Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bedtime Stories

Having had a wonderful weekend frolicking with my husband on the heavenly bed at the Westin, I’m still in the mood for love. There are days like this when I’ll be thinking about nothing else but getting him into bed and …dot… dot… dot…. (as in Mamma Mia). Unfortunately, he is not around. He’s in JB this whole week and I miss him like crazy. Valid reasons to fantasize about him, right?

Do you talk about intimate moments with your husband/spouse to other people? Do you share these things with girlfriends? I don’t usually do that, but with a few close friends, yes, I do confess. People say, we should never discuss our bedroom stories with anyone else, but I think it’s ok. There’s nothing disgraceful about it. In the process, we learn new tricks and tips to make us a better lover to our husband/spouse.

Yesterday, I met up with SW for lunch. It's always nice to meet up with her because she's a funny character and a very dear friend. After that, we went ‘lingerie shopping’. Hee… hee… I usually went alone, but this time, I know there’s another friend who’s also into this! We didn’t buy any, but I saw some nice ones which I could potentially buy when money permits.

I like sexy lingerie. I have many. But of late, I’ve stopped using them because we’re sharing the same bed with a 2 year old. I feel funny wearing it when he’s still awake and I think it’s rather rude, too. Like the other night, I was lying in bed in my teddy when he saw me and said, “Eeee…. Mummy tak pakai shluar!!!”

So, these days, I’ll only put it on when he’s fast asleep, but this usually means it’s after midnight when both of us are already too tired for any strenuous activities. Thus, all my pretty lingerie is just hanging in the cupboard, untouched.

To date, I’ve collected more than 20 I think, in various colors. Red & black are my favourites. It all started as gifts from my girlfriends for my wedding. I like weird ones, but my husband seems to like the simple ones although he doesn't mind seeing me in a more outrageous one. He has bought me a few, too, and he's got quite good taste.

One Valentine’s Day, a couple of years ago, I bought a new one to surprise him on Valentine’s night. It was white in color, baby doll style, with white marabou trimmings (bulu-bulu warna putih) around the edges. I thought it was really sexy!

So that night, as he was lying in bed, I turned down the lights and told him to close his eyes...

I’ve a surprise for you...”, I said.

Hmm… what is it?”

Nantilah dulu…”

Then, I slowly crawled onto bed and sat next to him.

Now, open your eyes.”

As he opened his eyes, he looked stunned.

Apa you pakai ni, yang?” , he asked.

Don’t you like it?”

No lah... tapi apa bulu2 ni? Macam bulu Budin!" (my cat). And he broke into a giggle.

Ada ke? Bulu kucing dia kata?

I was so embarrassed but I didn’t want to stop. The show must go on! So, I pinned him down and moved my face closer to him. In the process, the bulu-bulu brushed against his face (and I thought that would surely turn him on). Suddenly I heard....


Dia bersin babe! What a turn off! It was supposed to be part of the seductionlah, honey…. How could you not like it?

Anyway, he asked me to take it off and since that night, I’ve never worn that piece again.

There are a few others which I really like but that white furry one is a classic. Every time I teringat that incident, I’d surely laugh.

Does anyone want to try it? I’m willing to lend it to you for free!

It's not exactly like this, but the trimming is.
(And the model is NOT me!)


kay_leeda said...


I was at SW's reading about "ELASTICITY OF THE SKIN" exchange, and now you are with this!! GELAK lagi I and rest assured my laugh lines are going to be more distinct than before.

Heh..heh...the bulu-bulu thingy of yours is how shall I put it...errmmm different, yes?? Guess it tickled the wrong spot...LOL.

You know in the Ladies Market in HK, these costumes are aplenty. Tunjuk saja...mau lelaki punya ka..or perempuan punya. Rambang mata beb!!!

MrsNordin said...


Ya ke kat HK ada banyak? I've never been to HK...

