Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sambal Rembau

In continuation of my last posting on Raub, durian and Dr Ban, I just want to share with you a wonderful experience I had over the weekend, experimenting with durian.

I saw on AFC a couple of days ago, Chef Wan cooking up “Tapioca Leaves with Fermented Durian”, or in Bahasa Malaysia, “Pucuk Ubi Tempoyak Rampai”. I looooovvvve this sambal! Some people call it "Sambal Rembau".

I was first introduced to this dish by a friend who hails from Negeri Sembilan. Her dear mum, who lived in Kg Juaseh, had given me a small container of Sambal Rembau during one of those fasting months in Ramadhan for berbuka. I’ve never seen or tasted this dish before. However, from that moment on, it was like love at first bite!

It was so delicious! Those who have tasted it would know what I mean...

Unfortunately, that was the only time I had it because I couldn’t find it anywhere else in KL. Every once in a while, I would teringat-ingatkan this authentic sambal… especially when I was having lauk masakan kampung, but I could only dream of eating it again.

Then I married my husband, a pure orang Nogori, whose mother cooked the most delicious masak lemak kuning. Her masak lemak ikan senangin is out of this world! It is so simple and yet, neither me nor my husband could copy her masak lemak.

But she had never made or served the Sambal Rembau when we ate at her house, and I had never asked either.

Until one day, I was pregnant with Nizzar at that time, tiba2 I had a craving for this sambal. I asked my husband’s aunty if she knew how to make this sambal. She said yes, and made some for me.

I didn’t know how to cook it, I never asked her anyway coz I figured it must be very tedious. With so many types of leaves, thinly sliced… masak lemak… tempoyak… I thought it must be very difficult.

Until I watched Chef Wan demonstrating how to cook this dish on AFC last week.. “Ahh… that doesn’t look too hard..”, I thought. I told my husband about it and he said, “Jom lah buat!”

So, we went to the market, bought the daun and such (according to Chef Wan’s recipe) and started cooking. Since it was unplanned and we didn’t have any tempoyak at home, we bought some fresh durian and use the flesh as a substitute for tempoyak. It turned out quite well but you have to add some lime juice to give the sour taste.

The result - very nice!! Sehingga menjilat jari!! Bukan nak memuji but it was seriously nice, and it was easy to make. Hence, I’ll share the link & recipe with those who want to try it.

Ahhh… Sambal Rembau! The thought of it makes me smile... :)

It's best to have it in the afternoon with steaming hot rice and ikan masin goreng. Sure dua kali tambah lah! Hee.. hee...

Try it! This sambal is indeed OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

Chef Wan's Recipe

MrsNordin's Recipe:

Ingredients (dimayang halus):
Daun pucuk ubi (tapioca leaves)
Daun kunyit

Bahan2 tumbuk/blend:
10 biji cili hijau
6 biji cili padi
Kunyit hidup (1 inci)

Perencah: (rendam sekejap & tumbuk sedikit)
Ikan bilis
Udang kering



1) Campurkan semua bahan2 didalam periuk dan masak sehingga dedaun jadi lembut
2) Kalau terlalu pekat, boleh tambah air.
3) Masakkan selama 30-45 minit.

Selamat mencuba!


Ummi365 said...

Welcome back to blogging dah lama tak nampak your new entry. Me too terlalu malas nak menulis.

MrsNordin said...

Ya lah Ummi... I think we've lost it! Or, dah terlalu sibuk, tak ada masa nak menulis.

Btw, is your husband back in KL yet?

Ummi365 said...

Yes dear he is back for good last month. hehehe

MrsNordin said...

Wahh... happylah you! Now I understand why you're too lazy to write!!

zarasya said...

memang sedap sangat kak.. but i find it leceh nak buat sbb nak kena mayang daun-daun sebeban! but this lauk is lasting bole tahan lama dlm fridge...

bau kat fingers pun tahan lama lepas makan he he

Dad of 6 said...

