Monday, May 04, 2009

Nizzar's Ultraman Party!

Last Saturday, MrsNordin and family organized a small birthday party for little Nizzar. He’s turning 3 tomorrow, but the long weekend made it more appropriate to do the party last Saturday.

What theme, you think? ULTRAMAN lah, of course!

The party almost did not happen because Nizzar’s mummy had exhausted all her energy in trying to find the exact items that she had wanted for the party. It was quite hard to find balloons and such in the shape of Ultraman due to the copyright control.

But I insisted on having those things. If not – No Party. I had almost given up when at the last minute, the owner of this one balloon shop told me that they do have Ultraman balloons. Yeay! Then I found another shop which had Ultraman blow ups and several other things which I could use for the party. Another Yeay!! So there was hope after all for an Ultraman Party!!

Once I found those things, then only I started the ball rolling. Everyone was pretty excited about it. MrNordin especially, which helped a great deal in thinking of the décor and guest list (and the financing, of course, but that one, we shared).

The children helped too. The girls prepared the music for the party ~ all the famous Ultraman songs in a thumbdrive. Marvellous! Nadim helped with the balloons and decor. The maid helped with the teh tarik.

I love it when everyone put in their effort and helped out whenever we do parties like these. It made me feel so happy to see all family members rallied round to make sure the party was a success. If it's not for them, the party wouldn't happen. So thanks, children!

We didn't cook any food for this one, but invited the rojak makan to come. So, the adults had cendol, rojak and mee goreng mamak prepared on the spot, whereas the children had McDonald's Kid's Meal. We had an ice cream man, too! He was on standby throughout the party, so you could just go to him and ask for an ice cream for free!

And the little boy? He was pretty excited at first, but after a while, he missed the attention from Mummy who was busy entertaining the guests. Poor guy… we found him playing alone in his room when everyone else was having a blast outside!

I think, my boy doesn’t like big crowds. He just wants all the attention to be focused on him, and him alone. Ahh…

But I picked him up later for the cake cutting. He got an Ultraman cake, and as for the presents, he got lots of Ultraman toys. Enough to keep him occupied for the next few weeks.

Actually, that little boy doesn’t really understand what the fuss was all about but he had a field day when the whole house and garden were surrounded by Ultraman paraphernalia. That's why when you asked him, “Who’s birthday is it, Nizzar?” He’d say, “Birthday Ultraman.”

Enjoy the photos!

Ultraman Blue greeted guests as they came in

He is as big as the birthday boy!

Ultraman Father (in white) and cool Ultraman masks for every child

The party venue

Bouncy castle and Ultraman balloons filled up the sky

Bouncy castle and Ultraman's tent

MrsNordin trying on the bouncy castle. Definitely not for 40 year olds, this one!

Children having fun bouncing around. MrsNordin dah terduduk!

Ultraman Kiddos (and adults)

It was quite hard to get all the kids to stay put for this photo shoot, but we managed to capture the moment somehow.

Happy Birthday, Nizzar

Ultra Nadir & Ultra Nizzar

A cousin

Another cousin

My friend Tina & her kids (I love this photo!)

The Ultraman Cake for Nizzar

Nizzar trying to pull out the Ultraman's head. Oh no!

Birthday boy and his Ultraman cake

Blowing the candle

Ultraman Mask

Ultraman Taro

Power Rangers

Another Baju Ultraman!!

MrNordin's ex-colleagues

The ice cream man on his motorbike. He was a hit!

The Party Planners


busymum100 said...


wow, so happenning la!! Happy birthday, Nizzar!! I lupa terus until i baca your blog ni.

While you were "ultramanning", i kat muar, menjejak kasih...

I like the pix of the birthday boy with his cake, and "The Party Planners" the most!

Kak Teh said...

mrsN, that is one celebration he is not likely to forget. I remember with my son it was Batman, bat man this and batman that.

It is funny that I shd read about party themes for birthdays in yr blog because i was witha few friends last night and during this trip to London she bought items for her coming birthday. and the theme is going to be animal prints. She told me the last she had one - Lantai T Pinkie based on Samad Said's play. Must be fun.

Nizzar's birthday falls on the same day as my husband's. We've got a surprise for him and I hope he likes it.

MHB said...

Happy birthday, Nizzar!! You are one lucky boy!!

MrsN, I could recognise that look of joy on your face in one of the photos... seronok kan organise parties for our little ones? Nizzar is so lucky to have all of you as his family!! well done, party planners!!

Aida said...

wOW BJ job well done to u all laH. Birthday wishes to Ultraman Nizzar. May all his Ultraman dreams come true.

Am supposed to be planning my lil man's 2nd birthday party but things have been so hectic that tak sempat lagi. I hope I get some time to spare this weekend for some planning.

I really want a bouncy castle but i haven't much room in my garden.... not unless I cut down the humongous rambutan tree.

intan said...

bestnye kak. sib baik raksasa tak datang hehe!

kay_leeda said...

