Saturday, September 20, 2008

Plaza GM

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum. She's in town with my dad, visiting my brother's wife who is admitted at Assunta Hospital for denggi. My SIL is getting better and will be discharged today. So, no worries.

My mum told me she wanted to buy something for her mengaji friends coz they are going to hold this khatam quran function after raya. You see, my mum is one person who likes organizing functions ~ kenduri kawin lah, khatam quran lah, moreh kat masjidlah, jamuan makan untuk anak2 yatim lah, family birthdays lah, macam2. She especially loves orang kawin ie. buat gubahan, bunga telur & pelamin. Kadang2, orang tak suruh pun, dia sendiri offer herself to do it!

Those activities keep her occupied and save my 2nd brother from her constant nagging of, "Bila lagi kamu nak kawin?" (my brother is still single at 36). I guess, coz she can't wait to become the wedding planner for his wedding after she did mine some 4 years ago. Anyway, that day she told me she wanted to buy 30 things for her mengaji friends. Budget is RM10 sorang. For that amount, I told her, "Let's go to Plaza GM !"

Do you know this place?

Plaza GM is this multi-storey building which sells barang2 at wholesale price. Located at Chow Kit, it consists of 7 floors, each selling different things from handbags, watches, tudung, brooches, accessories, shoes, textiles ~ all at harga borong. I think, it's the place where those people yang jual barang kat pasar malam get their supplies. The price is a lot cheaper than what you can get from pasar malam or outside. Say, tudung ~ outside dia jual RM15, kat situ you can get for RM8. All these ciplak LV handbags/purses, kat luar jual RM45, kat situ boleh dapat RM20. Bangles/accessories - kat luar, the same one I nampak kat Ampang Point was selling for RM7 satu. Kat situ, you can get it for RM2 each! I'm not kidding!

I discovered this place by chance with MrNordin. One of those days when we were hunting for his watch case, ada orang kedai ni beritau we all to try and look for it at Plaza GM. Plaza GM? Never heard of it before. He gave us the direction, and when we got there.... wahlau! It's a shopping heaven! So far, MrNordin had bought 5 wrist watches from there (sampai orang kedai tu dah kenal lah dia), my girls had bought several handbags and accessories, I've bought a few handbags and such.

We kept this place a secret for a while because we don't want other people to know our shopping heaven. Kononnya nak buat business lah... buy from there, and sell to others at mark-up price. Tapi nampak gayanya, we are not into that. We like to buy, but not to sell. So I told my friends about this place. When they went over, they went nuts! They bought tudung berkodi-kodi coz they said it's cheap (I wouldn't know, I tak pakai tudung).

My mum pun semalam, dapatlah 30 helai tudung for her mengaji friends at RM8 satu. I was practically sitting down on the floor with my mum and the shop keeper, rummaging through the piles of tudung for her to choose from. We got some nice ones and I think it was worth it. My mum was extremely happy with her purchase, and I think the next time she comes down to KL, I'm sure she'll go there again.

So, in this festive mood and masa barang2 tengah mahal sekarang ni, try and check out this place (for those who haven't been there lah...). Or, kalau ada yang nak bagi hadiah kat makcik2 or sedara mara kat kampung ke bila balik raya nanti, carilah kat sini. You can get some nice stuff as gifts.

But this place is only recommended for those who like to look for bargains and enjoy searching for small treasures from pasar malam. If you are a Pavillion or KLCC-type of shopper, you probably wouldn't like Plaza GM. But I think, barang2 yang jual kat KLCC tu pun (esp. accessories), semuanya from Plaza GM jugak. Mark my word.

So, apa lagi. Hari minggu ni kalau tak ada buat apa2, try and scout this place. Happy Shopping!

For more information, click here: Plaza GM.


Puteri Kamaliah at-Tarawis said...

You are such a darling Mrs N. Now I know where to go, if need be. I am a sucker for bargain prices :)

Ezza Aziz said...

kat mana plaza GM ni Mrs N?
saya ada anak dara yang ramai ni tak mampu rasa nya nak beli kan tudung kat kedai di luar sana,budak2 ni macam2 dia nak,jam la beg tangan laa..please...kat mana tempat ni..chow kit ni pun dah dekat 20 tahun saya tak masuk...

Ezza Aziz said...

aaa,ni la padah nya kalau tak baca sampai habis...rupa2 nya kamu dah siap kan map nye...thanks a lot!

myheartbleeds said...

hello, hello MrsN!! been your silent reader for awhile now, but want to comment la pasal Plaza GM ni!! it sounds like an excellent place to shop, apatah lagi kalau you sendiri shop there sometimes...

now I'll have another place to bring my relatives from Indon who comes here to shop -- they are crazy over tudung bawal & sulam Kelantan which they can't find over there. Kat Plaza GM sure banyak, kan??

Thanks for sharing the secret!! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks BJ for sharing.

I knew of the existence of such a place but not of what's it called and its location. It was a secret but not anymore.

