Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jigsaw Puzzles

There’s a new craze going on at home: Jigsaw Puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to pass the time. I first picked up the hobby after watching “Winter Sonata” (remember the missing puzzle that the girl found?).

I’ve never really tried my hands at solving jigsaw puzzles before that, but the movie made me want to give it a try and I did and I liked it!

My first puzzle was a picture of a cat looking at a rubber duck. It was a 100-piece puzzle which did not take too long to complete. I did this before I got married (ie. when I had a lot of free time) and I still have it now. It is now hung on the wall of our kitchen along with another puzzle picture of a cat, which is slightly bigger than the first one I did.

After I got married, I found out that everyone in the house love jigsaw puzzles too. It is my husband’s favorite hobby since college and he still loves doing it now whenever he has the time.

My second daughter Nadira is another puzzle enthusiast. She has her dad’s patience and resilience in finishing a 1,000 piece puzzle till the end (I don't!). Nadim enjoys doing it too while Nabila will help as and when she pleases.

Very recently, I discovered that Nizzar can do puzzles too. He has a natural talent for it and can complete a 100-piece easily, especially if it is a picture of his favorite Ultraman. So far, he has attempted 4 or 5 Ultraman puzzles successfully.

I love to sit down and do puzzles with him because he is very quick at identifying where each piece should go to. I’d pick up one piece and ask him, “What is this?” He would immediately take it from my hand and say, “This one is Taro” (or whatever) and place it exactly at the spot where it should be. Once it’s finished, he would dismantle the whole thing and do it all over again.

The other day, just for variety, I bought him a 40-piece Mickey Mouse jigsaw puzzle. He finished it in less than 5 minutes and exhaled, “Boring…”. Hee..hee..

Puzzle enthusiasts look forward to putting huge puzzles together, but some people, like me, see a 1,000-piece puzzle as a huge test of their patience. I have very little patience, hence I want to finish mine as quickly as possible. That's why I only do small puzzles. I've never attempted anything more than 500 pieces.

At the moment, I’m working on a 250-piece puzzle of a Japanese Geisha. I’ve completed one over the weekend and now I’m doing another one of the same kind so they make a nice pair.

Nizzar is doing a 500-piece Ultraman puzzle which I bought recently. It is a big project for him and I can see that he’s getting a little frustrated because there are so many pieces to choose from.

But I told him that he must do it slowly, take his time. I will help him when I come back from work.

But I can't help smiling when he resorted to doing the Mickey Mouse puzzle again after he'd given up on the big one!

Nadim is doing a 1,000-piece puzzle of his animax cartoon. I don’t know how long that’ll take him, but I think his level of perseverance is quite high for this kind of thing. So, I’ll give him a week to solve it.

Meanwhile, I'll take my time to do mine...

The puzzle I'm working on

The Winter Sonata puzzle in the background


mama cunn said...

bestnya main jigsaw puzzles. saya dah lama tak buat. masa kecik2 dulu, ayah selalu belikan puzzles nih and we all adik beradik akan buat sama. Now, adalah belikan utk anak2 tapi they all suka buat sendiri2 dan tak nak share amongst themselves....hehe!!

Ada satu hadiah masa wedding 13 years back, ada dpt framed jigsaw puzzles and the note says to hang it on our 1st child's room....gambar Mickey and Minnie....hehe!! Love your blog Kak Yati...entertaining sgt..!!

MrsNordin said...

Mama Cunn,

Wahh.. tak sangka you pun suka puzzles! That's great!

Actually, main benda ni ada masa2nya. Not all the time. I have not done one in a long time until recently.

The joy of doing it together is the bonding. It's nice to see everyone helping to find the missing pieces. And when it's finished, voila! The smiling faces!

Why don't you buy one yourself and start doing it again? I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Go to Jigsaw World at KLCC or The Curve (if you lived in KL/Selangor). They have vast collection of puzzles.

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

It was so funny to see how impatient he was to start on his newly acquired Ultraman puzzle. Siap nak buat terus kat kedai tu! (Thank God he didn't..)

I told Nadim that you'll be happier if he is occupied this whole week solving the puzzle he bought rather than terpacak depan tv main PS3. You'd be happier, right?

MrsNordin said...


Hee.. hee.... sampai rumah last night, he straight away started on the puzzle. But upon searching through the hundreds of small pieces for parts of Seven or Taro, he got frustrated as it was quite hard. The colours are almost the same!

But he did try and manage to assemble parts of Seven and Ultraman King. This morning I heard he started on it first thing in the morning.

Yeah, I think Nadim will do his puzzle for the rest of the week. That should keep him occupied. He also started his last night.

