Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Something funny happened last Saturday. This is going to be a long one, so bear with me.

On Friday night, Nadim asked me if he could go to Ampang Point with his friends on Saturday to buy some gifts and presents for their class party, which will be held this Saturday. He said, there’ll be 2 boys and 3 girls. Ok, that’s fine, I said.

So, on Saturday morning, after picking up Nabila from UiTM, we sent him off. But there had been a change of plan ~ tak jadi pegi Ampang Point pulak, instead, he had to meet his friends in school (Melawati). The jam was pretty bad last Saturday and MrNordin was not very pleased with the fact that he had to drive all the way to Melawati to send Nadim. But no choice lah kan, our friend was very “excited” about going.

So we braved the jam and dropped him off at his school’s gate. We didn’t see any of “his friends” in the vicinity, but he said they were waiting inside. But before getting down from the car, he asked me for some pocket money for “makan-makan”. So, I gave him RM20 sebab kesian budak ni kan, first time keluar dengan kawan2 cam tu and nak beli gifts for the teachers and friends…

After dropping him off, we all went to Pavillion for lunch. We went to Carl’s Junior. We had quite a big meal and so after that, we decided to walk it off. Stopped by at Speedy to look for Richard Scarry’s videos for Nizzar. MrNordin was browsing in the front while I was busy at the back with Nizzar and Nadira.

Tiba2, I saw Nadim hiding behind a pillar infront of that video shop! He was looking at MrNordin. Next to him was Nabila, who was smiling like a chesire cat because she had caught her brother red-handed. “Baba, Nadim’s here!”, said Nabila. We were surprised to see him there. “What are you doing here, Nadim? I thought you were in Melawati?!”, asked his father. Dengan muka yang pucat, he ran up to his father and explained, “Sorry lah Baba… sorry lah Baba!!", he apologized.

It seemed they had brought some things from Melawati for the teachers but there were still something which they couldn’t find for the students. One of the “friends” (which I didn’t see anywhere there) said at Memory Lane Pavillion ada sale, so they all went there. Little did he realize that we all would be there as well! The irony was, that Memory Lane shop was just opposite the Speedy video. So I was very sure when he saw his father infront of the video shop, he must be going, “Oh shit! My father!”

Anyway, MrNordin was pretty cool about it. He didn’t ask many questions (much to my surprise) and let the boy off. I asked him, you tak marah ke? He said, “Nantilah, balik nanti siap lah budak ni!”. I think, on one hand, he was angry that Nadim didn’t tell him about going to Pavillion, but on the other hand, he was quite happy sebab nanti we can all go back together. Tak payah nak pegi ambil dia balik kat Melawati.

So we continued browsing. While we were at Parkson, Nadim texted his father saying that there were a lot of things that they needed to buy so he would take sometime. The father said, ok.

At about 3.30pm, as we were sitting down for drinks at Kopitiam, we decided to go to Red Box and rest there. I dah tak larat nak mengejar si Nizzar kat Pavillion tu. The idea was, when Nadim finished his shopping, he could meet us there. So, MrNordin called his son. To his surprise, Nadim said he was already back in Melawati!

Ha? Apasal balik Melawati? Apasal tak talipon beritau? Punyalah mengamuk orang tua tu! I didn’t know what Nadim said to him, but the next thing I heard, MrNordin said, “You stay put there and don’t move anywhere! I’m coming to get you now! This is too much lah!”

So there goes our karaoke plan. In the car going to Melawati, we were discussing why Nadim did what he did. We smelled something fishy there, but no one wanted to owned up. We asked Nabila, who first saw Nadim at Pavillion, who was Nadim with at that time. She just gave a non-committal answer, “They were Nadim’s friends, Baba…”. Ya lah, tak tau ke lelaki or perempuan? “Entahlah Baba… they were his friends....”

