Monday, January 05, 2009

Of MrN and Ultraman

First day at work for 2009. Time moves very slow! The 5-day break for New Year didn’t see me getting much rest or sleep. Most of the time it was ~ in, out, in, out ~ ada je benda nak buat. Letih lah!

MrN is still on leave until tomorrow. I like it when he’s on leave ~ he will be at home when I get back from work.

One thing good about the long break is, it gives me a chance to catch up on lost times with my husband. I got to go to the pasar with him, buy groceries with him, he masak for us… best! The other day he made roast chicken, then sup tulang rawan. Yesterday, it was gulai ikan senangin. He said, “You sebut je nak makan apa, I’ll cook it for you!” Hee… hee…! Those are the things that I miss about him whenever he's in JB.

The little boy is ok ~ still obsessed with Ultraman. No, he hasn’t gone off the phase yet. Infact, our house is now swamped with Ultraman paraphernalia. Everywhere I turned, sure ada nampak kaki Ultraman lah, tangan Ultraman lah, CD Ultraman lah…pening!

This boy has a habit of pulling out the body parts of this mute superhero. Kadang2 tu, baru beli sehari, dah hilang satu kaki. Right now, all the Ultraman in the house has only one hand and one foot. Even the Godzilla is headless!

Our TV is perpetually on Ultraman mode. Thanks to the father who bought a 52-episode Ultraman DVD. Bangun pagi nak tengok Ultraman, nak tidur kena tengok Ultraman, dalam kereta nak tengok Ultraman. Tak muak ke??

And he knows the episodes so well. He knows what is Ultraman's next move, which episode ada hantu, which hand goes where, what action comes next, the songs, the sounds... he scares me sometimes! At 2.5 years old he already know all that, what else would be pick up when he's 10?

Due to an overdose of Ultraman during the day, this boy tends to have nightmares at night. He'd wake up in the middle of the night crying, “Na nak Ultraman!! Na nak Ultraman!" (Nadim thinks he dreamt Ultraman was chasing him!)

Last night, as MrN and I baru nak start projek, this boy suddenly woke up screaming, “Ultraman Dyna!!! Ultraman Dyna!!!” Hish… Ultraman Dyna apa pulak pukul 1 pagi macam ni? His eyes were still closed. Sekejap lepas tu, he shouted again, “Monster! Monster!” while frantically moving his hands and legs as if he was fighting a real monster!

Hee... hee... funny! Terus tak jadi projek!

My second daughter, who just started a blog, wrote a nice posting on her observation of her two brothers at home. Read here.


MA & Brood said...

Don't worry, it is just a phase. Though you'll be pulling your hair out while he goes through these phases. Haha...

Mine (Adik) went through Tellytubbies, then Hamtaro and finally Starwars and lightsabers. He is still weaning off the latter. And he is already 10 years old!


You can't beat them, really. You have to join them. :-)

Ezza Aziz said...

hahaha...tak jadik projek....air dah naik ke kepala dik oiii....

I pun ada anak sedara yang macam ni...dia ni dah 3 tahun lebih...punya la minat otoman ni..ayah dia siap beli tv lain sebab nak layan otoman dia ni..macam nizzar jugak..bilik dia penuh dgn cd otoman ni.patung lagi..semalam pi Nilai dia nampak patung otoman lagi..nak beli ayah kata nya...sampai ayah dia tanya mama nya..agak nya anak kita ni spesis otoman ke zura?

Kak Teh said...

Mrs N, Mrs N is just like my brothers - sebut saja apa nak makan.

My Batman grew out of it too but not after really thinking that he was Batman. I remember we were in Birmingham and he was high on teh shoulders of Rocky (bru) as we walked the streets and suddenly he screamed - that's me!! , pointing to a poster of Batman. at night he woke up, with that batman motion - macam nak terbang!

jabishah said...

