Monday, November 02, 2009

Nizzar's 1st Halloween Party

Last Saturday, my little boy was invited to a Halloween Party at Beverly Heights. This is where his Aunty Gina lives.

I’ve never been to a proper Halloween Party before. The closest experience I had on Halloween was when our next door neighbor threw a big Halloween Party for their 15-year old last year, complete with a DJ and disco for all the kids who came dressed up to the theme. We were all admiring from far (we were not invited, of course) but I did give the kids candies when they came around “trick or treating”.

So for this one, I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew it was actually meant for the little ones, so I thought a nice Halloween costume for Nizzar would be proper. So we went to get his outfit, a Power Ranger suit, and a pumpkin. The little boy was very happy, he didn’t want to take it off once I put it on him!

Red Ranger

Anyway, on the day itself, we arrived at Gina’s house just after 5pm. Outside, I could see children and adults walking down the street towards the club house in their Halloween costumes. Cool! Gina got us a hat each. We wore those hats and joined the crowd going to the clubhouse.

The scene at the clubhouse was amazing! People really made the effort to dress up for the occasion and I was very impressed by some of the costumes they wore. There were games, but we did not participate, preferring to sit down and enjoy the food while snapping away photographs of the children.

What I like best about the evening was the trick or treating. We went to almost 20 houses (or more) in the neighborhood for trick or treating and I tell you, Nizzar was very thrilled with all the sweets and candies that he collected. At one point, he even whispered to me, "Nizzar tak suka rumah Nizzar. Nizzar suka rumah Aunty Gina!"

Oh yeah! Now my boy is thinking that going to Aunty Gina's house means candies all night long!

Some owners really went all out to decorate their houses with Halloween paraphernalia. Some even converted their front porch into a haunted house. Spooky! I was having so much fun until I lost my voice!

It was such a joy seeing all the children running around from house to house that night, shouting “Trick or Treat…!!!” and receiving sweet treats in return. People there were really friendly. Though we didn't know anyone besides Alya and Haris (Gina's kids), the neighbourhood made us feel welcomed and that's what made it more special.

I told Gina after that to just buy a house there. No need to look elsewhere...

As dusk sets in, we made our way through the dark alley looking for treats. It was quite windy and drizzling slightly, so it left quite an eery feeling. Just perfect for the occasion and I loved it!

The trick or treating ended at 8.15pm. By that time, my little boy was already too tired and demanded that I carry him home. Hee.. hee... never mind... Mummy had fun too, Nizzar, and I don't mind carrying you though you are now much too heavy for my size. I piggy-backed him in the end.

After dinner at Gina's house, we left for home. I wanted to stay and watch "Drag Me To Hell" which Gina had purchased for the occasion. Unfortunately, my husband told me some people were coming to the house and so I had to go home. Well, we've had enough fun for the night, thus going home didn't seem like a bad option after all.

Thank you Gina for inviting us and I sure look forward to next year's Halloween at your place again!!

Enjoy the photos!

Me and my brood

Haris and his scary mask. I thought it was so cool..

Walking towards the Clubhouse. Notice the little Red Ranger on the right.

I love the hat! Thanks Gina!

The party has just started when we arrived

The lady giving instructions to the children

Mdm Tai Tai and a friend. Nabila eating chicken wing which was yummy!

Luke Skywalker

A lady and her fork

Red Indian lady

I like this boy's cool head gear

This one takes the cake. He told me it was his mum's idea.

The scary pumpkin

Halloween cupcakes

Red Ranger enjoying his food

These two girls look so adorable in their outfits

Arrgghhh!! I'm gonna eat you!!

Witches and vampires


Freddy Kruger

Nabila and the scary orange balloon

Mdm Tai Tai and her candies to give away

Trick or treat!! Kids who came around to Gina's house

Walking in the neighbourhood looking for treats..

We bumped into Harris and his friends..

Harris & friends

This guy waited for us at one of the houses we went to

The alleyway

Nizzar and his botol air


More houses to go..

This boy's parents were very smart in thinking of this.

Another interesting house we visited

Nizzar's treasures

Sweets and candies to last weeks..


zaitgha said...


It sure looked like fun ya....Nizzar must be having a blast trickle treating....

love the pictures and cool head gear yg ada knife tuh i suka tgk the boy's bicep ha ha ha

take care mam....

MrsNordin said...

Thanks Zaitgha! Hope to see you this Sunday!

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

BJ, will Nizzar's candies last for weeks?? Ke dah habis?

Haris has given up eating his candies after stuffing so much in. Dia kata pening lepas tiap kali makan banyak2. Good!

It was such a pleasure having the 3 of you around. I don't think my Halloween will be that enjoyable without Nizzar. Next year help me with the deco, ok!

MrsNordin said...

Gina, the candies belum habis lagi. We hide it from him. If not, memang that night itself dia nak habiskan!

I'm glad I went and thank you for including us. Next year we plan better, ok? Sure I can help you with the decor!

wanshana said...