We knew that was a cover up. They do this sometimes, the kids. MrNordin kata, “Nabila ni dah kena suap dengan Nadim ni! Berapa banyak Nadim bagi you to shut up, Nabila?!” She just kept quiet right behind the car. (Probably, all of the RM20 I gave him)

When we arrived at the school, Nadim was waiting alone at the front gate. He looked calm. The moment he got into the car, MrNordin asked him, “So, Nadim, now you tell me what actually happened today. From the time I dropped you off until now. Why didn’t you tell me about going to Pavillion?!”.

So his story is this:

When he arrived at school, there were 4 of them ~ Afiq, Imran and this 2 “S” class boys (which he didn’t know the name). They went to buy the stuff at Melawati and then suddenly, another friend (also named Afiq) called from Pavillion, saying that he and another friend (Iskandar ke apa nama dia) were stuck there. It seemed these 2 boys had bought some stuff there and ran out of money. So they couldn't come back. So they called these boys in Melawati and asked them to pick them up.

I asked him, “What were they doing in Pavillion? How did they go there in the first place?” Dengan beriya nya Nadim menjawab, ‘Tu lah… we were very mad at them as well! Apasal pegi Pavillion tapi tak bawak cukup duit? Now we all had to go and fetch them! Menyusahkan betul!”, he said.

Ok, ok…. this is getting interesting. Ceritanya dah lain dah ni...

“And then what happened?”, we asked. He said, his friend Afiq then called his driver to fetch them from Melawati and off they went to Pavillion to pick these 2 boys up and came back to Melawati. I asked, “Kenapa kena panggil driver si Afiq ni pulak? Why didn’t they go back on their own?” “Entahlah...”, kata si Nadim. “And you knowlah, Baba… he’s a driver… so he could take us around…”, added Nadim trying to convince us. (macam driver orang tu tak de kerja lain, kan?)

We didn’t buy the story, but we let him play along. Then MrNordin said, “Ramainya you all ni… 5 at Melawati, 2 at Pavillion, plus the driver, there were 8 of you! Kereta apa driver dia bawak?”

“Estima, Baba”, kata si Nadim.

Ooohh... Estima. Ok…

“Nadim, I think your story is BULLSHIT!!", said MrNordin. "I’ve heard two versions of your story. First, when I met you at Pavillion, you told me you went there to buy some more things with your friends. Now you’re telling me, your friends were already there at Pavillion and you went there to pick them up. Mana satu yang betul ni? To me, when there are two different stories, that means both are incorrect! Both are rubbish, Nadim!”

Nadim was stunned. We all just kept quiet. Then MrNordin said, “I’m giving you one last chance now to tell me the truth, Nadim! You’d better tell me the truth, before I call you a liar. And when I do that, it means I won’t trust you anymore. I wouldn’t know if your class party ni betul2 ada ke or you’re just lying about it as well!”

Nadim kept quiet. Then he tried to start the story again, with Afiq and Imran and whoever names lagi lah dia pakai. And his story got all jumbled up. When we pressed him for details, he couldn’t answer. When we asked him where the girls were in this story (because it’s all about boys je kan from the beginning), he said, “The girls tu ada, but we “coincidentally” met them at Pavillion.”

Oohh… “coincidentally…” Hee.. hee… sumpah penipu!

Tanya punya tanya punya tanya, he got all confused and trapped in his own lies. In the end he confessed,

“Ok lah Baba… ok lah Baba… let me tell you the truth. Actually, there were NO boys during the outing. It was just me and 3 other girls...”, said Nadim.

All kept quiet. There was a moment of silent in the car.

Then the line of questioning started all over again. Why didn’t you tell us? He was afraid we would get angry. How did they go to Pavillion? Naik LRT from Wangsa Maju. How did they get to Wangsa Maju? Naik teksi.

Oh my… for a first outing, budak ni memang did the whole works lah. Girls, taxi and LRT ~ the three things yang bapak dia memang pantang dia buat at this age. He said the girls invited him to “chaperon” them. Why you alone? He said, the other boys in their class are “selekeh” and he is friendly towards the girls.