Happy Birthday Nizzar!!! Wahh dah besar anak Mummy iyer :)

Big success eh the Ultraman do!! We Moms go all the way, don't we? :)

melayudilondon said...

Wow, kak! happening betul. you lah party planner tersohor. It is definitely an unforgettable birthday for Nizzar.

Anonymous said...


I like the photo where the family ie the party planners were all dressed in ultraman tshirt.....bestnye. happy birthday nizzar. he is so adorable


MrsNordin said...


I hope you managed to menjejak all the kekasihs! Hee.. hee...

Yes, it was a happening party. You should have been there! Next time, ok?

MrsNordin said...

K. Teh,

Your friend is holding an animal prints party? That's awesome! And that gives me an idea! *wink*

Yes, I remember your AG's birthday is the same as my Nizzar. I hope you'll managed to pull the surprise for him. Have fun!!

Kitchen Guardian said...


I missed that one...but well people should become part planners....for moi??!!

MrsNordin said...


Thank you! The party was made possible with everyone's help & co-operation. If not, it would be quite hard to pull a quick one like that! I think everyone had fun on that day.


MrsNordin said...


If you want the bouncy castle, let me know. I can give you the number to call.

Have fun organising your lil' man's 2nd birthday party!

MrsNordin said...


I was looking for the raksaksa everywhere, but can't find one. Kalau ada, memang best giler!!

MrsNordin said...


When it comes to children parties like this, I think it's the mummies yang terlebih excited. Budak kecik tu bukan nya tahu apa sangat pun except for the fun of having his friends and cousins to play with. But I think the older kids pun enjoyed it so it was worth it!

MrsNordin said...


I've been wanting to do this Ultraman party since he started liking Ultraman and I'm glad I managed to pull it. Next year, Power Rangers, ok? Hee.. hee...

MrsNordin said...

Hi Liza,

Thanks for your birthday wish. The Ultraman t-shirts were specially ordered from JB. Nice, huh?

MrsNordin said...


You want a birthday party too? Yeah, yours is coming soon, right? Birthday party cum birthday shower. Theme: cupcakes? Hee.. Hee... let me think about it, ok?

MrsNordin said...


I meant BABY shower, not birthday shower.

DeeDee said...

Happy Birthday Ultra Nizzar,
wahwah memang birthday weekend lah ya. I had my son's birthday party last saturday. Rumah kami sempit (kalau duduk dekat-dekat boleh bertaut bulu roma ok) so kena la sewa kidz sports tu ha. Our cake was a dinasour.
I rasa my son pun sama la dengan nizzar. a bit on the anti-social side. Orang sesibuk main game, dia belari-lari main kat belakang store baling balls dalam baldi mop.
Tapi yang bergumbira dan sangat berpuas hati at the end of the show, we lah the organizer kan?
I wish I have spacious laman like yours. Can do "buih sabun" theme party ;)

MrsNordin said...

Dee Dee,

When is his birthday? Nanti I'll check your FB for pictures. Happy Birthday to him!

He had a dinosaur cake? Wow... that's wonderful! I think at this age, they all don't care much for parties yet. But it doesn't matter. As long as everyone else enjoyed themselves, I'm sure the little boy enjoyed it too.

Nizzar had his at Kidz Sportz last year. It was fun too ! But I think buat kat rumah lagi meriah and cheaper too.

These two boys should meet up, huh?

Madam Tai Tai said...


You really have a knack with planning and executing birthday parties. I know my kids have benefitted from many of the ones you helped me organise masa dia orang kecik2 dulu. The Mamak cendul/rojak & Icecream man reminded me of when I asked the burger man to operate his stall at our garden for one of the kids' parties. Lagi simple makanan parties ni lagi sedap rasanya!

Happy Birthday, Nizzar!! Hugs and kisses for you. Ultraman gift from Auntie Gina (again!) this year. Next year, insyaAllah you'll get something for me!

Ummi365 said...

wahhh coool lah... mummy all out gitu.. i am sure nizzar will not forget this.. he may not remember now but the photos will bring memories kan.. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthda UltyraNizzar!! That was quite a party. Must be too much fun for the little fella!


Anonymous said...

MrsN, alamak, my spelling berterabur - meant to say Happy Birthday UltraNizzar - alas, I am typing in the dark :-)


MrsNordin said...


I guess, I just love parties on a small scale like this. I like to see people having fun, myself included.

I remember Alya's and Haris's birthday party last time. But then, those times, biasa2 saja. You always had that clown entertaining the kids at your parties.

We'll do more when you come back, ok?

MrsNordin said...


I don't know if he'll remember it, but we all surely will. Thanks for your well wishes!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks! It was fun, alright !

bella said...

Wahhh...Happy Birthday Nizzar!!!!Hugs and kisses from Auntie Bella and Uncle Bells??hehe

That sure was a super fun party...nice...nicer too that you managed to involve your family members in this event.