Aida - a weekend without DH

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi MrsN,

Kirim salam pada your mum and dad. Wish them Selamat Hari Raya from me. Also sorry to hear about your SIL.

Yes, you and Plaza GM. :) You love this place very much, don't you? I heard you mentioned it several times masa nak prepare for your birthday party tu hari. But I must admit the things you bought are pretty cool, esp the bidai pintu. Very trendy and they don't look cheap at all.

Agaknya ramai lah nanti ada bidai2 tergantung kat rumah dia orang raya ni! :)

Eta My said...

Yeah...bestnye Bj..since tahun ni memang kita beraya kat gombak je..temankan my sis...ape lagi..itu chow kit ngan gombak sekangkang kera maa....waa...tak sabar nih!!and even kalu tak sempat b4 raya...lepas raya pun boleh ...and parking senang kah?

wanshana said...

Thanks for the info, BJ.

One of these days nak ngushar Haizal to go there. I'm sure our kids would love to get the watches and accessories untuk melaram nanti. Hehehe!

Parking okay ke? Haizal ni pantang gi tempat yang susah nak dapat parking susah...

tireless mom said...


Is this dekat Hankyu lama dulu? (Can't really tell from the map, I am hopeless map reading) Think I have seen the place. My daughters dah ajak I buy the tudung raya there. Is it like Mydin's or far better?

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Mrs N

Ha!...ha!...tentu ramai yang suka ni, termasuk Akak lah..Actually, memang ada tempat shopping yang murah dan barangnya pun ok. Akak tak kisah pun, kalau untuk barang yang sama , harga dapat jauh lebih murah kat Plaza GM tu, why not kan..? Tudung RM8?...murah tu...kat tempat lain mungkin paling murah pun RM10 atau RM15.

Kena pergi lah jugak gayanya nih....:-)

MrsNordin said...

Hi Puteri,

Go and check out the place. But for your info, the place opens from 10am - 6pm. Sunday ~ most shops are closed, except for a few.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Ezza,

Haa... baca habih2 dulu, baru komen. Ini sure kes terover excited! Hee... hee...

MrsNordin said...

Dear myheartbleeds,,

Thanks for leaving your comment. It takes a "shopping heaven" to make to leave your mark. Now I know your favourite pastime!

Yes, kat situ ada tudung bawal & sulam. The one my mum bought was that one lah. Happy shopping!

MrsNordin said...


Which one are you talking about ni? Tell me! Tell me!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Mdm,

I shall convey your salam to my parents.

You know me... I'm a sucker for bargains!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Eta,

Parking ~ in the building itself, ada parking on the 8th floor & up. There's a lift provided to take your car up.

Or, kalau tak nak naik lif (some people are phobia bila kereta masuk lift gitu), you can always find open car park in the surrounding area. Good luck!

MrsNordin said...


Your girls would love the accessories and bags. Your boy would probably like the watches (if he's into shopping lah..)

Parking ~ read my reply to Eta. Happy hunting!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Yatt,

Hankyu Jaya lama? Tak taulah pulak mana Hankyu Jaya lama ni. But if you're coming from The Mall (towards Jln Raja Laut), you can see it right behind ada satu panggung wayang ni. It's near Brisdale Hotel, I think. Kalau from Jln Raja Laut, it's on your right. Tall building, ada tulis Plaza GM at the top.

MrsNordin said...

Hi AuntieYan,

Pegi... jangan tak pegi. Best to go with your girlfriends. Kalau orang kaki shopping, memang suka tempat ni. It's like pegi pasar malam, but dalam kedai ada aircond.

Anonymous said...


This place lah yg u wrote about ehhehe... I've heard about it (was told its in Chow Kit, itu ajer), never knew the name or the location... now dah tahu ehhehe

I am also a sucker for bargains ehhehe.... tapi entah bila boleh pergi.

Aida - T-minus 5 days to cuti!!!

bergen said...

Mrs Nordin, you run an interesting blog here. The meehoon entry got me real good he he. Thank you for visiting my blog. You have a nice day now, y'hear? Yours is on my blog hop list now.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Bergen,

Thanks for dropping by!

Eh, I malulah... mine is nothing compared to your standard of writing. I'm still reading through your blog posts. I'm glad I came across it via Puteri's.

You have a nice day too!

muteaudio said...

I used to lepak at Plaza GM. My friend stayed there for a while. The top 6 floors are apartments Access to the carpark is thru elevators. It brings some exclusivity to it. Don't you think RM 900 for 2 bedroom apartment (with bath tub plus nice view from your room) in the middle of KL is cheap? I guess the address (Lrg Hj Taib) wasn't tht appetising. Once a friend saw me driving there at night and he can't accept the fact that I was visiting a friend at Plaza GM. No one believed they have apartment up there.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by earlier

MrsNordin said...

Hi Muteaudio,

Thanks for the lawatan balas.

I think that's a really cool place to stay, if you ignore the address. I know they have apartments up there but I've never thought I'd come across someone who has actually been there! What a coincidence, huh?