The first version of his story made more sense although it was not near the truth. He went to Pavillion with the girls to buy the stuff but he couldn’t join us because nanti the girls tu nak balik dengan siapa? He couldn't abandon them there. He felt responsible towards them and so they all senyap2 balik Melawati without telling us, hoping that we will be ok fetching him there. But when he sensed than his father was angry with him for going back to Melawati, he had to cook up some story lah. That’s why all this Afiq and Imran and whatever punya nama tu terkeluar..

Sampai rumah, kena lecturelah dengan MrNordin. The thing is, we didn’t mind his conduct. Girls ke, apa ke… tak kisah as long as you tell us what actually happened and where you went. The fact that he lied to us about it made us very worried. Once you’re caught lying, it’s going be hard for us to trust him again after this. But he didn’t realise all that. The thing is, he knew we wouldn’t allow him to naik taxi and LRT tu, but he was very adamant to go. That’s why he lied.

Very bad judgement, Nadim. You should have come out with the truth when you bumped into us at Pavillion!

Tuhan tu nak tunjuk kan? We didn’t know he was going to shop at Memory Lane and he didn’t know we were going to Speedy either. By chance, we met there and because of that too, we knew he was up to something.’ MrNordin told Nadim, “You can lie to us but you cannot lie to God. And you know your Mama is always watching you… I think, that’s why we met you at Pavillion. They “showed” us the way. Otherwise, who would have known, right?” Terkedu dia… and he almost cried, said MrNordin.

I told the girls, “This is a lesson learnt for you all. Never lie to Baba or me coz you WILL be caught!” They just kept quiet.

Later that night, we went out for dinner sans the kids. They stayed at home and ordered pizza. My maid later told me that Nadira was giving Nadim a lecture at the dining table on why he should always tell the truth. “If you’re afraid Baba will not let you go, justify your reasons and Baba will eventually let you go,” said Nadira. Nabila didn’t say much coz dia pun bersubahat dengan Nadim.

Oh well… kelakar jugak bila ingatkan balik. Dah tua2 ni, macam2 perangai anak2 kita boleh baca. And they thought they could fool us. Oh please! Sometimes ada jugak we caught them lying, but we just let them off easily to give them chance. Kata nak keluar 5 orang tengok wayang ~ 3 girls 2 boys. Last2, the girls semua tak jadi datang, yang tinggal cuma the boys saja. Ingat kita tak tau that trick? But we just played along. Budak2 macam ni nak marah sangat pun tak boleh, takut they all retaliate. We need to discipline them in a different way.

But this time, Nadim memang kantoi. Teenagers at that age are prone to doing this. So mums out there, keep an eye on them, ok? Instil in them the importance of being truthful. Never lie coz once you're caught, you'll be in BIG trouble!

p/s Teringat pulak cerita I kantoi dengan MrNordin suatu ketika dahulu, in The Asam Pedas Story.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! Tulah..he's quite a looker..what did we know when we were that age, budak2 now advance betoi..


Ummi365 said...

Salam Mrs Nordin, your story almost same like mine. tulah budak2 besar tu memang nak kena jaga. tak boleh nak percaya sangat. hehehe.. tergelak jugak i baca cerita nadim ni..

Ezza Aziz said...

Mrs N,kantoi la anak bujang you tu,
.Saya juga setuju dengan you berdua...anak anak jangan cuba nak kelentong mak bapak..nanti kalau kami dah tak percaya kan you all,baru la you tahu bagaimana rasa nya...Saya baru semalam marah kan Hani,perangai dia lately ni lain macam jer...kena investigate nih!!!

jabishah said...

Hahaaha! Best le cerita u ni Mrs. N. Ye lah Nadim tu kan ke handsome, takkan le the girls nak chose yg selekeh (like his choice of adj... "selekeh" bukan kurang handsome)
Teringat I your remark abt you mimpi coming over to my hse... Apa kah petandanye?
N'way... both of you dealt well with Nadim & his sisters. One thing I cannot tolerate... LIARS. Hope he has learned his lesson. But come to think of it creative jgklah Nadim tu... siap cerita Estima dgn driver2 sekali kluar ;-D

Kama At-Tarawis said...
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Kama At-Tarawis said...