We should do that kind of trip again in the future! *wink*

IBU said...

Coming attractions for Nizzar:
1. 3-D puzzles
2. Rubic cubes

Be warned....


tireless mom said...

Well done. Good nurturing! Those yang fan with jigsaw puzzles are the patience lot. I tak boleh lah lah BJ. Not the JP cut.

Aida said...


I too am a big fan of puzzles... I have many many in my collection. The bigest one is a 5000 piece and the most challenging one is a 3D one.

Ainul started puzzles at the age of 2 and since then she is known as the puzzle wizard at school.

I have never framed any of my puzzles cos I want continued enjoyment so once done, I will undo them and store them back in their boxes for another time hehehehe

Tapi kalau hilang and anak suruh cari tue yg haru... pening nak carik one or two pieces yg hilang grrrrrrrr

Have a good weekend to u and family.

Nadira Nordin said...

Yup, we all love those jigsaw puzzles...sayang la the 2000 piece one of Napoleon Bonaparte that we finished but got ruined...I definitely want to do a puzzle too when I get back! :)

MrsNordin said...


I'll take it a step at a time.. :)


I'm not very patient either, but it's a nice hobby. Quite addictive, actually!

MrsNordin said...

Hi Aida,

5,000 pieces? OMG! What a challenge! I don't think I can heck that big a puzzle. You must be an extremely patient person, Aida! What picture was that?

Like mother like daughter, Ainul pun suka puzzle, ya? That's great. It's nice way to bond with the little ones..

Take care.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Nadira,

You must be bored over there coz you hardly visit my blog!

Yeah.. we all miss you while doing the puzzles. Right now, I'm working with Baba on a 1,000 pieces Geisa girl. Last night, we stayed up until 1 am! Hee.. hee... but still a long way to go.

Nizzar has somehow grown tired of all other puzzles except Ultraman's. Baba bought him a 3-D Tom & Jerry yesterday, but kak Risna is doing it for him now.

When you come home for your holiday, we'll go to the shop again, ok? You choose your picture. For the time being, study!!

Aida said...


the 5000 piece puzzle is a scenery picture of a farm with flowers and the meadow.... sedepa besar dia. I bought it in the UK (darn cheap it was) and completed it within 1 month. Tue masa bujang, I don;t think I will attempt that again with kids, as there'll bound be lost pieces.

Khalil is just starting to play with puzzles now that he's in school already. He was never interested with puzzles when he's home.

Its great that the family has a hobby everyone can do, kan?

MrsNordin said...


Yeah, you're right! And it's addictive lah!

Lyana Mauseth said...


best kan jigsaw puzzles ni...dulu masa study i dgn 5 of my friends buat menda ni...3 jam..the puzzles tu black and white!! juling bijik mata ni haha

MrsNordin said...

Hi Lyana,

I'm happy to know that you also enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles.

I have one black & white picture which I haven't attempted yet. 200 pieces but very small. Gambar monster Ultraman. Tak sanggup... macam nak juling bijik mata!

Now your Pakcik tak ada, boleh lah spend time buat puzzles!

Kmar said...


Well done to Nizzar!! Masa I kecil-kecil memang suka puzzle. Sekarang ni cukup malas and I blame it on the free-time (actually I banyak free time.. he.he..).

It teaches the kids to be patience. Kat sekolah my kids, they have to do puzzles during free time in the class. Cikgunya kata it is good for developing the brains.

MrsNordin said...


Is that so? That will give me an excuse to buy more puzzles for him (and me too!). Hee.. hee...

ann said...

I'm looking to buy a puzzle in that movie( winter sonata) , the one the lady pick up missing piece ( the one begin of the movie,it isn't one the end of movie) the small boat & river .. Any one can help me find it .thanks!!!

ann said...

i'm looking to buy a puzzle in that movie ( Winter sonata) the one lady pick up missing piece ( the one begin of movie, it isn't the one the end of movie).Any one can help me find it.Thanks

MrsNordin said...

Dunno, Ann. Try Google. Let me know if you found it!

Main Bill said...

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Anonymous said...

can i know where u bought the ultraman puzzle?

MrsNordin said...

Main Bill,

Thanks for the info.

MrsNordin said...


You can get it from Jigsaw World at The Curve.

Austin said...

Hi mrs Nordin,

i went to mid valley jigsaw yesterday..but only saw one 395 pcs ultraman puzzle, u bought that ultraman puzzle is it "CUTE" Type of ultraman? because i finding "cute" type of ultraman..

MrsNordin said...

Hi Austin,

What do you mean by CUTE-type of Ultraman?