Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Botak Boys

I have some free time now (actually, not!) so I can write a little bit more.

BIL and family came to our house last night. BIL is actually MrNordin’s second brother, the no. 2 in the family, and the only one who has (had?) a full grown hair. But three days ago, he decided to shave his head bald. To start a new life, he said.

Now all the three brothers are bald. If they had a band, they can call themselves the “Botak Boys”.

So last night he came to our house to ask for tips on how to care for his clean shaven head from my husband. Just like us who have full grown hair on our heads, bald men also need to take care of their hairless heads.

Must shave every two days, put a certain minyak to make it shine, must protect the head under extreme heat, and must always bring a hanky coz when you makan pedas2, you’ll sweat and it’ll be dripping on your face. Macam air hujan!

Some guys look good when they go bald while some don’t. It depends very much on his physique, the shape of his head (kalau melonjong, tak cantik sangat. The best if it’s round), the way he dresses and the way he carries himself. Kalau kena, he will look cool… kalau tak, he will look sick.

When I first met MrN, he was not completely bald. He had some hair at the sides of his head but very thin on top. He also had a thin moustache which made him look quite sweet. But after a while, he decided to just shave them off because uban dah banyak keluar. And he looked old.

But I think this style suits him better and he could carry it well. Sometimes, he would joke with the children, “What if I grow my hair back? Get a hair implant?” His children would scream, “Eeewww… NO, BABA!!!!”

Because it runs in the family, some of the children will have receding hair line too, especially the boys. Nadim is already experiencing thinning hair, kesian dia. Every day he would massage hair tonic or lotion on his scalp to keep his crown glory intact, but it’s a slow process.

Nizzar I think will face the same thing as his hair is quite thin and jarang2. Plus the fact that my father and brother are also botak, I think his chances of becoming botak is quite high. Sigh…. I will do something about it before it’s too late.

But personally, I think hair doesn’t make the man. What’s important is that a man embraces his hair loss issues rather than hide behind a horrible comb over or cheap toupee.

I once dated a guy who wore a toupee to cover his receding hairline (this was a match made by my mum, ok?). At first glance, I didn’t notice it but somehow, when I looked closer, the hair looked a bit weird. It was stiff and had no life. Then it occurred to me that he was wearing a wig! Eeeww!!

When I got home, I told my mum, “No, I’m not seeing him again!” She said, “Tak apa lah… ayah kamu pun botak.” Yah, but ayah doesn’t wear a wig, does he? I couldn’t imagine running my fingers through his hair in the height of passion and suddenly, “THUG!!”, the hair piece came off!

So I was glad when MrNordin did not hide his receding hairline when we first met. That spelt confidence, and I liked it.

Some women think bald men are hot. Again, it depends on individual preference and the men’s personalities.

Bald men who feel really good about themselves generally exude a sense of strength, confidence, passion and masculinity. That is hot. Otherwise, he's just like any other ordinary guys.

Old wives tales state the men with no hair have had their strands burned off because of their overwhelming passion. Hee.. hee... I can't help but agree!

Of course, truth be told, women that find bald men sexy do not necessarily find all bald men sexy. Just as guys that adore blondes don't automatically go for all blondes. What is more important is the chemistry. If the chemistry is right, everything else is secondary. Hair or no hair.

But one truth is universal. Almost all women love men that are confident, secure and honest who go after what they enjoy in life. A sense of pride and individuality is hot and women are naturally attracted to men that radiate happiness. I've found one and I'm happy with my hairless honey !


Anonymous said...

Hi..i'm just wondering how joanne is?

MrsNordin said...

She has gone back to work, for a while, but is now back at home. Dr have her MC. The stress at work was just too much to handle.

bella said...

Baldies are baddies...lol...my hb pun bald jugak...and I like him just the way he is. he's my baldie...hehe

mumsie said...

MrsN, just nak agree with you coz my hubby also 70% botak and i wouldn't have him any way else!!hehehe...

Naz said...

I love when you wrote about self-acceptance and the confidence that follows. It's so true.

Anonymous said...

ada petua nak lebatkan rambut for men..my colleagues semua pakai.. kalau botak terus insya'allah boleh tumbuh rambut tapi lambat and halus2.. for nadim masih ada harapan.. lumurkan minyak kelapa dara on the scalp.. it seems to be working for the guys at the office..


AuntieYan said...

Salam Mrs.N,

My Cik Din, once ada rambut yang lebat...panjang sampai bahu...that was circa 80 :-)...fashion jaman tu..

After we got married, slowly I managed to persuade him to cut them off as my parents memang tak suka guys with long hair.

Over the years, uban pun keluar and the hair mula shows sign of botakness and he prefer to have a very short hair cut like Mawi.He looks good to my eyes. :-)....nampak ada sikit muda every time dia trim rambut dia.... :-)......errr...nampak seksi jugak....syyyyyy!

MrsNordin said...


He is your baldie, huh? Jangan "baldi" sudah!! Hee.. hee... just kidding!! Have a nice day!

MrsNordin said...


Of course, we'll accept them just the way they are... with or without hair, tummy or no tummy. But some men are just not being fair. Bila bini dah gemuk sikit, nak cari yang lain. Oh, please!


Yeah, it's all about self confidence. Tapi ada jugak yang terover confident. That one, I don't like.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Azrin,

Thanks for the petua. But where can I buy the minyak kelapa dara?

MrsNordin said...

Auntie Yan,

Wah Wah wah... Cik Din dulu rocker jugak, ya? Rambut panjang! Cool!

Iyalah... bila dah tua takkan nak simpan rambut panjang lagi, ya tak? But I'm sure he looks just as cool and sexy in your eyes, just like before.

Thanks for sharing!

kay_leeda said...

Try santan kelapa for hair thinning problem. Massage on the scalp and leave it for about half hour. Rinse off after that. Lembut je rambut lepas tu (err...provided you tahan the "kelapa-ngy" smell)