Mrs N - I gelak besar baca posting you. I think as mothers kita semua at one point or another cuba digoreng dek anak2.. they dont realise we can see through their layers of klentong!

Reminds me of shakespeare's oft-quoted line "oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practise to deceive" .. makin klentong makin makan tuan, akhirnya kantoi!

MrsNordin said...


Budak2 sekarang, memang advance betul! These are the things I did after SPM, not at Form 2! Hee.. hee... kita semua pernah buat kerja menipu ni, kan? Tapi I tak pernah kantoi macam ni! Kesian Nadim.

MrsNordin said...


We must always be on alert. They are always trying to test our boundaries, how much we could take it. Ini first time ni, terus kena budak tu. Kesian jugak... but I hope he'll learn his lesson!

MrsNordin said...


Menipu ni memang satu penyakit. Ada setengah orang, suka sangat menipu sampai dia percaya apa yang dia cakapkan tu. And that's scary.

Next time when he asks for something, memang alamatnya susahlah dia nak dapat. He has to gain our trust balik, and that will take a long time. Betul tak?

MrsNordin said...


That's why lah. After dia kena lashing by the father, I told my husband, "Terror jugak budak Nadim ni kelentong kita, kan? Pakai driver lah, Estima lah... " Hee... heee.... but he still couldn't outsmart us. Parents dia lagi terror, babe..!

Alamat mimpi I tu, you kena jemput we all datang rumah you! :)

MrsNordin said...


Syok betul we all dengar dia meng'goreng' kita dalam kereta tu. Estima lah, Afiq lah, Imran lah... ramai betul orang get involved in his story!

We simply gave him more rope to lie, and true enough, in the end, he got himself entangled in his own web of deceit. Kelakar betul bila ingat kan balik when he revealed the truth. Actually there were no boys... they were all made up by Hang Nadim!

wanshana said...


Tergelak I baca kisah Hang Nadim ni. Hahaha!

But, the fact that you and MrN managed to squeeze the truth out of him on the same day just goes to show that he is VERY bad at lying and he's not a 'Pro' at it (which, in a way, is good for you and his Baba!)

I bet that was the first and the last time he would lie to you all :)

But, I memang believe that if anak-anak nak klentong mak-bapak somehow Allah will always tunjukkan to the parents in so many different ways, kan?

Kak Teh said...

I think he has learnt one valuable lesson - tell the truth from the start. Well, it is oart of growing up, kan?

Mrs N - thanks for the pantun untuk memeriahkan majlis, kata kak teh sambil menulis.

Anonymous said...

This friend of mine ada 6 anak. Yang besar dah masuk kolej. Yang kecil masih pakai pampers. Tiap-tiap tahun dia nuat raya open house and invite all her friends. Bila tetamu dah makan dan mula nak brok, brek, dia akan bawa anak-anak dia jumpa and salam auntie-auntie. Lepas tu dia kata 'Auntie, ini anak-anak Mama. Kalau Auntie jumpa mana-mana buat benda-benda tak senonoh, tolong marah macam anak sendiri. Lepas tu beritahu Mama. Biar Mama marah lagi bila balik nanti." Then to the anak-anak she said "Boys and girls. Mama ada banyak spies. Behave. Lagi pun malaikat kiri-kanan tu lagi bagus dari computer. Kalau Mama miss, Allah tak miss". bagus juga idea dia ni. Tapi tengok so far anak-anak dia memang baik dan mendengar kata walaupun adakala terjadi juga 'oopppss'!! tu. He, he.. Budak-budaklah katakan...

Madam Tai Tai said...

Kih..kih..kih..tersengih aje I baca posting Nadim dah kantoi ni!! YES..YES..YES - it reminded me so much of cerita Asam Pedas tu.

Kesian lak si Nadim. Nak gi 'dating' dengan 3 girls tapi didn't know how to cook up a story for his parents. Last last dapat kena hamun dari baba dia lak! Oh dear...so pitiful.