Cool! :)

ahkak kepochi said...

i am sure suma orang managed to 'squeeze' in solat Maghrib before trick o treatin' ended at 8.15pm right...

Naz said...

So good to see all of you having such a good time during halloween.
I guess now it is toothpaste and toothbrush allllll the time ya :D

Kris said...

Ahkak Kepochi, I salute you. You should get a medal. Kalau ada 100 orang macam you, Kuala Lumpur boleh jadi macam Mekah sebab semua orang akan always 'squeeze in' solat tak kira sesibuk mana. Even though celebrating 'heathen' festivals like Halloween. Everybody...three cheers for Ahkak Kepochi. "Hip Hip Hurray". "Exitabat fluctus in simpulo", per Cicero.

MrsNordin said...



MrsNordin said...

Ahkak Kepochi,

Terimakasihlah atas peringatan tu. Tapi what I did or did not do is none of your business. So chill.

MrsNordin said...


Yes! It's toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste now!!

MrsNordin said...


Thank you.

ahkak kepochi said...

dik.. tanggungjawab ahkak tu dik... sama2 saling mengingati tu tanggungjawab kita semua sesama insan... adik janganlah marah.. chill

kris... memang pun kita dituntut to's not a matter of squeeze mensqueeze... masukjek waktu terus kena tunaikan dulu yang satu tu before buat bende2 lain... ahkak mmg kepochi sbb nak trigger something in all of us, something for us to ponder and not just love dunya dunya dunya... have an open mind dik oiii

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

BJ, we really must be thankful that we have religious traffic police around to always guide us and be responsible for our akidah.

Thanks are heaven sent!!

Aida said...

Hi BJ,

Sorry, but in the 8th para after Nizzar's very the cute picture in his "geddup".... u wrote "as dawn sets in" I think u mean as dusk set in.

Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Nizzar must be running around like the Energizer bunny with all that chocs ehhehehe


MrsNordin said...


Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I appreciate that. Always tersilap between dawn and dusk!

How have you been? Lama dah tak jumpa. We should meet up again. See you around soon & take care!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi J

Waaa nizar sampai taknak balik ye?? Bagi sikit candy kat Auntie can ah Nizar?? heheheh..

Gina. ,you are the prettiest witch I've ever seen and I love that dress!

And why do I have this urge to check whether there were any traffic cones missing that night?? red and orange stripey ones?? Hahahahah!!

And can I comment on Akak Kepochi's comment? Ahem! testing testing testing!!! - alah tengok my next comment lah. karang panjang na pulak

Anonymous said...


ni ikut budaya apa?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ahem,. me again

testing testing, 1,2 3. is the mic on?? :-)


1. I actually faham the need to make the teguran. She feels that it is her duty to nasihat, and once she gets that out, her duty is discharged. It's not about interfering with your life, J, I think for her, its about her duty to God. By teguring, whether or not you take it or you marah, she feels her job is done. If I keep quiet, aku yang tanggung dosa bersuhabat (but mainly I will keep quiet because I have no spine and then pray to God that he will give me one quickly) .

2/ And many other social occassions for eg we see anak orang melepak, we pun want to tegur, because its our duty, so we feel lah.

3/ BUUUUUUTTT.....and TAPI....bila menegur, kenalah face the consequence. Apologise in advance ke, or pujuk habisan after that ke, or , if you rasa orang tu takclose, diam sahaja, whatever it is, you must acknowledge and terima yang teguran you , akan lead to orang terasa . Silap haribulan, orang kutuk you. You cannot lah kata - alah pedulik apa I, my job is done. I think dosa gak lah if you hurt ppl's feelings. I think this is for all type of teguran .Janganlak terkejut.

4/ LAAAGI satu,kadang kadang kita nak tegur pun kena tengok kiri kanan..tak semua orang suka...

5/ Sememang nya siapa yang suka ditegur, kalau orang yang menegur tu, sendiri ditegur pun sedikit sebanyak akan ambil hati.Walau pun at the same time berterimakasih, and thanking the other person for caring enough to ensure you dont miss your solat,but dalam hati,mestiiiii ada rasa.. you cannot HELP feel either hurt, or offended. Unless lah orang tu macam mak or bapak or family, yang tu pun kadang boleh tersenget. Ye lah, you will say, hallo, do I look like a person who will miss my solat? Why do you assume that I will? Apatah lagi orang yang tak dikenali, walaupun dalam forum, yang kita rasa, tak da lah close enough to tegur.(ok I know the argument of fellow muslims etc ok )

6/ it is not a question of who is right and who is wrong..its a question of understanding the other person's perspective .. and perhaps balancing the need to be right, and the need for tact-

7/ For AK,personal feeling- this blog is someone's home, where she bares her life to you., and for you to comment, no matter how justified and no matter how reasonable it is, is like insulting your host . However, I must commend you for your courage, and hope you continue to remind others. I have LOADS of other links yang memang I sendiri nak tinggal kan comment yang subtle tapi pedas- some of the tatler going crowds are ITCHING for a taste of teguran!! I'm SOOO Itching to tegur !

