Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Invisible Neighbour

Our Minister neighbour held a berbuka puasa function at his house last night. How did I know that? Because I saw a white kemah in their garden eversince Saturday and there were many cars parked outside our house yesterday evening.

I was admiring their white kemah from our porch. Very nice… with scallops and a grand chandelier attached at the centre. “Cantik kan kemah diaorang, yang? I wonder where they get it from… “, I asked MrNordin. He said, “Alah… menteri2 ni, adalah supplier diaorang…” I guess so.

I was looking for that particular kemah & chandelier for my party last July ~ I first saw it at MrNordin’s Datin friend’s house during her birthday party ~ but I couldn’t get the exact same one. Chandelier tu ada lah, tapi I think ours was a cheapo one. (of course, my husband is not a Dato' or Tan Sri. He's just an Encik. Mana nak lawan their chandeliers, kan?)

If some of you were wondering if we were invited to the berbuka puasa, the answer is no. We’ve never been invited to any of their functions (not that we want to go anyway!). Neither have we invited them to ours eventho’ my MIL kept on pestering us to invite them whenever we do ours. Oh please lah, mak! I feel it's a bit awkward to suddenly invite them over. Maybe because he is a full Minister. Kalau ajak karang, dia ingat kita nak favours from him (which is usually the case). Anyway, I don't think they have time for social gatherings like ours because they have had enough of the official ones already.

I guess having a Minister as your neighbour, one can’t expect him to behave like your normal neighbourhood friend. So far eversince I stayed at that house, I’ve never met the Minister himself. His wife and kids adalah, even then, at the club or when we were driving out. The closest I got to the Minister was the other day when we left for work at the same time. His official car was just behind me. But when his car overtook mine, I could not see him because there was a drape shielding his rear window. Cis!

So if you asked me if I knew my neighbour, I would say yes, from the newspapers only.

However, our kids are friendly with each other ~ “Friendly” in the sense they talk to each other through their bedroom windows (it's THAT close!). Sometimes I heard them shouting at each other, or asking one another this and that. They were neighbours even before the Minister became a Minister and before they moved to the current houses. I guess that's how they knew each other. Their maids are also friendly with my maid. That one no need to explain lah, kan?

Eventho’ I’ve never met my neighbour, I know of their existence because every once in a while, the lady of the house would send us some goodies, usually kuih or other food stuff. Every hari raya, they’ll send us a hamper or gift, without fail. Sometimes we balas, sometimes we don’t.

And sometimes, we would receive strange things from them in the form of fishes, turtles and the like. These, I know, are from their children. That day, when I got home from work, I saw a fish bowl on the table with two gold fishes in it. I asked, mana dapat ni? Nadim said, “F*** gave. (F**** is the neighbour’s youngest son). He said the oxygen supply for the fish ran out. He was afraid the fishes would die and so he gave them to us.”

I think his parents were not at home at that time and he couldn’t go out to get it fixed, so he gave the fishes to us knowing that our house is a pet sanctuary. And the other day, the boy came over at the gate, asking if he could borrow some turtle food palette for his tortoise. Things like that…

Despite being strangers living side by side, we are thankful to them for the existence of their security guards and policemen who do their rounds 24/7. This provides some sort of comfort to us whenever we are not at home for we know burglars may think twice about coming to our house (nak mampus?!). Actually, along that stretch of road, we are the only one without a guard house. Rumah orang lain semua ada guard!

So, the other day we were joking, let's just build a guard house infront of our house. Then we put a dummy inside (you know, like the one you see by the road side, waving a flag to caution passers-by of road works?) to deceive burglars that we also have a security guard 24/7! Hee.. hee... and he's FREE!!

Anyway, I'm going to make a difference this raya. I've ordered a special cake as a raya gift for my invisible neighbour. My first time. And why am I doing this? Because I'm feeling a little generous this year...

And I'm trying to be a good neighbour.


bergen said...

Can I be your neighbor too and qualify to receive a welcome cake?

Superwomanwannabe said...


buat je dia macam normal neighbour....rasa nak hantar kek, hantarje...nak jemput, jemput je..nasib dia lah apa dia ingat motive you is... sebab kan bj he may be no one one day in the goment but he will still be your neighbour...(yes I pun nak kek hehehehe)

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Dear Mrs.N

Baik sungguh hati you ni....its a good move, apa salahnya kita mulakan dulu, jangan berprasangka..niat you yang baik dibulan baik ni pun dah dapat pahala tau....I'm sure after this, you'll be invited to their house.

MrsNordin said...


Sure, you can be my neighbour. But do you have a security guard infront of your house? :)

MrsNordin said...


Hoi... apasal senyap sepi je ni? Busy ke? Dah kurus dah?? Hee... hee...

I think we'll only be friendly with him when he's out of office. If I invite him now, semua orang will kerumun him and it'll no longer be my party/kenduri. Tak nak lah!

MrsNordin said...


The thing is, they always made the first move every time raya. This time around, I want to send our gift first before they send us theirs (if they ever sent one).

Ish, I tak nak lah pegi rumah dia. Nak buat apa??

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi BJ,

That is a very nice neighbourly gesture. I'm sure they will appreciate it because I definitely will if I was your neighbour.

Btw, you may get something special in return too. Wait and see..

Kmar said...


Tak rugi kalau you buat the ´first move´ kan especially masa Raya ni? I suka bahagian extra-security at the house.. he.he.. kita pun tumpang sekaki.

My surrounding neighbours have lots of dogs... small, big, huge.. just name them. I seldom talk to my neighbours. One thing yang I suka, I feel SO SAFE at home because whenever strange things (people, car, cats... etc.) pass by, the dogs will bark like hell!!! Thieves have to think twice... he.he... We never close our windows in upper floor day and night or when we leave the house. So far so good ..insyallah

wanshana said...


I agree with Shila - just treat them as normal neighbours and not as a Minister's family. Kat sebelah rumah you tu bukan office dia pun, kan? It's his house, so, it's only natural to treat him as one of the jirans.

For all you know, they'll feel more relaxed and warm up more easily with you and your family if you just close your eyes to the hubby's post.

IBU said...


I want to be your neighbour too...err chocolate marble cheese cake satu pls!

Uh? Must have pak guard one arr? Got! Got! But yg share ramai2 satu lane ni hah... okay ker? hehe ...

busymum100 said...


Kalau dapat kek tu, I pun nk jadi your neighbour! Tapi tak mampu lah.. rumah2 kat yout neighbourhood mahal sangat! hehehe...

BTW, arwah's best fren ada respond to your comment here:

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for the notification. I've read it and posted my reply.