Still, lying is not good and I hope he has learnt his lesson. I'm glad Nordin said this “You can lie to us but you cannot lie to God. And you know your Mama is always watching you… I think, that’s why we met you at Pavillion. They “showed” us the way." THAT I think will melekat in Nadim's head for a long time.

Hopefully his second dating experience will be less dramatic! :)

Kmar said...


What a story!! Kelakar pun ada. Anyway, kena pasang extra ´eyes´ nak tengok movement depa ni especially between the age of 12-15 years. Masa tu memang terkenal perangai rebellious and do ´new´ things.

I cukup pantang orang cakap bohong and my dad always remind me, kalau dah terbiasa cakap bohong, lama-lama akan mencuri. ´Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri...´. I believe in that phrase. Anyway, your son did tell you the truth at the end. Yang paling penting sekarang is for him to WIN back the trust, betul tak?

IBU said...

All I can say....WHOAAAA..... 3 at one go!!! Terror si Hang Nadim nih! hehehe...

I think you must alert him that if anything happens to the girls - he could be implicated too. Susah tu. Paint the worst scenario if you have to (masuk delinguent school because cannot go to jail/underage, criminal records, sued by girls' parents, etc, etc). So kena be cautious before agreeing to chaperon the opposite gender at that tender age.

Thanks for sharing - I have to watch out my 3 boys la like this...

Anonymous said...

Hee...my nephew used the same excuse to meet friends in school. Only that the "friends" did not turn up when the father insisted that he should wait till the "friends" came.

Finally, after realising that his dad would not drive off, he confessed. Nak jumpa gf rupa-rupanya...nak pergi dating kat pasar ramadan.

Guess which school it was? Melawati! Hehehehe

My son is 12. Today he came back with a bag of sweets from a girl who gave him from Halloween. I have to prepare myself.;p)


the principal said...

I started kelentong my whereabout kat STF at the age of 15. My first time sneaked out gi Konsert Freedom. After that, I became a pro.

Still remember my friends kat STF yg 1st time buat terus kantoi. Sneaked out & kantoi bila relatives dtg nak bwk keluar. Ntah mana they all gi, bg tau the Headmistress gi ambil angin kat Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar. Mau tak angin Headmistress; satu badan angin...

muteaudio said...

Not 1, not 2, but 3.... Ur Nadim memang jauh terkehadapan!

Saya rasa dia belajar daripada kesilapannya. Selalunya budak macam ni akan determined untuk tidak ulang kesilapan lalu. In future they'll cook up better story to cover line.

The lesson...Don't do it again or try not to get caught.

Actually this will be good Raya gathering story in 20 years time "U remember when u kantoi-ed with ur Baba?"

My friends N I had a good laugh when we recalled our 'nakal' days 15-17 years ago.

kay_leeda said...


Heh..heh...best citer anak bujang you nih. I think Nadim learnt his lesson this time. But keep a look out for other attempts, though not too soon. Name dropping is definitely one hint that somethin is cooking.

Ramai peminat rupanya si Nadim ni. Nak ber-socialize tak pe, just berpada-pada.

Maira said...

I really like ur asam pedas story kak! u made pulut kuning hee hee...if i were u mmg kering darah jugak time tu!

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Mrs.N,

He...he...memang kelakar...
I sudah experienced semua tu...so, kena hati-hati. Dengan remaja ni, memang kita kena selalu suspicious...kalau tidak kena kelentong lah jawabnya. Tapi, dia orang ni benaunya bukan le cerdek sangat...kita dah boleh baca or hidu dia punya auta tuh...after all, kita pun satu masa pernah juga dalam that situation...

Nak jaga remaja memang kena banyak sabar. Jaga yang kecik macam si Nizar tu lain pulak kerenahnya. :-)

tireless mom said...