Hahahahaha... You know hving all girls m not sure which ultraman is which... The other day I was shopping a toy for my nephew & I got so confused w all the superheroes in store. Nasib ada one chinese boy tutored me. Pastu bila balik showed to my 2-year-old-nephew, mama dia ckp itu the villain! Duh!

Naz said...

I know it all too well because my second one is also a fan. Oh he remembers every single thing. Fortunately, the series are not popular here in Scandinavia, so the interest and the side effects (hopping, jumping, kicking, boxing etc) have stopped gradually. Lega I!

wanshana said...


Next time Nizzar mengingau Ultraman, layan ajer dia...It's fun to do that. You'll get some good giggles with some of his response :)

My boy pulak tak minat all these Ultraman/Power Rangers/Bionicles/ Transformers segala. He only goes for Hot Wheels! So, so far tak ada aksi-aksi melompat and terjun and karate, etc :)

Aida said...


Like MA said, u can never beat them, so just join them... I'll watch whatever cartoons with them and we'll talk about it. My DH pening tengok the 3 of us digesting cartoons and cartoon movies. But when u do this, they know u are interested and they'll listen to u cos u listen to them. So once a while bila u nak tengok lain, they WILL listen to u to take a break from cartoons ehehhe

about the ngigau... tue cannot be helped..... bebudak dulu kalau ngigau are usually incoherent like Aly@ (our eldest) but Ainul, kalau ngigau, u know what's she's talking about.

Have u considered sending Nizzar to "school" for half the day? with friends, he'll be exposed to other stuff and may come out of the Ultraman phase hehehe but then, u dunno what phase u'll be with next hehehe...

Have fun.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Ma,

At one time, he was into Tellytubbies, too, but only for a while. Then Tom & Jerry. But after he discovered Ultraman, semua video lain dia dah tak sentuh!

I do join him in this Ultraman fantasy sometimes. Tapi letihlah.. After 3 rounds of Ultraman-Monster, I dah tak larat. But this boy still want to keep going. How? He sure got lots of energy!

Yeah, I read about Adik and his lightsaber. I think very soon he'll weane it off.

MrsNordin said...


Frust betul bila tak dapat! Eh, is that why selalu pening kepala kalau dah lama tak "projek"? (air naik kepala..)

Otoman... hee... hee... kalau boleh, memang segala benda Otoman dia nak. Like this, I shall avoid going to Nilai!

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

That's cute ~ he actually thought he was Batman! Hee... hee...

I have a friend whose little brother was so into Superman. One day, the boy actually "jumped" down from the staircase of their double-storey bungalow (in his Superman outfit), thinking that he could actually fly! He sustained injury, of course, and the mother went ballistic!

MrsNordin said...


I also had no clue which one is which in the beginning. I thought there was only one Ultraman, rupanya ada banyak! Adik, abang, kakak, tok, nenek dia semua ada, and all with different names!

And he knows all their names!

MrsNordin said...


Anak you pun sama, ya?

Btw, in Norway, what are the popular superheroes?

MrsNordin said...


That's an idea. I'll layan him the next time dia mengigau. Sure kelakar!

Oh, Hilman suka Hot Wheels... that's cool. At one time, Nizzar was into trucks & buses. But after he discovered Ultraman, semua benda tu dia dah tak minat. That's the power of ALTEMAN!!

MrsNordin said...


I do that too. Tapi budak ni, bila dia pasang his Ultraman CD, dia bukan nak tengok pun. He'll be doing other things, but we can't change the TV channel. Itu yang hot tu!

Yes, I'm thinking of sending him to a playschool soon. But MrN is not keen since he said Nizzar is still too small. Maybe I'll give it a couple more months before sending him.

Nice to have you back!

Kitchen Guardian said...


i use to give in to the boys when they ask to watch ultraman r ower rangers...but after a while I realisr they actually acted what they its rather violent...hmm esp wt 3 boys.

so, one day i decded that I had to put a full stop to all that, esp time time maghrib they are so liat to mandi or sembahyang (for yusof, ib and umar tt time still kecik)...I collected ALL the cds and threw them into the nearest tong sampah right in front of their they are still ganas but tak lah teruk sangat....

maybe tt wont happen to nizar, since he's the only one watching!

