Thursday, July 30, 2009


This past few days have been really hectic. Work, house, etc...

I have so many deadlines to meet starting tomorrow. I'm taking it easy but I think I should be able to finish on time.

The plumber is at my house restoring the bathroom in the guest room (paip pecah!). It has been two weeks already and they are still not done yet. I'm getting quite pissed. This morning I told the guy to finish it all up today, by hook or by crook. I can't stand the mess anymore and I want to do up the guest room properly. I hope when I go home today, I'll have a brand new bathroom downstairs.

My mum had an eye operation on Monday at UH (I never knew UH ada Specialist Centre). It was quite a major operation as she had a retina detachment. Alhamdulillah.. it was successful. She's recovering now but as part of the post-operation, she has to keep her head down for 10 days. Head down, 10 days. In between, bolehlah break for 10 minutes, but that's all. This is to keep the retina in place. She finds it quite hard to do that at first, but I think now, she's managing it quite well.

Anyway, let's not talk about serious stuff. I don't want to worry too much for now.

Last Saturday, we attended a kenduri tahlil for MrNordin’s late uncle. It has been 100 days already… how time flies. I was so tired from the running around during the day that we decided to leave as quickly as possible. Plus the heat… oh my God, it was so hot that Saturday night!

But on the way back, we decided to stop by for coffee. I wanted some place cold, with full blast air-condition. Then I remember Royale Chulan, a new hotel in town, where I attended the company’s management meet recently. It’s a nice posh hotel, but what I remember mostly is the air-cond. It’s very cold! So I said to my husband, let’s go there!

The hotel lobby was quite empty when we arrived, maybe because it was still early (10pm) plus the fact it is a new hotel. We scouted for places to sit down when we saw, right at the end of the lobby, there was this notice saying, “Alleycats playing tonight.”

What? Alleycats? We could hear drums beating from inside the club and when we enquired, true indeed, Alleycats was performing that night. However, the gentleman at the door nicely informed us that, “Datuk David tak ada tonight. He’s performing at the PM’s house.”

Oh well… it doesn’t really matter, does it? We were looking for coffee. “Do you serve coffee here?”, I asked. “Sure we do”, he said. So ok, we’re in then.

I’m not really a big fan of Alleycats but I like their songs. And I know they are a good band, so I used to follow their gigs when they were playing at Uncle Chili’s PJ Hilton and Blue’s CafĂ© at Lot 10, di suatu masa dahulu.

That night, we sat at the bar listening to Alleycats while sipping our lattes. Even without David and Loga, they are still great. The new guy who sang that night was pretty awesome himself. Just like the Strollers, the band members are really cool dudes!

Their repertoire includes songs from the 70’s and 80’s, something which will not fail to make you smile when you hear the familiar tunes. Some people were dancing, I refrained myself from doing so because I was clad in a baju kurung (I was from a kenduri, remember?)

A "Datin" was celebrating her birthday that night. It was so nice to see her and her group of friends & family dancing on the dance floor without any cares for this world. That’s how it should be..

We stayed for two sets and was about to leave when I saw David Arumugam walking in! He just came back from the PM’s house where he entertained the "birthday boy” along with Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukherji who were especially flown in from India (they did a dance routine, I was told).

How could I leave when David was there, right? So I we decided to order another round of drinks and stayed on for the last set.

It was worth the wait. He sang several of Alleycats’ greatest hits including “Sekuntum Mawar Merah”, “Senyumlah Kuala Lumpur” and “Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu”. His voice is still the same after all this years. Just like in the record!

Btw, he said “Hi” to me as I passed by. Hee.. hee… cheap thrill!

Anyway, I had a lovely evening. So impromptu like that, with my husband, and I like it.

So, if you were looking for a nice place to chill with good music and good coffee, head to the Heritage Club at The Royale Chulan. Alleycats play there every night from 10pm onwards, Mon-Sat. You won’t regret it!



Forest 2 Sea Adventures said...

choooopppp!!! Hah dia pi nyanyi at PM's together with boliwood stars??? amboi hebat la taste Datuk dan Datin sri PM je....bagus le...jadikan contoh teladan kita :D

I like Allyecats...i grew up with their songs and my hair used to be like them too...opsssss Desert Rose sure gelak mcm jin nih haha

Forest 2 Sea Adventures said...

eh sorry, lupa nak tulih I la, lyana :D

MA said...