Hope he loves all the Ultraman pressies!!!!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Epi besday Ultra Nizzar, wow lucky u darling, dpt Ultraman themed besday..

Best la party u, i love the cake, tu Mummy u buat ke?

jabishah said...

Happy birthday Nizzar! My... he is already 3. Still remember his craziness over sesame streets characters.

Congrats to you! It was a great party definitely... Isn't it nice hving someone young to actually visualize our own dream bday party? Hahaha.... but it was so cute of him. Birthday Ultraman! ;-)

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for your hugs and kisses!


No, I didn't bake the cake (you must be kidding!). Order lah. If you want, go to


Thanks! Gee... I sendiri dah lupa that he once liked Elmo and you still do. Superb memory!

MA and Brood said...

Happy Birthday Nizzar !

My older kids semua dah taknak parties after their 10th birthday. After 12th y/o cake pun tak nak!

Adik will turn 11 this year and still wants a party (and so he tells me)... Nanti I engage you as a planner, boleh? hehe...

busymum100 said...


Did you see my comment on mamamin's blog?
I thought it was made by her, and I was right!

I met Min during a SAHP (stay at home parents) meetings a couple of years ago (there's a yahoo egroup by that name!). What a small world!

It was there too that I met Jabishah :-)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, nizzar!

fulltime mom & family

wanshana said...

Happy Birthday, Nizzar!!!

Bestnyer - Ultraman this Ultraman that! I bet malam tu he dreamt of Ultraman, too :)

And BJ, I like the part where you all had Rojak, Cendol, Mee Mamak and Ice cream on the spot - very ori :)

UrbAnWiTch said...

happy bday nizzar..

what a superb coincidence..yesterday i went to a fleamarket and bought him satu mende ULTRAMAN.. hari ni baca ur blog..rupanya ada ULTRAMAN party!!! hahaha..

i am sure its a memorable one..
did he give a special ~air palang pagi show?

MrsNordin said...


Adik wants a party? Yeay!! Star Wars?? That'll be so cool!!

My older boy pun dah tak nak party. The most he'd ask for is just dinner at his favourite diner. But the girls still want a cake and their friends for their birthdays...

Thanks for your kind wishes for Nizzar. If you are serious about Adik's party, e-mail me. Let's throw a surprise for him!

MrsNordin said...


I got to know her blog through yours lah. I've ordered three cakes from her so far: for Nizzar's 2nd birthday, my 40th and recently Nizzar's 3rd.

I like her creativity in designing the cakes. Yes, what a small world!

MrsNordin said...

Fulltime Mom,

Thank you! Thank you! How are you doing, btw? I'll probably see more of you when MTT is back, huh?

Take care!

MrsNordin said...


Children these days are so lucky, kan? When I was younger, mana ada birthday party macam ni? Setakat invite a few friends, makan meehoon and potong cake, ada lah. Itu pun dah thrill sesangatlah tu!

I suppose, what someone mentioned here in the comment box is right ~ it's actually to realise the parents' unfulfilled chilhood dream! Hee.. hee..

MrsNordin said...


You bought him an Ultraman something? Oh wow... you're so kind! Thank you! Thank you! Now we MUST see you when you come home!

No, he didn't do a special Air PaLang Pagi show. He's picking up a new song now: "Bangun pagi.... goLok gigi... "

Hee.. hee... and he did it very well!

UrbAnWiTch said...

dah sebut bihun goreng ni...wah sedapnya...

btw, when Nizzar is the ready for a bangun pagi , golok pagi show..please upload ok..can`t wait!

sure, we shall meet.just tell me how to be in touch.

MrsNordin said...


You can e-mail me at

Eta My said...

Wah BJ..eppy belated bday for ur 'ultraman boy'..shian gak when u found him alone in the room....yeap sikalang belum faham..esok lusa...musti dia akan tak sabar tunggu another bday bash...

Bj..u full of love and one sport mum....and I love and envy the energy...nice picture too...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs N..

happy belated birthday to your master Nizzar.. now my son wants the same bday party as nizzar.. coz dia pun minat ultraman.. hehehehe.. after tengok bday pictures nizzar..

hehehehe abis lah I..

have a good weekend & happy Mother's day!


Kmar said...


So nice...Happy Birthday to Nizzar!! Dah besar anak you. He is so adorable.

I bet next year mesti tukar theme.. he.he.he.. Kids cepat terpengaruh with things on TV... mana tahu kot-kot nak tukar jadi Spiderman pulak..he.he.he..

MrsNordin said...




Your darling wants an Ultraman party as well? Let me know, I can help you.


I hope, next year he'll like Power Rangers! That'll be soooo cool!!

Navitas said...


Boleh tahu kat mana mrs nordin bought all the ultraman mask?


Rina Pretty Healthy said...

it was a kewl party...

ultraman theme rite?
huh.if my son watch this he will scream loudly...

Rayyan ultramen neos...