how much that Sri Paandi's vadai cost now...)

And we also bought that bubur lambuk from Kg. Baru. Tapi tertipu, sebab the one I bought (from this one makcik selling near the masjid) did not taste like the usual bubur lambuk. I think that's HER bubur lambuk, not the one from the masjid. And I thought everyone who sells bubur lambuk kat Kg. Baru sells the one from the masjid. I should have known better!

Anyway, my ondeh-ondeh turned out ok, but the kids said, "Tak de rasa gula.." I said, don't complain. That was my first time making it. Cannot compare with their Wan's (my MIL). Anyway, ondeh-ondeh is not really my favourite kuih. I had an overdose of ondeh-ondeh when I was small coz my mother loved making this kuih. And every time, I kena potong gula melaka tu into small cubes, and I hated that. It turned out, MrNordin pun selalu kena suruh potong gula melaka dulu masa dia kecik2. My MIL memang suka buat kuih ni, and the kids love it. "Wan punya ondeh2 "meletup" dalam mulut!" (as in melt in the mouth)

That's why I tried making it today. But I know lah it will not be as nice as their Wan's... and I've forewarned them. Never mind... kalau I rajin nanti I akan buat lagi. Nak pandai buat kuih ni, kena selalu2 buat. The taste will improve over time. But for me, ikut mood. Kalau tak de mood or tak rajin, sorry lah kids... wait for your Wan's or beli je kat luar!

Ok, I'm going out for nescafe tarik with MrNordin. Tell me about your first day berbuka puasa, ok? Cheers!


Kmar said...


We sahur around 5.10am.. (subuh 5.45). Minum milo and roti sapu susu condense (tekak terasa gitu pulak). My hubby has a healthy sahur.. pisang+apple+roti with cheese and hot tea.

Our Maghrib time is around 8.30pm.. eem.. summer time. When he arrived home, I already cooked ayam kicap (my kids makan dulu). Tak sempat nak beli buah kurma. So, kami berbuka makan ayam kicap aje. Luckily, 1st day puasa.. went well.

I miss the pasar Ramadan. Anyway, can´t wait in 2 years time when summer holiday jatuh dalam bulan puasa and we will be in Ipoh!!!..

ms hart said...

MrsN, betul ke bubur lambuk Kg Baru sekarang ni nak kena beli? I thought it's for free, as it's hasil derma orang ramai. So kira sedekah. Bukan, ya? Those days when we were in KL, my hubby's officemate used to tapau for him. Tak ingat pulak beli ke free.

Anonymous said...


Mine was an ordinary affair as there's only me and my maid. The kids of course tak boleh posa yet. And of course my DH berbuka posa inflight.

I gave DH ultimatum, I cannot go on like this. Its either he comes back here or I quit.... I dah tak larat lah BJ.


MrsNordin said...

Hi Kmar,

berbuka at 8.30pm? Lama nya! But I remember dulu masa kat UK, during summer, memang lambat pun berbuka. Tapi tak de lah pulak rasa lapar, kan?

Actually, for the two of you, simple dishes like that are just fine. Beli or buat banyak2 pun, membazir saja. Bukannya larat nak makan pun...

p/s Roti & condinsed milk sounds yummy! Maybe I'll have that for tomrw's sahur.

Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

Mine was as uneventful as could be, Mrs N. Bukak posa with nicotine/golf deprived Pak Abu whose mood improved only with the first sedut....sheesh. The kids broke fast with their grandma kat Section 16, PJ. that has been the tradition for yonks for 1st day posa. only today they'll break fast with us. so I am going to be busy later.. masak.

Anonymous said...

Hi MrsN

Salam Ramadhan to you & family!

Last nite my family buka puasa at my in-laws. My sis-in-law made masak lemak daging salai, udang sambal petai & salad. I bawak ayam masak kicap aje cos my kids tak makan pedas & kueh akak (my mum kirim from KB). All went well, except that balik rumah lambat (close to midnite) and by 5 am dah bangun nak sahur.. now, a bit ngantuk in the office!!

Take care & have a nice week ahead!


MrsNordin said...

Ms hart,

The bubur lambuk are still free at the masjid. But if you're too lazy to queue up, ada orang jual kat situ. Tapi kena bayar lah.

