Friday, September 12, 2008

Iklan Raya Petronas

I suggest, you grab a tissue first before you start watching it..


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning BJ dear...

I'm gonna go home and hug my darling mum..... I've not seen her in a week.

Aida - bawling her eyes out.

MrsNordin said...


I've not seen mine in a month!

MrsN - still bawling her eyes out

Anonymous said...

Tue la BJ, now that we are mothers ourselves, baru boleh fully appreciate all the motherly things our mothers did and still do for us kan??

Call her BJ.

And in most cases, only a mother can close an eye to our bad behaviours and faults.

Aida - if were to move to Miri will have to pasang web cam, so I can see my folks everyday and they can see my kids at the same time, like the TM Stre@myx ad on tv ehhehe

Puteri Kamaliah at-Tarawis said...

I won't be seeing mine anymore. she died on 31st may 2008. this will be the worst raya in a long long time - the first without one's mother. what is balik kampung without Mak?

Kak Puteri - tahan sebak.

MrsNordin said...


Tapi parents you pandai pakai webcam ke? My parents, bagi phone 3G pun tak tau nak guna.

I try to talk to her once a week. Tapi kadang2 I berat nak call coz I know, she wants me to go home and see her, but circumstances prevent me from visiting her as often.

When I was single, I'd go back as and when I please. Now, macam2 hal. But that's not an excuse, actually... :(

MrsN - feeling guilty

MrsNordin said...

Kak Puteri,

Sorry to hear about your mum's passing. I hope this video did not make you feel worse.

Yes, what is raya without mak... It's just not the same, right? But do you still have your mother in law? (well, I suppose that's no consolation either..)

MrsN - sorry to make you feel sad

Anonymous said...


Sorry for your loss.


Anonymous said...


My mum tak pandai, my dad ok skit with technology. He's even ebaying hehehe So kalau ada webcam kena depand on my dad or brothers lah.

I understand dear, being further away from your parents and now with family of your own, it can be difficult to oblige to every request. I live in the same taman pun susah nak see her everyday.

I hope and pray that our mums will understand that our obligations lies with our own families.

Next time u go home, u make sure u practise guna the 3G phone... let them get the hang of it... lepas tue insyaAllah they all berani. I know they all tak berani takut rosak ker or mahal... reassure them it NOT ehhehe


Ezza Aziz said...

Hati akan terusik kalau tgk iklan begini atau drama sebegini. Mak akak pun dah pergi lebih 13 tahun dulu. Tapi kini dah ada makcik sebagai pengganti .Walau pun macam mana baik sekali pun,mak tetap mak. Marah mak dengan marah makcik lain rasa nya. Apa pun akak selalu mendoa kan kesejahteraan mak dan Makcik.

p/s tak da tisu la,tudung pun jadik utk mengelap air mata.

Waterlily said...


I was degil, I did not heed your suggestion re the tissue. Now got to do some explaining to the children ngape mommy diaorang nangis!

The advertising company for Petronas has been doing a great job over the years...every year advert raya diaorang best best, whether for raya, CNY, deepavali.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Bawling all the way from Dhaka.. Rindunya pada Mak I!!!!

As usual Petronas tv ad manages to capture the real essence of raya. I'm glad the ad uses a narrator that speaks English with a Malay-slang, makes it more real.

Nak balik raya!! Nak balik raya!!

Kak Teh said...

Bawling all the way from London. have not seen mine since january this year. But we skyped and webcammed. terubat juga rindu.

IBU said...


Alamak... I tak nangis pun. Kenapa eh? What's wrong with me? O'ohhhh...

Anonymous said...

Bawling all the way from San Diego. Must call mak this evening. Thanks.

jabishah said...

You know I'm rather ok with this add. Maybe sbb dah pernah viewed this one or perhaps because Im in contact with mine almost daily.
Remember one ad raya petronas, abt this one family who isolate their old dad? Itu I tak tahan. Tiap kali tgk mmg hujan. Sampai my girls bila ad tu keluar je bukan pandang tv but stby tunggu mama diorg nangis...

Kmar said...


I like Petronas´s advert on Raya, Deepavali, Merdeka... etc.. mesti ´touchy´.

Eem.... I already missed my mom sedangkan baru aje jumpa last month. Luckily ada technology modem .. boleh le chat, phone.. etc..

Puteri, sorry for your loss.

Ibu, you tak nangis sebab nearly every month sure turun ke JB.. he.he.he... Did u manage to get a ´dolphin´ for ´him´??!!!... he.he..

MrsNordin said...


Tudung pun tudung lah... Masa I tengok tu pun, I was caught off guard. Pakai lengan baju kurung je kesat air mata...


Hee... hee... I tengok kat office. Bila I looked up je, a few of my friends mata dah merah... Sorry to have made you cry.

Mdm./ K.Teh / Farizah,

I purposely posted this ad coz I knew you all are gonna CRY out loud teringat kat Mak!! Huu... huu...

MrsNordin said...


You tengok mak you tiap2 bulan? Good girl! No wonder you tak sedih..


That ad pasal bapak yang tua tu memang sedih giler! Sampai hati dia buat bapak dia macam tu... I pun every time tengok, sure hujan. Tapi kena sembunyi2... segan kat budak2.


I'm sure you miss you mum, more so since you're far away. But as long as she knows you are well and think of her sometimes, she'll be happy too...

ms hart said...

Mrs N, my Mak pun dah tak de. Dulu masa dia ada, I was with her every day. Masa sihat, and masa dah bed-ridden for 1 year plus. Still, bila dia dah tak de, banyak benda yang I kesalkan. Kalau fikir2 balik, rasa naaaaak je turn back time and be a better daughter. Masa Mak I sihat, peluk cium masa Raya aje. Then masa my Mak bed ridden, every day I kissed and hugged her motionless body. Still, bila dia dah tak de, rasa belum cukup tunjuk sayang kat Mak. So you all yang masih ada your mom/dad around, gi lah jenguk and peluk they all whenever possible, ok.

Anonymous said...


Wah dah ada mood jiwang raya ke? Alhamdulillah, because my mum lives an hour away from us, we visit her quite regularly. Just that I wish I could have done more to take care of her and be with her especially after the demise of my father. Most importantly we hope our children feel the same way about us when we become old.

Make time to go balik Ipoh lah one of the coming weekends ni BJ


Eta My said...

Bj..ghasenya...this's the best ever petronas iklan...apart form lain-lain...huhu..bergenang air mato nih....dari dulu sampai la ni...pandai u cari mood raye balik kampung eh!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Ms Hart,

Sorry to hear about mum. You've done what you need to do when she was ill, I'm sure she was happy for all those times that you spent with her. Don't feel bad about yourself.... you are a good daughter..

MrsNordin said...

Hi Yatt,

I'm going home to Ipoh this weekend. You are lucky your mum is so nearby... I wish mine is near, too...

MrsNordin said...

Hi Eta,

Sedih kan teringat kat Mak... sorry to have made you cry... :(