Monday, May 20, 2013


Nizzar Nordin is sitting for his first real exam this week. Today is the BM paper.

Actually, the school had an assessment in March when the kids had to do some sort of mock exam, but my son only sat for 1 paper as he was down with a viral fever. The rest – “Tidak Hadir”.

So, I am very nervous. My weekend was spent teaching him, or rather, coaxing him to do some work for BM. It was tough. He was very slow. He didn’t know how to spell some words, didn’t know the difference between "kita, kami, mereka".. didn’t know how to form sentences.

I lost my patience.

Itulah! Masa cikgu mengajar, you main-main dalam kelas! Sekarang, satu apa pun tak tahu! How are you going to do your test tomorrow?”

He stared at me blankly.

Don’t look at me! Look at your book!”

Sometimes, he put up a strong protest and sometimes, he cried. Sobbing as he worked his way through “kata hubung” and “kata ganti”. Kesian dia.

But I had to be firm, otherwise we won’t do his work.

Each time I sat down with him for revision, I could feel my blood pressure shot up to 200! Very stressful! And after each session, I would take a breather and de-stress in the bathroom to calm myself down.

My husband said, “Don’t be so hard on him..”. I tried not to, yang… but most often than not, I would lose my cool.

As I’m writing, my little boy is just starting to do his BM paper. I wish you well, darling... I hope you will remember your spelling, huruf besar, huruf kecil, etc. Mummy loves you, no matter what.

See you soon!

Latest Update:

His class teacher called right after the BM paper. "Puan, si Nizzar jawab soalan main tembak saja! Semua dia jawab A! Dia tak nak fikir langsung! Saya suruh dia buat semula. Boleh pulak jawab..."

Please, help me God!

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MA said...

Alaaa...look at that pout! Kesian dia...I know the feeling. My boys were like that. They grew out of it eventually, tapi makan hati la jugak nunggunya..haha