Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Maid Update

I am pleased to inform that the maid has gone home for good. We sent her off last week at the airport. She didn’t call or SMS us after that. Either she’s very glad to be out of our house or she never reached her home town.

But do I care? I don’t exactly.. but I do hope she has reached her house safely.

We discovered some of our jewelry were missing a few days before she left. My precious gold necklace with a diamond pendant that my husband gave me for my 40th birthday, and my daughter’s rings that were given to her by her late mum. We did not accuse her outright although nobody else could be held responsible for it as she was in the house the whole time, but we did ask her if she had seen them. Obviously the answer was no. We searched her bags, body, clothes and room before she left but found nothing.

So we concluded she probably had sold them or pawn them because during the last outing, she bought a lot of things… almost RM500. Where did she get the money from as I only gave her RM50 at that time? Tak kan lah boyfriend dia generous sangat nak belanja sampai RM500.. mostly on baju and handbags (I knew this coz I found old receipts when I cleaned up her room to make way for the new maid). We kept her salary, we only gave her money as and when she asked for it. So, where did the money come from?

Anyway, it’s all in the past now. She had gone home and I do not want to talk about her anymore. If indeed she took the jewelry, I let it be because I'm sure God will punish her one way or another.

Fortunately, we've got a new maid. She is expected to come in next week. This one comes highly recommended by the agent. Slightly older.. 40+, but is an excellent housemaid, according to the agent. Me and my husband are keeping our fingers crossed...

In the meantime, Nadim is taking care of Nizzar at home. So far so good. No phone calls from home, means all is well at the home front.

We had a short break last weekend after sending the maid. We went to Genting for my husband’s company’s Family Day and to JB after that as husband had work to attend to.

Yes, we visited the Johor Premium Outlets. I wouldn’t say it was fantastic-fantastic, but there were several shops selling good bargains. Most handbags were off-season items, so they were not really screaming buys. Perhaps give it a few more months… I’m sure there will be more shops and items for sale.

But it is a nice place to stroll while cuci mata. Tapi kalau tak beli apa2, buat penat saja! Ha! Ha!



AuntieYan said...

Salam Mrs. N,

Tahniah lah dah nak dapat maid baru. Harap-harap tak ada lagi berbagai kerenah.
You ni baik betulll, barang kemas hilang pun cool saja, insyaallah nanti Allah beri rezeki lain untuk you...tak guna dikenang pun...dah tak boleh nak buat apa kan?

MrsNordin said...

Hi Auntie Yan,

Betul.. tak guna nak marah or sumpah seranah sebab benda tu dah tak ada. It was my mistake too because I selalu letak barang merata. So I wasn't sure if I had misplaced it or she had taken it (but I'm pretty sure she's the one!). Next time, I'll be more careful.

Sayang jugak rantai tu hilang.. tapi insyaallah kalau ada rezeki, boleh dapat yang besar lagi! Hee.. Hee..!

Nida Razali said...

Salam Mrs Nkrdin, seronoknya baca ur blog...terhibur...
Hope u don't mind me following... ;)
Btw, I stumbled upon ur blog when I was browsing for forum on kids schooling....

Anonymous said...

Dasyat n menyakitkan hati!

Btw i ade exp jgak.. Maid b4 nak balik sana buat buttercake(mmg dia sll buat n sdap)konon nak bwk blk sana. kami tak la kesah..
Beg kecik je bwk blk sana. Tah cmne 1 of my niece terrrpotong cake tu. sbenarnya tak bole usik since maid nk bwk blk kn..? skali potong ade byk jewelery dlm tu. Bole?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Jom lunch madam!

Superwomanwannabe said...

j..i tau you sebenarnya kecikhati and terasa that she did that to you, after all..sebab she was like family to you..and you treated her fantastically well (salon??seriously???)

I pun taknak believe that she took it...percaya yang baik baikje lah j..maybe she sold off the botol botol kaca and plastik like mine did...?

MrsNordin said...

Hi Nida,

Sure.. I'm glad ada orang yang still suka baca blog I, walaupun dah jarang2 update.. :)

MrsNordin said...


Haa... so you lah yang ada maid buat kek, sorokkan emas dalam tu masa nak balik! I ingat itu cerita karut... rupa2nya cerita betul! Creative betul maid tu, kan... and so tak sangka...

Somehow, the stories are almost the same when it comes to maids, kan? Strange.

MrsNordin said...


I'd love to meet you for lunch but since I baru masuk office today after a long weekend, I think i'll stay put. Kalau after work, ok.

Btw, I've got the new maid already... :)