Sekian terimakasih and sorry I barged on your blog J

(cakap siang siang ok- I will not be able to tolerate any unkind comments, so please dont leave any!)

Superwomanwannabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MrsNordin said...


Ini budaya orang putih. Ikut seruan Perdana Menteri for 1Malaysia!!

MrsNordin said...


Letihlah nak explain kat diaorang ni... But thanks for trying to put things into perspective. I really appreciate that.

Superwomanwannabe said...

J- ada orang tanya I -WHose side am I on???

Ada ke? Cis!

zaitgha said...

hissshh....rasa nak hissshing jer Mrs.N....pastu Anon pulak tuh...but u take care mam....

IBU said...


I think Nizzar's outfit seem the most outstanding! Kat mana u beli? Ada tak costume transformer? Not for me laaa... hehe... for Ameer maybe.(Abd Idin dulu ada costume Buzz Lightyear - to infiniti & beyond..... Cute!). The witch hats are gorgeous!!! Mana brooms?

On the question of culture... of course la this is not a typical msian culture. But culture is localised. And the locality in this case is 'Beverly Heights'. Looking at the pics pun, we can see ada expats community. So, understood & acceptable la kan? Kalau kat rawang, pesta deepavali sgt meriah!! hehe... 1Msia...Kalau kita kan overseas pun, kita nak sambut raya gak kan? Some matsalleh nighbours would probably squint their eyes too seeing msian students clad in baju melayu & songket during winter...

The same goes with celebrating CNY, mooncake festivals, deepavali, etc ... we join in the makan2, the yee sang, gobbled the tandoori chicken & chutney... just that halloween.... not familiar with many.

'Squeezing in' whenever possible, insyaAllah - yg beriman mengingatkan - yes, okay TQ. Ya lah, tugas sesama 'kita', understood. Kadang2 kita alpa.

However, i loathe it when some people simply assume and judge a book by its cover (or judge a haloween party goer by his/her costume :). Not fair. Especially if they comment in the open, but hide their identities...


MrsNordin said...


Hee... hee... you're not siding anyone. You're just putting things into perspective so that people know why some people did what they did. And I love you for that!

MrsNordin said...


Thanks for your concern. Anyway, let's not dwell into it further. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday at KG's. It's been a long time, kan?

Take care.

MrsNordin said...


First and foremost, sorry I've not been visiting your blog and have not been able to visit you and your little girl. But I hope everything is fine at your end..

Just so you know, I just came back from Tesco and thought about you a lot while I was there. Suddenly when I saw your comment here, I know you had me in mind too. Hee.. hee... thanks!!

I bought the Power Ranger outfit at Mothercare. You can get those Transformers costume at Toys R Us, I saw some at KLCC just after I bought the Power Ranger suit. They have the Bumble Bee, complete with mask and muscles! Cool! But since dah beli dah, I had to stop myself from buying another one. Go and check it out. Your Ameer would surely be thrilled!

And thanks for being understanding too. I appreciate that, girlfriend. Take care!

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

Mrs N

ada banyak bende nak cakap...hahahaha

see u this sunday, Mrs President!

Kitchen Guardian said...


you are so fun...i nak jadi anak you!!

MrsNordin said...

Kak Ezza,

I know... I know... tapi kesian kat I kan? Selalu kena tmebak bila bab2 macam ni.

Tak pe lah, nanti kita sembang this Sunday. I can't wait to see you again! Dah lama betul rasa nya tak jumpa akak and I've missed you!

See you!

MrsNordin said...


You know I'd do anything in the name of fun! It was more for Nizzar actuallynya... tapi I did enjoy myself tremendously too on that day.

And your briyani udang memang sedap. This Sunday buat Bombay briyani lah pulak!

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Mrs. N...

He!..he!...dari semalam Akak yang busy body ni, kejap-kejap masuk your blog, just nak baca comments...ha!..ha!...

Tak pe, stay cool girl. Yang baik jadikan tauladan, yang tak baik jadi sempadan.
Kita insan biasa, kita sedang mencari kesempurnaan. Right??

MrsNordin said...

Hi Auntie Yan,

Suka baca comment panas2 ni, ya... I dah agak dah, sure ada orang anti-fun like this.

But anyway, I take note of her/his comment. You are right, yang baik kita jadikan teladan, yang buruk kita jadikan sempadan... take your pick.

You have a nice day now, Auntie. Take care!

Aida said...

Hi BJ,

bz bz bz bz hahahha here and there any everywhere, esp with the company's IPO... korek duit sana sini hehehe

ada meeting this sunday yer?? hehehe (dgn tak malunyer)

Oh I'd be happy to meet up with u ladies at KLCC (i tak der keta)for long lunches .... just drop me a buzz and i'll come a running hehehe


nahiella said...

Looks like everyone had fun. Anggap la this is to eratkan persahabatan antara kaum dan budaya lain. Itu aje. Tak salah pun! Anyway, everyone looks happy!

MrsNordin said...

Aida, sure... We'll do that one of these days.

MrsNordin said...

Nahiella, even you can understand that. Oh well.. Thanks for dropping by.