Friday, May 21, 2010

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

A friend had a recent encounter of strange happenings in her house. Spooky things that made her sleepless at nights.

The ustaz she called said there are jins in her house, activated by her Indonesian maid who had her own “bodyguard”. But even after sending the maid back to Indon, she still heard strange sounds from the ceiling of her bedroom and knocking on her door at night. That made her very scared.

My friend lives alone with her two children as her husband works overseas. Without a man in the house, her fear factor is even stronger. To make matters worse, her husband doesn’t believe in all this hantu mantu. To him, it was her own imagination. Every time she called to mengadu, he would be dismissive and blamed her for aggravating her own fear by calling the ustaz.

What would a woman do, right? Husband is not here, rumah ada macam2 bunyi… I would have called an ustaz myself if I felt that my house is spooked. Rightly or wrongly, at least I’m doing something.

So, she used to confide in me about her fear and frustration that the thing was still bugging her even after 2 ustaz had visited her house and she had paid more than RM2k to them. That’s a lot of money, don’t you think?

I think, the ustaz took advantage of her situation and extorted money from her knowing the fact that her husband wasn’t here. One said, it was to part-finance his Sekolah tahfiz in Bangi, but I doubt so. I’ve never heard ustaz asked for beribu2 ringgit untuk berubat secara spiritual!

Kesian my friend… duit dah banyak habis, tapi rumah dia still tak tenang.

After discussing about her situation many times with MrNordin, we decided to take her see MrNordin’s cousin who is a spiritual healer. My BIL and SIL also agreed because this guy had “cleansed” our house before. His method is simple, he will kill the thing, whatever it is that’s disturbing you. How he does it? He will “shoot” the thing using his fingers (macam main tembak2) and according to my SIL who can see “things”, there is actually fire coming out of his fingers when he does that!

Hard to believe, huh? Just take my word for it.

We didn’t want to take her to see this guy earlier because his healing method is quite troublesome. Kena mandi air tanah. Usually orang mandi air limau or bunga, this one kena mandi air tanah. Why? Because tanah is where we come from. He says, mandi bunga or limau tu is not good because it opens up your spirit to the other side of the world. Means, lepas you mandi bunga/limau, people from the other side can see you clearly and you will appeal to them more.

Hee…I don’t know how true this is, but that’s what he said.

Anyway, we took her over to this guy’s office and he said her house ada “orang bunian”. And that if she wanted to get rid of them, there were a few things that she needed to do like throwing small pebbles at each corner of her house including in the ceiling, and spraying salt water (which has been blessed) around the house. But she decided not to do that because i) she was going to move to a new house soon and ii) there was no one to help her do the ritual. Plus, she was tired of all this nonsense.

Hence, this guy told her to just mandi air tanah. Not once, but 9 times! Aiyo.. I dulu kena 7 kali saja and I thought that was a lot already. But my friend was quite adamant coz she wanted to get better. So, we brought home 3 packs of tanah for her to mandi later.

That night, I went to my MIL’s house to pay her a visit. My SIL was there too, so we briefed them on what happened during the day. My SIL said, maybe the thing had been there all this while, they lived there. When their home was disturbed, they got angry. I was quite worried that I might have trouble sleeping that night, but Alhamdulillah…I slept peacefully.

The next day was Mother’s Day. We had lunch at home and took our time going to my MIL’s house again in the evening to celebrate with her. We brought her a tray of apple pie, which we baked based on a recipe we got from “Cook Like a Chef” on AFC channel.

Upon reaching my MIL’s house, I heard a commotion in the kitchen. My SIL was talking to my husband. “Beritahu Yati lah”, I heard my husband said. Apasal pulak ni?

The moment she saw me, she pulled my hand and said, “Yati! Hantu XXX ikut you all malam tadi! She visited me last night!”

Oh, oh… !! Apparently, the “thing” in my friend’s house had followed me and MrNordin the night before and since they knew my SIL could see dead people, they visited her in her sleep!

The “thing” told my SIL that they had been living in my friend’s house for a long time. They were lost souls.. and there were 26 of them in the house! 26?!! No wonder the ustaz punya jampi tak menjadi!

In the dream, the thing actually “brought” my SIL to my friend’s house and showed her where she lived! Eww! My SIL had never been to my friend’s house before and yet she could tell me where the thing resided in the house. It was a lady actually who talked to my SIL. She said, they don’t want to harm my friend and her family, they just want to continue living there. Hence her message was, “Please tell your friend not to chase us away. Do that, and we won’t disturb her anymore...”

Eeee… scary, huh? My SIL said, the lady looked Chinese and wore a flower on her hair.

Takut! Takut! Takut! I immediately called my friend and conveyed the message to her. She was stiff scared! Who wouldn’t? But I calmed her down by saying that at least now she knew the real story, who were in the house and why they were there. Just tell the ustaz not to come anymore.