I think, the one your husband brought back tu was bought. Ada orang jual kat office dia lah tu... orang tu pegi queue kat masjid. Macam kat office kitaorang ni jugak lah..

MrsNordin said...

Hi Aida,

Alamak... kesian you. Kesian juga your hubby ~ buka puasa inflight. Try and work out something lah between you two so you can be together as a family again.

My husband esok balik JB. Over the weekend, sibuk beli bed sheet, took out the old pinggan mangkuk and TV to bring down to JB for their new apt. Kesian juga... but in the mean time, ikut kan je lah. See how long we can bertahan.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Puteri,

Hee.. hee.. that bad, huh? I'm thinking of quitting this ramadhan. Somehow the ciggy doesn't taste as nice lah after buka.

Selamat memasak ! Cheers!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Mimi,

Wow... bestnya makanan you all. Udang sambal petai? Yummy! Maybe we'll do that today.

We went to Craven last night. Tapi Craven tu dah tukar nama, tau? It's now D'Jewel. Changed ownership, but staff remains. Nescafe tarik dia pun still rasa sama.

Take care now. Go and walk about if you're sleepy!

Eta My said...

What? Overdose of same je kita ek!!..I ingat lagi masa my firstattemp, arwah ayah ape nih? Buah genuaq kah?But ondeh2/ buah melaka mmg one of my favourites.

Anyway..alhamdulillah..first ramadhan ok..masa qada posa kelmarin..simple je sahur..but this time..awal sketla..and berasap gak dapur..

Dalca ayam, kacang botol goreng..sup kubis lemak dan ikan goreng untuk kekanak yang tak mau pedas..
Dan kelakarnya...buat donat yang bentan kerana terlebih majerin..haha!!..SInce ayah maleh nak bersesak di bazar ramadhan..(sampai hati!)telan terkulat-kulat le donat...


wanshana said...


We all berbuka at my MIL's semalam.

I should heed my own advice of just bringing RM15 to the Bazaar Ramadhan. Went with Haizal and ended up buying -

Char Kuey Teow, Murtabak, Roti John (ni wajib for the kids), Apam Kampung,Tepung Pelita,Popiah Basah, Air Tebu, Air Kelapa!

Ini tak masuk lagi lelauk yang dah kat rumah my MIL - sambal tumis udang, asam pedas pari, sop petola, kai lan goreng, kuey teow sup, and I masak Szechuan Chicken.

Believe it or not, I had to solat Maghrib duduk semalam coz' "hongeh"! Hahaha!

I hope that was just a one-of thing...

MrsNordin said...


You know, I paling suka sup kubis lemak. Tapi, husband and kids tak pandai nak makan. They said, it's weird masak lemak warna putih! I think, ini orang utara punya masakan ni. I like it for sahur, with nasi and ikan masin. Yum! Yum!

So kalau i teringin nak makan tu, I buat for my own consumption only. Nanti lah, bila husband tak ada, I'll make this sayur for berbuka. Thanks for the idea!

MrsNordin said...


Itu lah... siapa suruh pegi bazaar ramadhan! Kan dah hongeh! (I'm still laughing here!!)

I bought air kelapa also yesterday, couldn't resist it. I was quite tempted to buy the air asam boi, but I quickly ran to the car before I changed my mind.

Bestnya lauk berbuka you all... sup petola and sambal tumis udang! Nak buat ni lah malam karang!! Thanks!!

p/s I notice your family suka makan kuey teow, ya? Kuey Teow sup and kuey teow goreng sekali! No wonder you expert. Tapi awat hang beli jugak dari bazaar ramadhan tu??

Anonymous said...


selamat berpuasa.. sampai kesudah tak sempat nak lunch dgn you, tak pe after raya..

rajin you buat kueh.

i ecoh 1st day puasa, haq was admitted to apsh, he tore his ligament "acl" so had procedure done on friday to mend things.


Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi BJ,

We all tak start puasa lagi semalam. So today will be our first day. Although we have a Bangladesh Ramadan/Iftar Bazaar here, tak sama mcm kat Malaysia. Makanan not as great as back home.

The pengganti bubur lambuk here is called Haleem/Halim. It is actually spiced-infused bubur dhal with either mutton or chicken. We eat it with perahan limau and some chili padi. Chepul and Haris like Haleem. I..benda dhal dhal ni kurang sikit (except for vadai - that I like and miss).