Hah ni kena ajak kak teh menebeng kat sini memalam nampak gayanya...haha.

p/s happy belated birthday!

MrsNordin said...


I think, it was more of the PM wife's rather than the PM's wishes to have Shah Rukh Khan entertaining him on his birthday!

You had rambut afro like that dulu2? How cool! Ada gambar??

MrsNordin said...


Ladies night is on Wednesday.

Forest 2 Sea Adventures said...

OMG!! I dah musnahkan semuanya...ada peristiwa ngeri lah disebalik cerita itu haha...nangis 44 hari 44 malam haha

Desert Rose said...

mRS n,

Talking of impromptu, that was an amazing one.

Yea, so i heard d 1st lady adores Dato'(ok cheh)SRK so much...(enuff say lah)

Lyana : HA HA HA HA *gelak jin*

Spices of Life said...

menebeng is a cool word i m not using anymore..mengopi i still use. I cant wait to go back to kl soon and to mengopi at NZ garden. oh the heat, I almost forgot how hot KL can be.
I was astonished Mahathir likes bollywood, I knew him and his wife love cool family get together then a big hu ha,,,,ahhh si najib and his wife Do. Nice eh to have all the Datukships sang and danced entertaining all the Datuks and Lordships.

MHB said...

I love Alleycats!! Did you say Royale Chulan?? :-)

DadaIQ said...

Last nite we wet to Bangi Kopitiam at Melawati, just to take Faiz out on his birthday. When we arrived around 9.45pm, Ghani from Freedom was about to start his one band performance. Best jugak his mix of oldies like Still, Truly, Bee Gees etc. Tak sangkalah pulak ada performance kat kopitiam.

Bestnyer tengok Alleycats performed. Hopefully IQ nak lah pergi tengok Alleycats one of these days. Anyway, my aunty already bought tickets to see Jamal on 6 Aug 2009.

MrsNordin said...


Why don't you share with us your story? *wink*

Desert Rose,

I guess as much. It must be the First Lady's wish.

MrsNordin said...


The Datuks entertaining another Datuk... There are just so many Datuks and Datins around these days. When I was at the club that night, I spotted at least 5!

There's a new NZ along Jln Ampang, just opposite Le Coq D'or (now dah tak tukar building lain). In case you don't know already. It seems, that is one of the happening places to mengopi these days. But I've not been there yet. My BIL and MIL have.

MrsNordin said...


Yes, Royale Chulan.


I know about the gig at Bangi Kopitiam tapi tak pernah tengok the show. I've only been there twice on Saturday morning after Pasar Tani.

Ajaklah IQ! And when you're going, do let us know, ok?

Are we going to see Jamal?? She bought the tickets for herself je ke?

MrsNordin said...


I meant SIL, not MIL. My MIL nak pegi NZ? No way!

Naz said...

I love Alleycats! You're lucky to get the chance ya.

Feet-dragging workers...the worst nightmare ever.

Spices of Life said...

That is the Nz garden I meant earlier, the one opposite klcc. I was there last year summer .. my last night there mengopi with cousins and nieces. I loved the mee mamak there.. Im MIL now and I still love to be there again... sigh...

edelweiss said...

Mrs. N...

i love alleycats. Lagu depa memang besttttt! Kira masa chek kenai lagu lah kan...lagu depa lah. La nih bila dengaq saja...teruihhhh melayang otak nih pikiaq zaman dulu :)

Cilantro said...

Hi Mrs Nordin,

I love Alleycats! I have seen their live shows several times. They are evergreen singer.
Enjoyed by all group, old and young. Wow! What a good time you had. I am green with envy hehehe…

bella said...

MrsN, I tak jadi la tgk Jamal. You are right la, camna nak feeling, with that absurd looking thing on his head kann..hehehe...

Desert Rose said...

mrs n,

I cannot place comment on Nadira's blog la...aiyohhh apatah penyakit.

Newy, send her my regards and glad to know that she is enjoying herself there