Dear BJ

Tough eh managing teenagers. I have 3 at home and I am vigilant to their whereabouts. I agree with you that buat apa pun ok but don't lie, once dah caught lying, nobody can trust you anymore. Just keep an eye over Nadim. I told my girls and boys, you can do whatever you want to do but make sure you don't do what I don't like you to do. They understand.

MrsNordin said...


Yes, he's very bad at lying. Can't do it, but he wanted to try his luck anyhow. Tu yang terjebak tu!

I sure hope he has learnt his lesson!

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh,

True, this is all part of growing up. He'll know better the next time he decides to do something like this without telling us.

My pantun? Macam kartun! Tak sehebat Kak Teh yang puteh!

MrsNordin said...


Bagus nasihat/tactic tu. Tapi diaorang bukan takut pun... they'll still try their luck.

Macam si Nadim hari tu, we told him, "What if Wan/Datuk saw you at Pavillion and told us you were there? Wouldn't we be surprised becoz we dropped you off at Melawati, not Pavillion?!" He kept quiet. He didn't realise all that. In his mind, dia nak ke situ jugak regardless of anything. Hish... budak2 ni. Pening lah!

MrsNordin said...


Ya lah... masa Nordin interrogate si Nadim hari tu, I teringat masa I kena drill dengan dia pasal Asam Pedas dulu. I know how Nadim must have felt... kecut perut for sure! That's why I kesian jugak kat dia...

These few days, he's been very good at home. Trying to win his brownie points balik lah tu. But Nordin still hasn't decided whether to let him go to his class party or not. And I know that boy is very curious to know his fate!

MrsNordin said...


Nobody likes to be lied to, right? It just make us lose our trust in that person.

But we all do that anyway, for one reason or another. If you're lucky, you'll get away with it, if you aren't, you'll get caught like Nadim.

For me, bohong kecil2 tu ok lah... bohong sunat kata orang. But a Big lie is a no no!

I know someone who tipu anak dia SPM dapat 6A when anak dia ni memang kurang minat sekolah. We didn't believe it, but the parents were very serious, siap buat kenduri kesyukuran lagi. Tapi sampai laa ni (it's been 3 years now), anak dia masih duduk kat rumah tak buat apa2 sebab tak dapat masuk uni proper. By right, kalau dapat 6A, senang2 boleh masuk matrics or uni. Ada orang boleh pegi overseas lagi. But not this boy. So what does that show? Menipu lah tu...

MrsNordin said...


First time, first outing, terus kantoi. Kesian...

You are right. Should anything happen to the girls, Nadim would be responsible to them.

I wonder what the girls' parents have to say about this. I wonder what they told their parents... I wonder if they cooked up some story as well.

But we suspect they all ni memang dah plan nak ke Pavillion. I don't think they shopped at Melawati at all. Kata, beli tudung... mana ada kedai jual tudung kat Melawati?? Cis!

MrsNordin said...


Ha! Ha! Ha! Bapak tunggu kat gate sekolah, terus kawan2 dia tak datang! Hee.. hee... I should do this the next time I drop the kids off. Wait until their friends arrive.

We should have waited lah that day becoz we didn't see any of "his friends" outside the gate (which I thought was strange, but I brushed it off). Padahal in the car, 2, 3 kali the girls talipon dia, asking where he was. Hmmm.... either they all menyorok or they were elsewhere.

MrsNordin said...


Of all people, I think you would be the best person to detect liars coz you've perfected the skill very well. Anak2 you nanti memang tak boleh kelentong you lah! And please, don't teach them how to, ok?

Anonymous said...


Kids will be kids and we must always be on our toes. U are right on the things they are doing now are so much earlier than us, but look at the influences they have these days; tv, internet and friends.

Nasib baik Baba dia lawyer, pandai nak grill to get the truth ehhehehe


MrsNordin said...


It is a lesson learnt for him. Once bitten twice shy, kata orang. But you're right, next time, he'll cook up a better story and we'd better watch out for that one.

Yes, this will be a good story to tell 10 years down the line. Thanks!

MrsNordin said...