She did just that, and Alhamdulillah… the disturbances stopped. Not completely, but not as bad as before. And she could sleep better at night, especially after the mandi.

Phew… what an episode! I’ve never experienced such a thing before. Well, I know there are things in my house too, but as long as I don’t see them and they don’t disturb me, I’m very fine. This is also interesting because they ”communicated” with us so we know the real story (macam that movie “Sixth Sense”). Cool or what?

So, whenever masuk rumah baru, hati2… pasang “pagar” so that bad spirits don’t disturb your family. At night, always leave one light on. When you leave the house for a few days, leave a light on as well to protect your house from bad spirits as they love dark places.

That’s all for now. Share your ghost stories, if you had any. Cheers!


Kak Ezza@makcik blogger said...

Kalau ada gangguan selalu nya ...baca lah surah Al Baqarah ..or you can pasang cd sampai selesai juzuk tu,,,nescaya setan tak ganggu selama 7 hari...kena rajin buat solat dan baca Yassin agar hati tenang dan tidak keruan....InsyaAllah hilang gangguan. Or dapat kan ustaz yang benar2 ustaz yang tahu pasal bende2 macam ni....

Anonymous said...


Tatutnya hokkay....!


Anonymous said...

eee, takutnya!, Kesian kawan you. I guess I should jenguk her blog or FB to Tanya kabar.


kay_leeda said...

MrsN, shall I put this? I'm one of those who can "sense" bende-bende like this. In fact when I saw yr(our....) friend's house picture in the blog & FB, I already had some uneasy feeling abt the house. Masa tu I thought it was just me, thinking of benda-benda pelik. So I put aside what ever I felt and forgot about it completely.

Then later when I heard what happened, I recalled semula what I rasa sebelum tu. Like ada similarities of what I felt and what happened.

Yes, it's scary benda-benda ni. I pray that my hijab mata will never ever dibuka utk melihat makhluk halus or jin ni.

It's best that kita juga doa sendiri, mintak perlindungan dari ganguan of these sorts. The simple Surah Al Ikhlas if baca dengan yakin, InshaAllah dapat memberi ketenteraman.

aishah said...

kak yati,

Aishah pon dah merasa semua tu. duit yg "bomau' pau more than 5K. lagilah sakit hati, duit terbang...hantu dok kacau. My experience start bila ada burung putih mati dalam masterbedroom then mulalah nampak macam-macam. Eeii, rasa mcm tak sanggup lagi nak melaluinya lagi, sangat sengsara. Even masuk rmh baru, we all tak buat apa2 lagi...just pasang surah Al-Baqarah & yassin.

MrsNordin said...

Kak Ezza,

Dah try dah surah Al Baqarah and pasang CD yaasin the whole day, but still ada gangguan. That's why she panggil ustaz tu. Alhamdullilah... everything is ok now.

MrsNordin said...


Memang takut! Eeeee!!!


Yeah... she has been updating her blog and FB that much either. She said takut naik atas to go to her study room! Hee.. hee... now dah ok dah.

MrsNordin said...


You are gifted in that sense and should use it carefully. I have never felt anything strange whenever I visited her house. Infact, during the berubat period pun, when i went over, rasa macam biasa saja.

I suppose I don't live there, that's why.. But now it's better. She's moving out soon too. Hopefully the new place is more peaceful.

Thanks for sharing.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Aishah,

Iya ke you kena bayar more than RM5k? Banyak nya!! You must be living in a "posh" neighbourhood, like my friend. That's why the ustaz/bomoh hiked up the price!

I hope your new place is better. Pasang pagar cepat2.. buat kenduri doa selamat. Orang kata, kalau nak tahu whether rumah kita ada "benda" atau tidak, put a bottle of water at every corner of our house and leave it over night. If the see the water level reduced, that means.... jeng! jeng! jeng!

Kama said...

seriau baca...hope your friend's ok..

mamasita said...

Mrs Nordin..what a story to share..takut I!

MrsNordin said...


Yes, scary indeed!!

Cilantro said...

Hi MrsNordin,

That sounds really spooky! Thank God everything is ok now.
Hopefully the new place is more peaceful.

Take Care!

QM said...

Hi MrsN,

I've been a silent reader of your blog but for this entry I just had to comment.

I come from long line of people who are just about everything in that sense ~ can see, feel and ubat orang on my mother's side.

I've only had a few sightings. But sometimes its not the house that you live in, sometimes they suka ikut you balik tu je especially when they know, that you know they are there. Its true about leaving the light on and yes there are times when there is an unexplainable knock on the door and no one is there.