Yes, I thought the bulu-bulu thingy was "different", I wanted it to be more seductive (the G-string even had a pom-pom ball at the back!). Tapi dia boleh bersin kat I! Sumpah turn off!

Superwomanwannabe said...


Well BJ- he asked you to take it off so I guess it worked huh!!

I had the most fun with you yesterday and yayayah Im sure we will be told off soon for sharing our intimate secrets esp online but if it makes us a better lov-person. hehehe- why not!! And we talk about us more than about them ponnn hehehehe....I cannot get over the sight of that fishnet thingy at that shop which is supposed to be ripped off- at RM400 something, not blardie likely mate, even if lusuh I would still use it- as a kain buruk or something hehehehe...

That bulubulu thingy should come with a warning- "if you are asthmatic do not breathe in"

So next on the agenda...pirates and wenches???

signed- a very respectable mother of five

tearose said...

Seramnya Kyong dengo cite kamu ni... (hehehe...)

Ezza Aziz said...

MrsN, buat I gelak memanjang hari ni..tgh dok penat penat ni..rasa lega otak ni...tgh syok2 posing boleh besin!...satu lagi pasal bulu tu...ada ke dia kata macam bulu budin...hahahah...

baju tidor ni selalu pakai kain jer...dengan tshirt...tak yah pakai yang dalam dalam tu...sentiasa get ready jer!..hahahahah

Superwomanwannabe said...

tumpang lalu..kak ezza u crack me up! Ready steady go ye???

Kitorang ni ada tukang ketuk pintu....heheheheh

Kitchen Guardian said...

Oh BJ,

I gelak baca yr posting satu dept dengaQ.....good one,

yes now getting into the hang of this after haq bought a few for our Pangkor Laut trip...but we were already preggers then, he have to stop kejap this lingerie thing, dah tak muat!! but will follow you and SW, tapi must make sure I ligate first, kalau tak dot dot dot...satu lagi anak!!

Kak Teh said...

adoi, Mrs N, your postings get juicier by the day! :)
what a dampener, bulu tu macam kucing pulak!

Madam Tai Tai said...


Good you have a partner to shop lingerie with! I wasn't a good shopper in this particular dept. I think I'm less inclined to buy because I malu to think what my maid would think when she washes my sexy lingerie!!

I totally remember your bulu-bulu lingerie tu. I still hv one that you gave me as a present - err...tak pakai lagi!

YES, you are definitely a Lingerie Queen!

MrsNordin said...


You are hilarious! "If you are asthmathic, do not breathe in!" Hee.. hee... then Gina definitely cannot wear that one! Takut Chepul kena masuk hospital lepas tu!

Yalah... that fishnet thingy, I think it's the trend lah. I see a lot being sold on line. But for RM400+, mahal lah... esp. if you wear it only to be "ripped off" later (but our husbands would probably like it!)

We'll search some more lah, ok? Pirates & wenches are not a bad idea, actually. Just hope Nizzar doesn't wake up in the middle of the act. ("Mummy, what are you doing?")

Thanks for the company yesterday. I enjoyed myself too!

MrsNordin said...


Apa pulak nak di seram kan... cerita2 kelakar disebalik tirai kamar... :-)

MrsNordin said...


Kain batik seksi apa? Tapi I jarang pakai sebab I tak pandai ikat. Lagi satu, kalau pakai tidur, nanti pagi sure terponggeng atas katil! Malu lah!

Anyway, macamana persiapan kenduri tu? Dah siap semua? I wish you all the best and hope everything will turn out ok. Update, ok?

MrsNordin said...


Pregnant women lagi sexy lah... don't stop wearing it!

You pun sekarang I tengok makin berminat bab2 menghias diri ni (manicure lah, pedicure lah, hair cut lah...) despite your busy schedule. I think it's going to be a boy! Hee.. hee...

Ok, one of these days, we do that outing with SW, ok? Take care!

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

Ya lah... sunggu kurang asam. Ada dia kata macam bulu kucing? Mahal tau I beli benda tu!