Today menu for first day (the first thing I think about even before getting up from bed this morning) is gulai tempoyak ikan patin, ayam masak tomato, ikan merah goreng and some sayur. No pemanis today - we will have keropok lekor aje.

fatin said...

suka buat dan makan onde2... tapiiii tak suka potong gula. melekit2..pecah-pecah tak best pulak pastu yarobii keras!! kalau my dad potong pulak terbeliak2 besar gulanyer nanti tak cute la onde2 saya..

MrsNordin said...

Hi Yani,

So I heard about Haq... kesian dia, and you lah coz now you have to do everything. Ini semua cobaan...

Tak pe, kita boleh lunch after raya. No problem. See you around!

MrsNordin said...


Ikan patin masak tempoyak? Mana you nak dapat ikan patin? Kat Dhaka ada ke? Kalau ada, bestnya!!

Selamat memasak dan selamat berbuka! Salam to everyone!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Fatin,

I know what you mean! Susah nak potong gula melaka to the same size, kan? Tu yang jadi besar gedabak tu! Cheers!

Ezza Aziz said...

Salam MrsN,
pasal vadey tu mmg la melampau betul. Kat Port klang pun macam tu gak,kecik jer 3 for $1.20. Entah la,orang lain nak cari pahala tapi ramai peniaga pasar ramadan ni macam nak sembelih orang jer...
Abang I pun masa bulan posa ni saya suka dia tido jer,pasal kalau dia jaga ..asyik nak membebel jer,kalah kan nenek suntil tu...ada masa nya rasa nak gaduh jer...well for today second day of puasa,I masak sambal tumis sotong,masak lemak labu kuning ,ikan jenahak goreng and for drink s my daughther beli 3 peket air tebu..itu pun dah naik harga..dulu 3.00 sepeket sekarang dah naik 1.00....!!!!

busymum100 said...


Ramadhan means 2 meals a day, and that's a lot for me! :-(
Soon i will run out of menu, I am sure. Kalau tak posa, we all most of the time one rice-mela a day. the other one (most of the time dinner lah) we eat other things like kfc, burger, etc..

i pernah goreng bihun for berbuka, then after eating it, my kids asked me "Nasi ada, mama?" Sedihnya!! Since then i always masak nasi. But today, on the way home from work, i beli je.. sahur je lah masak. My family needs HOT rice each time, incl sahur. So, 2 kali masak nasi lah! nasi sejuk i simpan buat my own rice porridge a few days later.
And I hate berbuka outside. I hope my co tak buat majlis berbuka, sb our boss tu fussy kalau org tak dtg :-( patutnya dia happy lah, kita jimatkan duit co. Budak2 bujang tu ok lah kalau co nk belanja, tapi family person like me, susah nk berbuka kat luar... risau anak kat rumah makan apa (even though the youngest je ada kat rumah).

yesterday berbuka dgn daging goreng, tenggiri goreng, kacang panjang masak lemak putih, and sambal belacan (homemade, by moi! tumbuk lagi! tak main lah blend blend hehehe...).

Selamat berpuasa to you and family.

hopefully lepas raya we get to find time to meet up ;-)

MrsNordin said...

Hi Ezza,

Semalam I dah beli kacang dhal, tapi tak sempat nak buat vadai tu. Maybe today.

Apasal ya orang lelaki ni, kalau puasa je teruk sangat? Bukannya kena masak ke, buat kerja rumah ke... tidur sepanjang hari pun boleh bad mood. Kadang2 hot jugak I, but mula2 ni kasi chance lah...

This morning I dengar dalam radio, the best Pasar Ramadhan is in Meru, Klang. Ya ke? Apa yang best sangat?

MrsNordin said...

Hi Busymum,

Sorry you have to cook more than once a day now. I know the feeling... kalau I pun, tak kuasa! Nasib baik ada maid.

At our house, berbuka memang makan nasi. But for sahur, the kids and husband eat cereals, bread and such. No rice. I pulak, just roti and coffee/milo. Mula2 ni, I rajin lah bangun.. but dah lama2 nanti, sure I tak bangun punya. Hee.. hee... malas punya pasal! Minum air je...

Yeah, hope we can meet up after raya! Tak balik Kelantan ke?