My 2nd daughter seems to have it full force. She's going on 2 soon, doesnt speak much but she waves or say ELLO at what we see as empty spaces (the back yard or the upstairs toilet) and sometimes says "Akut Akut" (Takut Takut)to a spot.

My 1st daughter just had a dream of being surrounded by black snakes...and u knw what they say about black snakes

and My husband just saw a flying big white bird at Simpang 3 Kangkar at 10pm on ourway back to my mother's last week.

Oh and yes, someone keeps closing my mother's bedroom door shut (slowly pushing it until the lock is in place) when no windows opened and no air vent and when my dad is not around

So..this is all pretty normal to me and to my family I guess :D

But about the pagar thing, must make it a note that you need to make sure there is absolutely nothing in the house BEFORE you pagar it and these jins or entities whatever you call them are divided into 2, ada yang Islam and some are not. So the ones yg Islam is a bit susah coz we baca ayat, they also baca ayat. In my pak long's case, mistakenly terpagar that thing inside.

I think the best pendiding is a set of ayat2 we call ayat2 ruq'yah.

A good "ustaz" will not charge RM2000. My late grandfather did not even charge people ~ but he knows they are coming.

Sorry for the long comment. Cant help but feel so connected to this posting.

MrsNordin said...

Hi QM,

Thanks for sharing your story and experience. Must be spooky! But since it runs in the family, I'm sure you are used to it already.

Your little girls can see them? I know small children can sometimes see things that we can't see with our naked eyes. But aren't you doing anything about it? Are they ok with it?

Speaking of "seeing a flying white bird" on the highway, my husband saw something similar on his way back from JB a few months ago. This was also at about 11 pm. It could be at the same spot too. Eee... takut nya!

You are right about the "pagar" thing. Must make sure tak ada benda kat dalam rumah tu dulu before di pagar. If not, lain pula jadinya nanti!

What is ayat al Ruqyah? Care to share with us?

MrsNordin said...


Yes, i do hope the new place will be much better for my friend. Thanks.

QM said...

Here is what I call my mother calls "Shaytan repelent kit" :D

There is a special doa for the kids. I usually would put my hands on my daughter's head when I read the doa. It's like a ritual for me to say the doa on her upon going out and right before she sleeps at night. link -

Note that this is for 2 (children). For a child, it is read as "u'eezukee bikalimatillah..."

As amalan perlindungan if you feel that diri you diganggu ~ here are the list of ayat-ayat Ru'yah:

Cara-cara untuk membaca ayat-ayat Ruq'yah dan aturannya ialah seperti berikut:-
Surah Al-Fatihah ( ayat 1-7 )
Surah Al-Baqarah ( ayat 1-5 )
Surah Al-Baqarah ( ayat 102 ) di ulangi sebanyak 7 kali.
Surah Al-Baqarah ( ayat 163-164 )
Surah Al-Baqarah ( ayat 255 )
Surah Al-Baqarah ( ayat 285-286 )
Surah Al-'Imran ( ayat 18-19 )
Surah Al-A'raf ( ayat 54-56 )
Surah Al-A'raf ( ayat 117-122 ) di ulangi sebanyak 7 kali.
Surah Al-A'raf ( ayat 120 ) di ulangi sebanyak 30 kali secara bersendirian
Surah Yunus ( ayat 81-82 ) di ulangi sebanyak 7 kali
Kemudian baca ayat ini:-
إِنَّ اللّهَ سَيُبْطِلُهُ

Sesungguhnya Allah akan menampakkan ketidakbenarannya

13. Surah Thaha ( ayat 69 ) di ulangi sebanyak 7 kali
14. Surah Al-Mukminin ( ayat 115-118 )
15. Surah As-Shaffat ( ayat 1-10 )
16. Surah Al-Ahqaf ( ayat 29-32 )

17. Kemudian baca ayat ini sebanyak 7 kali:-

يَا قَوْمَنَا أَجِيبُوا دَاعِيَ اللَّهِ

18. Surah Ar-Rahman ( ayat 33-36 )
19. Surah Al-Hasyr ( ayat 21-24 )
20. Surah Al-Jin ( ayat 1-9 )
21. Surah A1-Ikhlas ( ayat 1-4 )
22. Surah Al-Falaq ( ayat 1-5 ) di ulangi sebanyak 9 kali
23. Surah An-Nas ( ayat 1-6 )

Hope that helps

leen said...

Mrs N,
Berdiri bulu roma I baca blog you today...dah la I'm still in the office at this hour. What a timing!
I guess just wherever we are, this 'thing' sentiasa ada kan...cuma let's pray it won't disturb us.

MrsNordin said...




Buat apa dok kat office sampai lewat malam... balik lah..!

IBU said...

Alamak...... X leg stay back lewat sgt la kat Odis cam ni. Takut!

jabishah said...