Aida said...


I've always been reading ur entries even though I was on leave, but at home I was never able to comment sebab internet lembabs.. was told because the submarine lines were down... ANYWAY, now I can comment, tapi malas nak comment post lelama sebab sure dah basi ehhehe

FYI, while we all cuti we managed to do a lot of things as a family which we miss.... and even managed to go dating (me and hubby) hehehehe and now he's back in miri.... : (

MrsNordin said...

Kitchen Guardian,

I think one day, I'll probably do that as well. Kalau benda tu tak de kat depan mata dia, I'm sure he'll stop.

It is quite violent when he's play acting Ultraman & Monster. Dia dok main langgar je kita! Sometimes he would jump on my tummy or tarik my rambut... sakit oi! Rupa je kecik budak tu!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks again. I'm glad you've had some quality time with hubby. MrN is still around, this Thursday baru dia balik JB. Have you met Mdm Tai Tai?

bella said...

Tell me about it, my nieces are also crazy about Ultraman...and they always play together "lawan-lawan" "rasaksa" etc...hehhehe they even know which is Ultraman Dyna and which is simply'm lucky coz, at my house, they don't watch it, but at their house, they have a special tv just for them in their room for ultraman...arghh...and they are only 3 and 2 yrs old...

Naz said...

With 24hr entertainment, I lagi pening kepala. I try to limit their tv time. sometimes boleh sometimes, i tutup mata sebelah. They like to watch Avatar...lawan lawan juga but tak kan nak paksa budak budak ni tengok sound of music 24/7?!!
Sometimes when they sense that I'm getting impatient, they would switch on to CNN and commented on how imp it is to keep up with the news. Yeah..right... :D

Aida said...


This trip I have not had the chance to meet up with Madam dearest. Hoping too. Is she back in KL already? or bak to the good ole Desh already??

Was hoping to plan a meet with the former M@rcon* gang for a bit. Tapi tak dgr berita pun from her.

MrsNordin said...


Your daughter's pic in the comment box looks like Ultraman Taro lah! How appropriate! :-)

MrsNordin said...


Nizzar also has his own TV in his play room. Tapi dia nak jugak tengok kat TV lain! Mana boleh jadi, kan?

Malam tadi, dah kena cubit lagi satu round sebab dia asyik nak panjat my back, thinking that I'm a monster that he wanted to fight with. Berjujus2 air mata keluar... kesian pulak I tengokkan. Esp. now he can say, "Baba... sakit... mami ma-lah" (as in ma-rah)!

tireless mom said...

Dear BJ

I guess kids will go thru this Ultraman phase kot. I remember Ali and Alim had so many Ultraman toys. Now no more, it is Game boy or PSP.

Bestnya Mr N cook for you. Never had the hubby to cook for us, ever! Tak pe, dia takkan hocus pocus I camtu. He he he...

MrsNordin said...


Shah never cook for you all because dah memang terror masak. Macam I ni, lain lah... husband lagi terror masak dari I! (is that good or bad?)

Anonymous said...

Mrs N,
my 20mth old son ngigau do barney dance. lepas tu gelak.
there is one time, masa warm up nak project gak la (always masa tu jugak la kan)tiba tiba he ngigau and jerit bye bye and wave macam miss universe. How la like that?

My nephew plak, will do ultraman act kat shopping complexes. atas lantai la, sepak dinding la. At the end, when he put up both hands pointing up...haaa tau la dah habis act! hehe

anyway lets just enjoy this phase sebab dah besaq sikit nanti sibuk nak keluar rumah main bola, we r left alone at home. kan?

Dee Dee

MrsNordin said...

Hi Dee Dee,

I think he's going through that phase. That's what everybody kept on telling me.

Your son ngigau Barney? Did he sing the Barney song? "I love you.. you love me..." Baru real!

Thanks for dropping by!