Friday, July 24, 2009

The Dinner

I had a nice birthday treat last night from MrNordin. He took me to Mandarin Oriental for dinner.

We dined at the Pacifica. We used to frequent this place before, masa zaman2 sebelum Nizzar, but after the baby, we just stopped going because the place is not particularly child-friendly. It's more conducive for business meetings or intimate dinners.

Plus the meals are a bit pricey. For special occasions like this, ok lah. Tapi kalau nak bawa satu gerabak keretapi, alamat botaklah kepala husband I which is already so botak!

Pacifica used to be a fusion restaurant before, specializing in Japanese and Italian fine cuisines. But it has recently been transformed into a stylish seafood restaurant with an intimate setting, carrying a price tag of RM110 for a small meal of cod fish and couscous! I thought it was exorbitant!

But as the night carried on, I realised we were not only paying for the meal, but also for the ambience and great service.

As you go down the steps that lead you to the restaurant, you’ll find yourself surrounded by sphere-like fish bowls and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which make you feel as if you’re dining under the sea. The tables and chairs have that Moorish influence and are set on sheer, curtained alcoves ~ very exclusive and trendy.

The staff made the dining experience more worthwhile. Ever so courteous, they adressed you by your name: "Would you like some more water, Mr Nordin?" "How's the food, Mr Nordin?" "Are you done, Mr Nordin?"

And there were a lot of “extras” like complimentary entrees from the chef, yummy chocolate pralines to savour with coffee, and surprise! Surprise! A complimentary baguette, nicely packed in a crisp paper bag to bring home for tomorrow’s breakfast! I thought that was a very nice gesture!

The food was delicious (it had to be!). We both had the fish. I had cod, MrNordin had the halibut. There were having this truffle promotion, but we didn't order any of those because it was very expensive.

We stayed on until quite late, talking about the kids, work and us. By the time the bill arrived, it was almost midnight and we were the only ones left ! Always like that when you’re having fun, right?

Before we took our leave, I asked my husband, "What's the damage?" I was feeling quite worried if the bill had cost him a bomb. With a smile, he answered, “No matter what amount it was, having you here with me is worth much more than that...."

Hee.. hee... and I melted !!!


wanshana said...

Aaaaawwwhhhh...BJ. I pun tumpang cair... Buleh?! :)

Glad you had a wonderful time with MrNordin :)

Happy Birthday again, dear :)

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

duit boleh di cari, bj
tapi nak cari isteri dan teman masa susah dan senang tu yang payah
cair den baco entry ni,hehehe

::moi:: said...

Happy birthday MrsNordin..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You are so lucky!

Myra Abdul Mutalib said...

That was nice.. A few years back UK had a very low supply of cod and the govt had to stop their fishermen from catching them. That is why I think cod is very, very expensive.

But they are lovely, aren't they ?

Anonymous said...


I yang baca your story pun tak larat jadinya...

Mc Zae

Spices of Life said...

BJ,im happy to hear you had a wonderful romantic dinner with your husband.. again I prayed for your everlasting happiness and well being.. Ohhh Mandarine Oriental....nice nice..

Yani said...

apa pun the food, i like the bit whn mr n are worth more than......woo hoo terharu!!
the last time haq and i had our anniv dinner @ fisherman's cove whn we were @ pangkor laut resort...and i think the food and the ambience and the service were somewhat like pacifica.....hv yet to hv dimsum @ mandarin wt haq...bila ekk, katanya the dimsum tu besttt!Yani KG

ICook4Fun said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mrs Nordin. Mr Nordin is such a romantic person. You are so lucky :)

madam gold said...

Salam Mrs Nordin,
Seldom leave trace but never miss ur post.
Thank you to Allah for giving you a loving and thoughtful hubby.
I almost envy you...especially at the last line..he..he..he..

Kmar said...


Waaalllaaaaaaaaa.... romantis..romantis.. he.he..

I bet most of the customers at the luxury hotels like Mandarin are foreigners. Sekali sekala apa salahnya kan?

tireless mom said...

Sah MrNordin memang someone so very romantic and suits you very much.

Happy Birthday BJ. Hope the 41st year brings you more joy than ever.

MrsNordin said...

Thank you all for your kind wishes! He was thrilled to bits to read your compliments!!

Kama said...

Mrs N .. a bit lewat tapi here comes.. Selamat Hari Jadi!

Plse e-mail me at ya?

Cilantro said...

Hi Mrs Nordin,

Happy Birthday and all the best!
Nice way to celebrate your b'day.....Such a sweet post.

Take Care

Forest 2 Sea Adventures said...

awwwww bestnya!!! first the flowers, then the dinner...:D..berbunga2 hati kan MrsN??


MrsNordin said...

Hi Cilantro & Lyana,


bella said...

Tulah cair!!!the right answer at the right moment, will there be an adik for Nizzar ? heheheheh....btw, what a lovely dinner!!!I have only read about the restaurant in magazine reviews, but your entry is more personal, and makes me dream about the place!!!;-P

MrsNordin said...


Go and check it out! Are you going to see Jamal? I think, I'll give it a miss this time.