Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dr Ban Re-visited

I paid another visit to Dr Ban in Raub last Saturday. My sinus has relapsed and I was getting irritated with my runny nose which gave me problems sleeping at night.

I believe the reason for the relapse is because I tak jaga pantang. He specifically told me not to eat two things: eggs and peanuts. I followed his advise diligently in the first month but as I got better, I curi-curi makan telur coz I just love eggs.

On the last day of Ramadhan, I purposely told my maid to make omelet as I was craving for it. “I’m gonna eat this omelet and I don’t care!” Memanglah sah-sah, during hari raya, I couldn’t sleep at night because I kept on going to the bathroom to blow my nose. That was a real torture.

It continued well after raya and last week, I just had enough of seeing tissues strewn all over my bedroom as I struggled to stop the sneezing. “That’s it! Let’s go and see Dr Ban!”, I told my husband. My daughter has also started sneezing again in the morning and I guess it was high time we paid another visit to Dr Ban.

The old man is still the same old Dr Ban whom I first met in April. He remembered me and my daughter and told me that many people had come to visit him after what I wrote in my blog. I don’t know if he has read what I wrote, but I believe he must have had. He did the same thing again and gave us our medication.

This time around, I also brought along my maid who has this very bad acne on her face. The skin specialist at Gleneagles diagnosed it as “chronic acne”. I didn’t know how she got it but I think it could be from the facial treatments that she had at this salon.

Yes, my maid loves to try out beauty regimes whenever she goes out for her monthly outing. Pegi buat rambut lah, facial lah… mengalah kan tuan dia! But it’s her day off and she uses her own money anyway, so I let her indulge herself.

But now, muka dah naik jerawat macam tu, dah lama tak nak keluar rumah sebab malu! Hee.. hee… kesian pun ada! We’ve tried so many things before (jumpa doctor, beli ubat jerawat, control makanan) but her face just got worse. That’s why I brought her along to see Dr Ban if he could help.

Why wasn’t I surprised when he told me that he has treated people with worse acne conditions than my maid? And the results can be seen within one month only! This, I really must see, because acne usually takes a long time to heal.

He gave my maid some antibiotics and skin cleansers and asked her to pantang 3 things: Coffee, chocolate and milk.

It has only been 5 days but my maid says there is no more itchiness. Although the acne on her face is still quite evident, it is less glaring.

We’ll see how it goes... If it worked, then I would really think Dr Ban is a miracle doctor!


MA said...

Can he make all my fat go away? I dowan pantang. Everything I sapu oso...

Anonymous said...

Dear MrsNordin,

Sounds very very familiar. Mine seems to be revisiting me back as well, sbb indulging in eggs and peanuts lah jugak ni.. huhu


Superwomanwannabe said...

yes, i also want to ask what MA ask...can he make my fat go away? Actually I think he can, he will give me a list of pantang so long betol tak??

pantang lah J....kesian you sneeze sampai tisu berterbangan.....

on your maid- definitely the salon!!

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

BJ, Alya is still ok. But since I tak ada ni nak supervise her food intake, I hope she doesn't langgar pantang or my mum melanggarkan the pantang for her with the food she cooks.

Good luck with the second round of treatment!

MrsNordin said...


I don't know.. :)

MrsNordin said...

Hi Noraini,

Ya lah... kena pantang. If it gets really bad, go back to him. I'm ok again now... *wink*

MrsNordin said...


Yes, we also think it's the salon. Kesian dia... tapi nak buat macamana..? I hope this Dr Ban's ubat will work for her.

MrsNordin said...


After the second visit, I'm well and good now. My nose is clear and I don't need tissues anymore. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs N,

do u mind giving me the direction to the clinic, at least from Raub town? I'm going this Sunday. Thanks..

- mun

MrsNordin said...

Hi Mun,

You can actually Google the clinic's name. The map will show you how to get there.

Just go straight to Raub. When you reach pekan Raub, you'd have to follow the road as if you're turning back to KL. Just after Pos Malaysia, that's where the clinic is. On your left.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs N,

I went to Raub yesterday, managed to find the clinic thanks to you. Very friendly Dr! Sudah start pantang of eggs & peanuts for 1 mth.. insya Allah!


MrsNordin said...

Hi Mun!

I was thinking about you yesterday.. whether you went to see Dr Ban or not. Good for you! I'm sure you'll be ok for at least 5 months, if you follow the pantang strictly. Enjoy your sinus-free days!