Monday, May 18, 2009

Ultraman Kindy! No joke!

I received these two photos in my mailbox today.

I can't believe such place exists! A kindergarten with a huge Ultraman waiting for children at the main entrance... it's awesome!

If only I lived in Penang, my little Ultraman would surely go to this kindy!

(p/s Thanks, MHB for the photos! It was very thoughtful of you. Like I said, I'd surely make it a point to go to Penang soon to scout this place!!)


UrbAnWiTch said...


In a way i was worried you would not continue writing,these few posts after the post relating ur reluctance in blogging, i am rest assured ( i hope so) that your blog will go on.

I found a ULtraman shop in Tokyo Station on sunday. i was shocked myself. Besaq betoi the shop..

cute things it it. i think nizzar will go bonkers hehee..

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

memang ada lah kiddy ni kat Penang..akak ada nampak masa kami dalam perjalanan ke Feringgi...satu van kecoh bila nampak ultraman besar ni kat tepi jalan..budak2 suka lah..