Name dropping dia banyak sangat sampai he get all confused. Ramai sangat pelakon extra dia dalam cerita dongeng dia tu...

But he never mentioned the girls ~ that's what made it more weird, since he had already told me he was going out with the girls. He should know better the next time he wants to pull a trick like this!

MrsNordin said...


Asam pedas story tu horror!! You wouldn't want to be caught in that situation! Kecut perut di buatnya... rasa macam nak terjun dalam sungai !! Hee.. hee..

Lesson learnt : Never LIE!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Nordin,

Very amusing story....

Your Nadim can't be a lawyer...
or maybe... he certainly can be a lawyer!! he...he

3 girls?? That's my boy!

Uncle G

MrsNordin said...


I'm sure you have seen all these tricks before.. anak you semua dah besar2.

I know sometimes they all try to kelentong us. But when they sensed tak boleh jalan, they'll pull back.

So far, dalam 3 orang tu, yang No. 2 tu is very straight and open. If she knew we're not gonna like what she plans to do, she'd drop it. Dia tak de nak cook up nama orang ke, driver orang ke, whatever. Kakak dia dengan adik dia pandai bab2 macam ni. Entah mana belajar, I pun tak tahu..

MrsNordin said...

Tireless Mum.

Gaining back our trust is the hardest part for Nadim now. It doesn't happen overnight (that's what he's hoping for) but it may take years. I don't know how he's gonna do it but it's not gonna be easy, that's for sure...

Good luck with your boys! Actually, girls lagi pening... :(

MrsNordin said...


Masa Nordin grill dia tu, I rasa macam dalam court pulak! "When there are two conflicting stories, that means both are wrong!!" And semua orang tersenyap. Rasa macam hearing for Altantuya murder case pulak! Hee.. heee...

MrsNordin said...

Uncle G,

Funny when you said that. Nadim actually wants to be a lawyer, like his father. But seeing his "performance" last Saturday, I think he still has a loooong way to go!

3 girls? That's your boy?? Hmm... that's what the father said as well.

Thanks for dropping by.

Kak Teh said...

oooh, i just woke up and realised that I need to share this with you. When I first saw my eldest with a group of friends and some girls (before that never saw him with girls) and that was in Malaysia Hall, I said to my friends, watch this, and with that, I shouted across the room: Hai, hafiz, sayang mamaaaaaaaa!!!
I tell you, nothing freaks them out more than having parents shouting out something like that in front of people they want to impress!

MrsNordin said...

Kak Teh!!

That's a GOOD one!! I think I'll do that the next time I drop him off for outings with girls or other invisible friends!

Anonymous said...


Actually knowing that his Baba is a lawyer, he should have known better NOT to lie. My kids (the older ones) know that they cannot sneak anything past me... org lain boleh terlepas, but not mummy dearest ehhehehehe


Eta My said...

Bj...waa....a good smiling story to fill up my day and cheer me up today...and as I baca..I pun dah rasa..mcm ade sesuatu yang tak kena...yg kelakarnya you all pun..kasi can kat dia explain and explain..at least la kan...eventually kita pun tahu..budak2 ni...tak jauh pikiaqnya...pusing kira..pusing kanan...ah..ah..kan dah kantoi...eh..eh..kan kita yang makan garam..and Allah has given us the poarents..wisdom what!!...
p/s: I cd imagine how marah ur hubby and musti semuah diam dlm kete..hihihi..never like to be in that scenario...kecut perut I...this is especially when teringat anak-anak I pun tengah nak membesar...

MrsNordin said...


It's good that your children have that fear in you. These kids always want to try and pull a fast one on us... we must always be alert.

MrsNordin said...


Kih! Kih! Memang kelakar. I'm sure dulu pun, masa kita dok kelentong our parents, they all knew the truth. Cuma dia orang bagi can je kat kita...

Tapi, kelentong I pun, tak de lah se'terror' Nadim punya cerita ni. Paling habis, nak jumpa kawan. That's all. Ini, ramai sangat pelakon extra and panjang sangat story line dia!