MrsNordin said...

Mdm Tai Tai,

Tak pakai lagi? Alamak... kalau pakai cotton vest & pants saja Chepul cannot take his hands off you, what more kalau you pakai lingerie? Mau tak keluar bilik! Hee.. hee...

I never thought about the maid when I purchase my lingerie. Sometimes, I'll wash them myself. Yang biasa2 punya tu, dia basuh lah. Don't care lah what she thinks... what's important is what our husbands think, betul tak?

Wish you were here...

Anonymous said...


U are so hilarious la. But dont stop trying all the new designs in the market.....


bella said...

MrsN, are really my kinda girl!!so funny la...sampai the cat also masuk dlm conversation...(ker nak cover sebab dia suka sebenarnye???)hehehehe

MA & Brood said...

MrsN - memang kat HK depa jual kat pasar malam tepi jalan aje semua lingerie ni.Macam-macam pesen ada! ... nak kirim ke? :P

jabishah said...

Ayo... Mrs N! LOL! You know, my HB too wld definitely react the same. And he will sneeze too. Confirm!
You know sometimes I realise it's only us yg obsessed with ourselves in sexy lingerie. Rasa very hot but yg simple tu yg they prefer... Tak adventurous lah! Kan?

MrsNordin said...


I will definitely not stop trying!


I think he genuinely thought it looked like bulu kucing!


You're going again? Nak kirim!! Hee.. hee...


Tak kisah lah sexy ke simple punya. Yang boringnya, kita beriya2 pakai lingerie, 'our friend' pakai t-shirt & kain pelikat saja! Mana aci!!

wanshana said...


Like Shila said, it must have worked coz' he asked you to take it off after that! Hehehe!

And I bet you all will look at Budin in a totally different light from now on, huh? HAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

adoiii la woman, so funny this one.

ade ke bulu budin lak yg dia tringat - giggle lak tuh!
sib baik lepas tu dia nak menerkam mcm budin.

i've talked abt this ngan S, 'apsal eh org pompuan beriya2 pakai lingerie, korang tu pakai kain pelekat ngan t-shirt je.. mana aci'.

and dgn selambanya dia jawab :

"Kang laki pakai G-string ..perut gendut, berbulu2 lagik … lu org gelak lak ... kata cam Gay pencen."

HAAA punya la tergelak besar aku - ya bagai di kata !

~gf at office~

Anonymous said...

gay pencen? hahaha.
But come to think of it, what can they wear yang equivalent to our baju renda-renda and bulu-bulu?

kena fantasize skit la MrsN kalau macam gitu. Ask Mr.N to dress like a fireman ka..(if u r into guy in uniform hehehe) or policeman macam Danny Devito dalam friends tu or
perhaps batman. Hehehe tak pun ultraman. Kan itu super hero yang big hit at your house.


Kmar said...


Ha.ha.ha... ada aje idea you ni... I am not good at these lingerie stuffs. Anyway, my hubby has allergic to dust, bulu binatang.... etc and I am very sure he won´t be please.. he.he...

Btw, you can suggest MrN to buy like the one Robin Williams pakai dalam clip ´Rock DJ¨. Ada gambar rimau.. ha.ha.ha..!

IBU said...

BUDIN???!!!! hahaha.... that's my hubby's nick name to his family.

Eh MrsN, kalau sungguh bagai dikata the feathers look like bulu kucing instead, now I've got an idea how to make profit from my >10 cats. Giving "skin the cat" a true twist indeed. Hahahaha.....

p/s hv u tried the traditional version? errr...berkemban in kain batik?

tireless mom said...

Dear BJ

You are ever so funny with your love stories. I remember the lingerie birthday gift which you girls gave me on one of the birthdays. Wow! Nasib baik not the furry one otherwise beloved hubby will Ah Choo and Ah Choo too.

You have 20! Maybe they will be a collector's item soon. I bet the makcik bloggers will always have you in mind when they pass any Blush! or Victoria's Secret. I would!

