Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Just sharing some photos I received from a friend today. They were taken by her husband using a Nikon DSLR. These shots were taken when we were in Desaru last June.

The two sisters

The little brother

MrNordin & the boys

Me & my girls

Many people say we look alike, the girls and me. Do we?

Nabila always claimed that she looks like me. Maybe a little bit ~ size wise and hair wise. But feature wise, no. She's so much prettier. She takes after her mother the most. At certain glances, she does resemble her late mum and that can be quite scary sometimes! Nadira ~ her hair is different. She has this beautiful curly locks which she derives from the Arab side of her mother's lineage. She gets compliments everywhere she goes and she likes it.

I suppose, once you are joined as a family, we tend to "look alike". Size lebih kurang, height pun lebih kurang... so when we take family photos, one can't help thinking that we do look alike.

When I first got married, I always found it hard to explain my status. Whenever I was out with the girls, the question that never failed me is this, "Ini anak you ke?" When I said, "Yes.." , they'd go, "Oh, dah besar nya!", and went quiet. I knew at the back of their mind, they were thinking, "Betul ke ni? Muka macam tak sama. Sorang rambut curly, sorang rambut wavy...", those kind of things.

Initially, I would feel very uncomfortable with the silence and would explain myself out quickly. "Oh, mak dia dah meninggal etc, etc...". Then the person asking would go, "Oh... I see..", but in their eyes, I knew they were saying, "Now, that explains it!"

But after a while, I changed my tactic. I'd play along with the game and leave them guessing what the situation really is. When they asked, "Ini anak you ke?", I'd answer, yes, and leave them with their imagination. Then they'd go, "Wah... muda lagi dah ada anak dara, ya?". I'd just smile and continued with my daily business.

Or, better still, they'd ask, "Ini ADIK you ke?" Hee.. hee... that'll make my day!

Until now, those who don't know me would be surprised to know that I have two grown up girls and one teenage boy at home. The other day in the lift, one of my colleagues was asking me, "Yati, you tak cuti ke? " I said, I dah cuti. Then he continued, "You mesti tak ada anak yang masuk sekolah, kan?" I said, "Ada. Form 3." "Haa? Form 3?" He was shocked. I senyum saja.

I'm sure right now, he's still wondering how old I was when I first got married. Kira lah... jangan tak kira!


zaitgha said...


Banyak orang banyak ragam...even with my own 3 boys pun people still look at me with wonder when i said these are my kids...especially yg 2nd tuh hitam manis he he....one time my husband dapat this remarks when said the boys are his kids..." mak lain ker?" can you beat that....so the hubby chose to ignore that remarks...pity my boy tuh so inferior he felt bila jalan in public hes the only one would hold my hand to show to people hes my son...kesian kan? sekarang dah ok sikit....

your case lagi la kan??

Anonymous said...

Mrs. N,

Hi! It's me again. been reading your write-ups without fail. And if you ingat lagi, i pun in the same shoe like you. And believe it or not, 2 of the kids (2nd and the 4th one) ada my resemblance. Although some ppl will ask, i will just answer they are my kids which they are and i dont give a damn, what others will want to think (malas nak pikir byk sangat)


AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Mrs.N,

The two girls are preety...so is the mother so sweet!.Dont bother what people will think, yang penting, you all do look sooooo happy together.....susah nak cari mum macam you, the girls are very lucky!

Aida said...

Same case lah dgn I BJ...

But of course u know that already ehhehe... Some ppl think that I married right after my SPM to have a teenage daughter ehhehe and I just give them a smile and a nod ehhehe

MrsNordin said...

Hi Zaitgha,

Aiyo... poor boy! Kesian dia! Iyalah, mak dia putih melepak, anak pulak hitam manis. I'm not surprised bila orang tanya, "Mak lain ke?" Hee.. hee...

Tell him, "Hitam itu menawan. You're different, that's why you're special."

MrsNordin said...

Hi Liza,

That's true, just turn a deaf ear. Kalau dah duduk serumah tu, I believe nak tak nak mesti ada persamaan. I wish you well and I hope you'll have a Happy New Year (it's not too late, eh?)

MrsNordin said...

Hi Auntie Yan,

Thank you! Thank you! Hopefully we'll stay happy together for a long, long time...

MrsNordin said...


Cherish the moment... Orang ingat you kawin muda, maintain gitu walaupun dah ada anak dara! :-)

Kak Teh said...

Mrs N, ya you do look like sisters!Very, very pretty sisters!
And nice shots too.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi MrsN,

Best apa bila tak percaya that we look too young to be mothers to grown up children. I take that as a compliment!

The girls are really pretty. I'm sure very soon both Nordin and you will be in the same situation as Ezza now. Make sure kalau ada kenduri kendara tunggu sampai I dah ada kat Malaysia, ok!

Ezza Aziz said...

mrs N
memang macam adik beradik..sebijik lah...tak lama lagi you akan sibuk macam i ni sekarang...hahaha

p/s..I ni sekarang tgh perang dingin dengan hubby...I emailed dia apa yang i tak puas hati tu,dia balas marah mrah pulak..sekarang ni dia pulak terlebih marah dari saya...Ingat kan main main email ni boleh sejuk sikit..ni dah terover ..tabik spring la kat you dan Mr N...toing! toing ! toing!

ms hart said...