BJ...like you, I also first tasted this (we call this dish "sambal daun kayu" - well at least what my friend's mom told me la- she hails from Ns too) during my boarding school days(with half of my batch hailed from NS this dish was ubiquitous!). Makan dengan nasi panas..kick giler..I can also eat this dish chilled (kadang2 tak tahan nak tunggu jadik room temp!).

MrsNordin said...


Actually,it's not that leceh lah. Buy seikat daun pucuk ubi tu, and mayang halus2. Sekejap je... Daun kunyit tak banyak mana, so boleh habis cepat. Kalau ada maid, suruh maid hiris lah.. :)

Bau dia... hmmm... memang lah..! Itu yang "Out of this World" tu!!

MrsNordin said...


Ha! Ha! Tak sempat tunggu jadi room temperature, ya? I would probably do the same!

Now, suruh lah Yani buat. Or you buat for her! Sure meletops! Hee.. hee...

DadaIQ said...

If in future you crave for sambal tempoyak, you can get it from Pasar Pagi Taman Melati (near my place)every sunday morning. This lady sells masak lemak daging salai, masak lemak ikan keli salai and masak tempoyak daun kayu...and I am one of her regular customers :-)

MrsNordin said...


Ada masak lemak ikan keli salai?? Huu.... I must visit this kedai then!

See you later for lunch!

KG said...

bj semua ok...durian tu cemana...i tak tahn bau dia...but i know haq sure suka giler ni!

MrsNordin said...


Pakai sikit je tempoyak tu, dalam satu mangkuk. Once dah campur with the santan & daun2, bau dia tak kuat sangat.

It is essentially masak lemak, cuma add tempoyak je sikit.. :)

Buat lah.. sure dia akan sayang lebih lagi pada you!!!

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

BJ, I memang hantu anything tempoyak! Kalau I makan gulai tempoyak ikan bilis, I would always love to have it with nasi panas and kicap manis. Oooooooo....makan tiga pinggan pun tak rasa kenyang!

I will not attempt to do this sambal rembau sbb tak rajin. But if you happen to be preparing it for lunch, bbm me aje. I'll come with a small container to tapau back home. Hahaha...

zaitgha said...

Mrs N,

Glad to see you are back.....this sambal my mum called sambal tempoyak daun kayu, kalau ikut my mum kena cukup 21 types of daun baru dia buat...mmg sedap and i love with telur goreng mata kerbau garing2 with kicap and this only ....yum yum. Btw, di Kg Pandan ada nogori punya kedai makan, authentic masakan dia but i forgot the name...nanti i tanya my hubby...

MrsNordin said...


It's Restoran Rose 911.

MrsNordin said...


Oklah... next time I buat, I'll save some for you.

MrsNordin said...


Sorry... 21 types of daun?? Daun apa lagi yang boleh di gunakan?

zaitgha said...

pucuk mengkudu, pucuk labu, dll he he i pun tak tau.....but the ones yg u guna tuh basically its lah yg senang jumpa now......

Anonymous said...

my arwah nenek was an expert in making this sambal tempoyak pucuk ubi, she would hiris halus2 all the daun2, 1 day before she would gather all the daun2, daun kadok, pucuk labu, pucuk ubi, daun kunyit and many more I forgot! also more petai is even better! teliur dah ni!


MrsNordin said...


Yeah, pucuk labu. But I couldn't find pucuk labu (don't even know how it looks like! Ha! Ha!)

yayalittlediary said...

best nya! youre baaaacckkkk!

LifeBloom said...

Mrs N!! Welcome back - surely missed yr jottings:). This sambal is also known as sambal tempoyak daun kayu in my home! Kudos on yr successful attempt!

Syazlin Sazali said...

Omigod this is my favorite sambal of all time... 5 years in Seremban, I ditch my sweet-palate Langkawi-Thai descendant. I am now a proud cili padi 'worshipper'.

Andrea Boult said...

Mrs N,
Yes! yes! this is the one! Since u dah try it n it is super sedap, I am praying that it won't rain this evening so that I can go to the pasar malam at Tmn Melawati to get the ingredients. Yumm! yumm! TQVM for resipi.