Sunday, July 27, 2008

MrsNordin's 40th Birthday Bash

Earlier this year, as I was sitting across MrNordin during one of those dinners for two, I told him I wanted to have a party for my 40th birthday. It would be just for friends and there would be some serious dancing to the tunes of the 70's and 80's. And that's what we did last Saturday night. A disco party for my 40th birthday!

Well, I wasn't really sure at first if people I invited would be keen on a theme party. You know, some people may be shy and all. But I sent the invitation anyway, stating that the theme is 70's & 80's and "Please dress up!" Much to my surprise, the response was pretty good. Even my officemates yang bertudung and quite "proper" were very excited about it and came in full force dressed to the theme! I was very impressed!

The preparation took about two weeks. Nothing much actually. Booked the caterer, sourced the decor and lightings, and we were all set. The most important thing was the disco ball ~ without it, macamana nak disco, kan? We got it, of course, plus all the other rotating disco lights and such (I think now, sesiapa nak buat disco party, boleh rent the lights and equipment from us!).

The dress ~ I bought one, but two days before the party, we found a box full of MrsNordin #1's 80's clothes. It was like, "Wow!!!!". We couldn't believe the dresses we found in that box. Semua original 80's! So we all wore her clothes, except for MrNordin, who wore his own 80's shirt which he found in his closet.

Music was MrNordin's department. My dear husband slept at 2-3 am every night before the party to get the right songs, and believe me... they were really good! You wouldn't believe the kind of songs he put in for the disco. People were like, "Where did he get those songs?!" Human League, Saturday Night Fever, Madonna, Do The Hustle, One Way Ticket, Kool & The Gang, Rick Astley... hee... hee... really nostalgic!

Anyway, let the photos do the talking, ok? But all I can say is, I think it was a great party. Out of 60 people we invited, 50 turned up. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Almost everybody danced, and almost everyone dressed up to the theme (except for a few who were shy, I think, but still their baju ada some hints of 80's or 70's).

The most outstanding was my dear friend, Shila & her husband Jab, who came as Austin Powers. Oh my! When I saw them walking up from the gate ~ one in this bright yellow jacket so typical of Austin Powers and the other, in her afro hairdo and big sunglasses, I was speechless! They looked so coooool! Seriously! (you can read her posting on this here)

The other is another dear friend, C, who specially tailor-made his baju in Dhaka. Groovy is the word for him! Another groovy guy is K, who looked so cool in his shoulder length wig, wide-opened shirt, and a long necklace with the "PEACE" sign. Totally awesome! I felt I was back in the 70's at that time!

So, to all who came, thank you very much for making my day. My family and I had a great time and we felt really honoured having you with us at the party. And to MrNordin, thanks for making my dream come true. This is truly the best birthday present I've ever received and I love you.

Now, enjoy the photos!


Anonymous said...

At last, the long awaited partyu pictures. That was so awesome - like totally! He he, love the outfits! Did I see BIG shoulderpads on one of your girls? Happy birthday again!

Anonymous said...


I nearly peed in in pants when I saw C ehehhehehehe

very cool party.

Good to know u had a great time. Save those disco lights for my 40th hehehehehhe


Anonymous said...


we had a wuhla time, thank you.but after all the jogets, couldt wake up the next day... dah tua.maybe we can arrange one for shila next year.


MrsNordin said...

Hi Farizah,

It was a great party! The outfits are so cool, kan? Yes, she used those BIG shoulder pads for her dress. The girls are very creative and enthusiastic when it comes to these things!


MrsNordin said...


C looked totally awesome that night! I just couldn't take my eyes off him! Hee.. hee... I'm so happy to see people dressing up like that. So sporting and I love it!

(Yes, you can use my disco lights for YOUR party).

MrsNordin said...


I'm glad you both enjoyed the party. And so sporting too, when you both danced. I like!

And thanks for the lovely purple bracelet. Very thoughtful of you! Shila's party will surely be crazier than mine, judging by the way they both dressed up that night! Hee.. hee..

Thanks again, Yani. See you around!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hey J- we had a totally great time...what time habis?? Mula mula joget keras je lepas tu taknak balik...pity abt jab having to go off. Thanks again!

MrsNordin said...


We were still talking about you as of yesterday evening! Totally awesome!

The last person to leave was my BILs & SIL at 1.30 am. Tired, but I had so much fun. I really appreciate you all coming!

Thanks again!

wanshana said...

Waaaaaaa!!! So cool!! :)

I was looking forward to see the pics of Jab and Shila after reading her posting on your party yesterday...

Austin Powers rocks, maaannn!! Hahaha!

Good to see your friends and family being so sporting. And I see your maid also put an effort, huh?

Happy 4Oth again, BJ.

MrsNordin said...

Hi Shana,

Yes, the maid was also included. We are all family. But her main job was to look after Nizzar while the mummy partied. Anyway, that boy slept at 9.30 that night (too much going ons for him, I think), so she could share the fun too.

Thanks again for your wishes.

MA & Brood said...

Wah wah wah...boogie all night long ya?

I hope nobody had to go for massage the next day to urut badan, pinggang, kaki yang sakit-sakit....LOL !

Waterlily said...

Waaa BJ

pretty amazing party you had there!Tumpang zeronok I tengok your guests menari sakan.

Hey, you dont look like a member of the 4 carrat club even!


MrsNordin said...

Hi Ma,

Malam tu, sebelum tidur, kena makan Panadol Muscle & Joint dulu daa... takut urat tegang and tak boleh bangun the next day! Hee.. heee.. and it worked!

MrsNordin said...


It feels great being 40 actually, more so if people said I don't look it. Be happy ~ that's the secret! *wink* Take care!

busymum100 said...


Just got home from KL :-(

Saw the phix last night but too tired to comment.

Looking at your daughter's poncho some how brought some deja-vue feelings to me!
Then i blogged my page, and found this link ;-)

busymum100 said...
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MrsNordin said...


I know!! That was the outfit she wore in the photo!

When we found that poncho, Nadira straight away said she's going to wear that. And I think she pulled it very well too, with the afro hairdo and all.

As I said, all of us wore her 80's baju that night and it was really fun. So, that nite was kinda a tribute to her as well :)

p/s. Hey, don't work so hard lah!