MrsN, ya lah..somehow, you three girls (ya..you pun girl, ok?!) DO look alike! Orang2 tua kan selalu kata, it's the love that makes step parent ke, adopted parent ke, look alike! My master masa chambering dulu, he's an Indian (tapi tak gelap sangatlah) married to a Chinese. His adopted son is a pure Chinese. My God, they look the SAME! And the skin colour of the son tu, as if he's a Chindian! Amazing, kan?

busymum100 said...

Mrs N,

I think the one with the curly locks has more of her mum's look than her sis.

And don't worry about the age difference. It's the love and harmony that matter.

I pun this yr will be 47 (like the girls' mum), and my eldest will be 26! So, go figure ;-)

Org yg tak biasa dgn kita mmg lah, macam2 expectation and perception.

That reminds me of my step-mum's brother, who never marries (dia frust menoggeng when he was still in UiTM in the early 1970s, and tak kawin2 sampai sekrg). Can you imagine how old he is now? more than 50, and yet still handsome! Her younger sis told me, whenever ppl ask him about "org rumah", dia dgn muka selamba je kata "dah meninggal...".

So, kalau org yg tak kenal, kata je lah you kawin awal (hahaha!!! the fact is you had quite a (great?) time before you joined this family!).

Actually I do feel you are lucky to have an instant "mature" family. just imagine, kalau "your pengganas" is the eldest in the family?

p/s:I read abt your kacang tanah, ketawa besar, then bila nk komen, internet terputus. after that, busy memanjang..

kay_leeda said...


Pretty girls and sweet Mommy!! And you know there's this thing that happens to you when you stay, eat, sleep and do other things together? You tend to look so much like one other. Guess it's the chemistry that got blended well. Cuba tengok, at times husband and wife do tend to look alike.

Well, if people start calculating and figured out that you could have gotten married as early as 19, not your fault lah kan..heh..heh :)

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

Nice shots, ya? Now I'm very convinced to buy a DSLR. Tunggu dapat bonus!


Ya lah... Nabila is turning 20 this year. Tak lama lagi lah tu, insyaallah. I hope they'll find decent guys as their life partners. Jangan jadi macam I, sudah! Now I know how my mother must have felt! Hee.. hee..

MrsNordin said...


Alamak! Apasal e-mail tak menjadi? Apa you tulis? Cuba tolong cerita dalam blog sikit. I was looking out for the story, tapi tak ada. Frust!

Times like this (sibuk kenduri kendara anak nak kawin/tunang) memang senang lah "tersenget". Dahlah tension, abang tak layan pulak. Balik2 kita pulak yang kena marah! Sabar je lah, kak oi... it'll pass, I'm sure of that.

Take care & senyum selalu!

MrsNordin said...

Ms Hart,

Agaknya betullah you kata tu. Orang pun ramai kata, I dan MrN look alike. Dari zaman2 mula jumpa dulu lagi. Does it mean our love is VERY STRONG? I would like to think so!

MrsNordin said...


You really think Nadira looks more like her mother? Hmm... this is interesting. You'll see for yourself lah when you meet them nanti.

Tergelak I baca your stepmum's brother punya answer bila orang tanya dia mana orang rumah. Dah meninggal... Hee.. hee... that'll definitely stop anyone from asking further questions!

Thanks for sharing and hey, tak habis2 ke lagi sibuk you tu??

MrsNordin said...


At 19, I was still doing my A-Levels. Tak ada boyfriend pun, toya je. Tak de sapa yang nak kat I! Lainlah macam you... *wink*

Kitchen Guardian said...


The girls look a lot like you , baguslah...org tua tua kata sejuk and am also happy to hear you have a happy family....

MrsNordin said...


I look like them or they look like me? Hee... hee... whatever!

wanshana said...


Ya lah, you and the girls do look alike - a nice and subtle blend, I must say. It's definitely the love and bonding at work here :)

Anak-anak I pulak semua look lain-lain. People say Hanna looks like mixed Arab, Hasya - mixed Mat Salleh, and Hilman - mixed Korean! Camana tuh?! Meaning none of them looks like me meh! Tidak cukup love and bonding kah?! :(

MrsNordin said...


Ha! Ha! Tak cukup bonding, that's why rupa lain2? No... I think all your kids have a combination of both you and Haizal's features. Bila tengok mata, nampak macam Haizal, bila tengok senyum, nampak macam muka you pulak. All these features are embedded in each of your child, very subtly.

God is great huh?

ummi365 said...

you girls memang look alike, nampak macam sisters. you being the eldest. kalau orang cakap anak pun apasalah nya kan. kata je kawin muda.i love it bila orang kata my daughter my sister, hahaha.

you are very lucky to have a matured family. bukan senang tau nak blend in. i tabik springlah kat you.

KAK LONG said...

My step doughter and sons lebih kurang umur I saja. I love them, I love my life. Becoming a step mothet is not bad as people think! Cerita versi cinderella or snowhite dah lama berlalu.Happy to see ur cheer face..memang ada iras2

tireless mom said...

Dear BJ

Your daughters and you do look like siblings. Maybe if 2 kali pandang and focus betul betul, if nampak your lines, the people change their views, you are the mom, not step mom. Wah macam the socialites dah pulak in the Tattler mags, moms and daughters attend functions and you will not believe they have mother-daughter relationship.

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for the compliments!

Kak Long,

Hi! Nice of you to drop by. I've visited your blog but haven't read all. Will do so soon! Thanks again!


Socialites amende? So tak glamour! Pakai t-shirts saja! Mana boleh masuk Tatler!