Hi MrsN,

Your posts have never bore me esp this one in particular. Nasib tgh terang benderang ni ;-)

Ive been wanting to share my stories & definitely need opinions frm others. About this bodyguard thing brought by maids. Soon I hope. You know why the delay? Coz I might get scared reading my own post! Hehehe... Im very the penakut type.

Aishah said...

kak yati,

i wonder if your SIL can help me? need some help from her. tqvm...

Aishah said...

mrs n,

can your SIL help me?, i really need some advice from her. tq

Kmar said...


I do believe in ´gangguan´ if it is dugaan yang Allah turunkan. I have a simple concept about ghost. It can come in your dreams and via ´someone´ yg kena rasuk. It can never touch you like in the movie. Ada malaikat jaga kita.

I experienced a lot of times but the worst one when I was in Matrik Kulim '88. My friend (allahyarhamah) dibuat orang. Every night at 1200, she would dress up & want to go out. She always tell me.. kata ada org ikut la, ada org tegur laa.. I was so fed up to hear her stories so I told her, sincerely to let all those ´things´ come to me. As a friend, I will ´defend´ her. Can u imagine I can do that??? I ni dah le bukan jenis ´alim´ but I have one ´strength´.. my faith that God will take care of me. That night, in my dreams, ´guy in serban´ came to me.. scolding me not to campur. I woke up a few times and from that time onwards I knew I was the target.

It was amazing because I don´t felt scare nor felt lonely. Our friends read Yaásin, all kind of surahs to help the victim. Can u imagine, I can tell those people yang baca Yaasin... ´the things are here and you guys better read the surah till the end´. I just knew it.

At one time, while I was sleeping and another friend was recite Quran, I boleh jaga.. and told my friend that the ´things´ were with us and she will feel it. I tidur balik and my friend continue reading, siap menitik air mata kerana takut and she ´felt´ it, the cool breeze air.

It came to a point that my friend (victim) tried to squeeze my neck masa azan subuh. She came to me and I was sleeping next to her and she made like a ´monster´ sound.. screaming with her two hands nak ´cekik´ my neck. But she just can´t... macam ada ´barrier´. I ni jenis selamba and bangun, terus ke bilik air. She was so ´angry´ and a few of our friends saw her ´anger´ and pinched her to the bed. Kesian betul.. lebam-lebam badan dia.

We were not allowed to see each other and I had to ´live´ in sickbay and she stayed at the dormitory.

At lunch time, I need to pick up my things and saw her with a few friends and ustazah. She sounded very cheerful and OK. I just say hi to her but I knew it was not ´her´. I asked her simple questions. Read me Rukun Iman. She said everything correct but the instead saying ´percaya pada kitab´, she said ´percaya pada rasul´ dulu. So, when I pointed out the mistake, immediately her voice changed to ´unknown´, her face.. gosh.. and everyone in that room saw the ´changing´. The first thing they said, Kmar... go..go..go..

To cut the story short, a bomoh, ustaz were called to help and guess what, the bomoh told me that I was the one jadi ´batu penghalang´.

She was sent back to her hometown in Pahang, berubat. They found out that the one yang ´buat´ kat dia was bilal surau and that was why any Quran reading was OK for her (victim). Macamana org tak ´seriau´ .. bila baca kan dia Quran, she can say ´baca la lagi´.. gosh..

As for me, I baca hadith dari buku cerita (given to me when I was small).. semasa Nabi naik ke 7 petala langit dan iblis goda Nabi S.a.w. and I trust my own sincerity to help my friend.

Another thing, kalau benda-benda halus ni datang ganggu, halaukan dengan cara yang baik ke tuannya. Asal kita dari tanah, ke tanah juga pulangnya kita. Asal iblis dari api, ke api juga pulangnya. An enemy can only be ´killed´ by his own sword.

Actually, this story quite a breaking-news jugak la masa tu.

Hope that all of us can learn something about my experience.

MrsNordin said...

Dearest Kmar,

Thanks for sharing. Somehow, I had a feeling you have that special gift. Use it wisely.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Baru discv. yr blog. Tergerak pulak nak tambah (kot boleh jadi peringatan)
My niece taknak pegi sek kdgrtn. Adalah makcik tu kasi air. Minum nak pegi stop minum aja taknak pegi. Tiap kali bapak budak mesti kasi S$. Wats up sampai bila nak baik. Bapak budak mula baca yasin/quran tiap hari dan stop ambik air. Haiss macam2 - anak2 bujang kena ganggu miss pun, yg keluar darah kat telinga, heart attacklah - pegi A&E doktor say nothing wrong. Rupa2nya makcik tu parking benda dia kat situ. Sebelumnya memang takda. Berbulan dan berbagai2 dugaan. Skrang alhamdullillah.
Google EMJAY JB. Hati2 sajalah dan lebihkan amalan.