D said...

haha.. thanks for sharing this hilarious piece. evokes memories of good days. :)

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear MrsN,

I am new here...hahahha..Tergelak i bila baca your story ni...hahahha.

My 'stuff' are in the deepest end of my drawer. Hari tu adalah nak p carik balik, but tetiba my kids demam pulak, so beramai2lah they all tido on my bed, alamak..bila semua dah OK..kita pulak yang tak clear..after sometimes, terus dah lupa...macam2 halangan la..

shell said...

wow. best nya your story. If i were to use the bulu-bulu lingerie, my hubby will be hospitalised! (he has severe sinus problem. Right now, sticking to the more lacey - mumsey kind!

MrsNordin said...


With or without the bulu thingy, I'd make sure my mission was accomplished!

MrsNordin said...

GF at office,

I was laughing out loud when I read your comment! "Macam gay pencen"? Hee.. hee.. He's got a point!

I told MrN about it, dia pun tergelak sakan! He said, "B, takkan lah I nak pakai G-string... haru jadinya!" (but he used to have one before...)

MrsNordin said...

Dee Dee,

He.. He... Fireman? Batman? Ultraman? Ewww... I can't fantasize doing it with them lah! It'll change my whole perspective on these superheroes! The most I can take is when Nizzar kisses me with his Ultraman mask on. Even then, it feels kinda weird, really.

Tapi MrN tergelak besarlah when I read out to him your comment. You're funny!

MrsNordin said...


I had to check out that Robbie Williams video on YouTube coz I've never seen it before. EEWWW... gory lah! Tapi spender dia yang ada gambar tiger tu is quite cute!

Kalau your hubby is allergic to dust/fur, tak payah pakai apa lah! Hee... hee...

MrsNordin said...


Ya ke your hubby's nickname is Budin? Hee... hee... I think it's cute!

Berkemban ada jugak try, tapi tak pandai ikatlah. Asyik nak terlondeh je. But it's sexy, no doubt. Ala2 gadis desa yang masih virgin (ada lagi ke?)

MrsNordin said...


You gave me a white one for my wedding (my first white) which I still wear till today. After that, I've bought a few more more whites coz I love how I look in it.

Whenever you pass by Blush! or La Senza, yes, think of me and get one yourself. I'm sure Shah will be thrilled!

The other night, I wore this new piece I bought which has leopard prints. MrN said, "Ni dah macam Tarzan & Jane pulak!" Hee.. hee...

MrsNordin said...

Hi D,

Thanks! Glad it brought back sweet memories to you...

MrsNordin said...

Hi Ida,

Thanks for dropping by. Bila dah ada children, memang banyak projek tergendala di tengah malam. Sabar je lah.... but you must never give up, ok?! *wink*

MrsNordin said...

Hi Shell,

Husband you macam husband Mdm Tai Tai jugak. So memang tak boleh pakai these furry stuff. Lain pulak jadinya nanti! Hee.. hee...!

Anonymous said...


gelak betul baca your bedtime stories..

Actually I dengan my gang kat ofis pun selalu tukar2 citer pasal nighties and benda2 nih...

I selalu pergi overseas and shopping I mesti beli satu punya..and no doubt I have a lot...mcm2 kaler...sampaikan my BOSS kalau shopping with me kat overseas nampak ajer..kedai lingarie...dia akan kata "TU KEDAI U, tak nak masuk?.."hehe

buku2 pun I banyak..actually after being married for nearly 21 years...benda2 macam nih penting for excitement..

lagipun kita pun sama naik excited when we wearing it..tul tak?


MrsNordin said...

Hi Kak Hanna,

Thanks for sharing your interest in the "L" department. Actually, we need that to rekindle the excitement in bed. Not that we get to wear it for long, tho.. but enough for us to have fun with it!

I'm glad after 21 years of marriage, you are still into it. I hope I won't lose the momentum and will stay this way for a long, long time.