Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello !

I’m really way behind my writing. The last posting was on 2nd February? Did anyone miss me? Hee… hee… I bet!

Let’s just do a quick recap on what I’ve been up for the last 3 weeks:

Old Flame

Has been deleted from my list. The flame has stopped glowing. You wanna know why?

A week after the reunion, I received a weird SMS from him saying, “Talipon Nani sekarang! Dia demam dan pengsan in skool. Awak kan kawan dia?!

My first thought, “Budak mana hantar SMS ni? Sounded like budak darjah 6 je….”

I didn’t reply his SMS although I knew it was from him. I found it very strange that he would write such a thing.

So, I called up my friend Nani and asked if indeed she fainted in school. She said, it was a hoax. The guy was pulling a prank on her.

Why would a 42 year old man pull a silly prank like that on another friend? And using that kind of language? Macam bahasa Mat Rempit saja (if not Adnan Sempit!).

So, I was disappointed. He has such bad writing (and spelling) skills. Plus, he’s acting a bit weird for a man his age.

So, I extinguished all thoughts of him from my mind. All the 30 years of glorifying this guy came crushing down just by his dense SMS. How could he be so childish? Did he think he was still 12?

And right at that moment, I’ve never felt more relieved that I married my husband, who has impeccable writing style. And he's normal. Thank God!

Nasi Kandar

I’ve tried the nasi kandar at the brand new Kassim Mustafa at Jalan Doraisamy. It’s yummy!

I would safely say, it’s nicer than Kudu. They have this nasi minyak which is very light and tasty, goes very well with their ayam masak kurma. Go and try it one of these days. You won't be disappointed.

The restaurant is clean and the food is not that expensive either. 6 of us, 4 had nasi kandar while 2 had naan and tandoori chicken, cost only RM49.00. I almost flipped! If at Kayu near my house, it would probably cost us RM100. Madness!


He’s growing up fast. Has put on quite a bit of weight ever since the new maid came around. His feeding time is more regular nowadays. Breakfast, lunch & dinner at almost the same time every day. He likes to eat rice and chicken with kicap manis.

The new maid is pretty attentive towards him and the little boy has grown quite fond of her. He picks up new words every day and tersangat lah bijak bercakap. Tak henti-henti!

Whenever I call home from the office, he would be the one answering the phone. I guess kids that age just love talking on the phone, don't they? Kalau Wan dia yang talipon, sampai habis lah prepaid orang tua tu!

But I love to hear him chat. Sometimes merapu, sometimes cute. The other day, we were going into the car when he stopped by to read out his Baba’s car plate number. He went, “W..J..X.. 8..5..6..5..… BABA!” Hee.. hee…

His fascination for Ultraman hasn’t faded just yet. Still crazy over Ultraman after all these years. But at the same time, he also has taken a strong liking for Upin & Ipin. Hey, actually that film is not that bad. Very good for a local production. I'm very impressed with it and have been watching it time and again with the little boy. He likes Ipin while I like Raju. "Sepiiiii... GO!!!"


Oh ya, we were in Cherating during the last CNY break. A friend's father runs a "resort" there and so we were booked for 3D/2N. There were 4 families altogether. Plus children, there were easily 20 people in our group.

The weather was surprisingly nice in Cherating unlike the scorching heat in KL. But you can't go to the sea anyway during the day, unless you want to get sunburnt. So in the afternoon, we just lepak at the chalets. In the evening baru main kat pantai.

I didn't really enjoy this trip actually. Maybe because it was one of those days, you know... I was getting my p****d and just simply tak ada mood. At one time, I just wished we had stayed elsewhere.

But my husband seemed to enjoy himself very much. Surrounded by his friends and family, I think he enjoyed himself the most main layang2 on the beach.

We set up tents and bonfire the last night we were there. Then we huddled around the fire, telling ghost stories. The children loved it.

I lied down on the beach that night, looking up to the stars in the sky. It was magical. But considering the amount of sand that got stuck in my hair after that, err... I think I should have known better!

(no photos, malas nak ambil gambar)



Azfa said...

Hi Mrs Nordin,
Yes yes..lama betul you tak update your blog.

As for that male friend of yours, some people do grow up but some just don't. I pun baru-baru ni met a friend dalan FB. This lady dari dulu sampai la that day, dok suka perlekehkan orang..so I just delete her..ha ha. I thought as you grow older you are more matured, tapi I was indeed wrong..

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Ooooo...now I know the story with FB tu. It does sound like a 12-year playing a phone prank. Probably he is Peter Pan...a boy who never grows up. Glad you grew up and married Nordin, Tinkerbell. :-)

MrsNordin said...


Ya lah, some people just don't change. Perangai tak elok tu janganlah di bawa2 sampai ke tua... betul tak? Thanks for dropping a line.

MrsNordin said...


Hee..hee... tu la you, dah lama tak jumpa I!

I think it's the friends that he mixes with lah that makes him like that. Macam budak kecik, so tak cool!

My friends gelakkan I, tu lah... siapa suruh syok kat dia... How would I know that his mind would still be stuck in the 1980s??

I told Nordin the story, he just laughed. But I sensed he's a little bit jealous too...:)

mumsie said...

yeap. i've missed you!

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

Dah lama tak nampak ....

manusia ni ada macam macam perangai..ada yang dulu nya nakal tapi bila usia dah meningkat dia berubah dan bertambah baik..ada yang kemain alim..tapi dok suka memperlekeh kan orang..dia saja yang betul..ada yang dari muda hingga ke tua macam tu jugak...
tapi biar lah perangai kita kita ni seriring dengan usia kita..dan selalu berbuat baik dengan semua orang...

Oh BJ... I miss you all laah!!!

MrsNordin said...


Thank you! Thank you!


I miss you too! We should meet very, very soon!!

bella said...

Hi MrsN, Kayu tu mmg potong kepala! For your old flame tu, it's funny kan, when we look at them with grown up eyes and more mature mind, finally you ask yourself...what did I see in this fella....hehehee...Nizzar looks more and more like his other siblings...so comel...dah besar dia...don't forget to update more ye...lama betul you tak berblog...

MrsNordin said...


So many things to say but so little time to write them down. Sometimes I feel cerita tu macam dah basi, so I stopped myself from posting it. But I'll try and find time to write more.

Bila kita nak jumpa ni? So near yet so far! One of these days, we do lunch with SW ok?

Take care and have a nice long weekend.

busymum100 said...


Old flame ramai yg macam tu.. Kita dok bayangkan zaman sekolah dulu, dia "macho, witty, etc,etc", sekali bila jumpa (sekarang), "laa... macam ni je ke?".

My old flame is still in touch with me, and DH knows. Every time balik Muar, DH will say to the kids (bila pass by his house), "kalau mama kawin dgn org tu, mama dok dalam bangalow besar tu lah..", sampaikan the last time we all lalu, anak i pulak yg sebut ayat tu! Hahaha!! The last time I went out for tea with him was over 2 yrs ago (with DH fully aware of it). Tak sabar i nk habiskan my drink, rasa so bored talking to him!! He is so narrow-minded and very "UMNO totok" - not that I sokong any particular political party. Masa tu lah i terfikir, "macam mana lah dulu aku boleh berkenan kat mamat ni dulu" hahaha!!! He's a widower, so bila he calls, biasanya pasal anak2 (minta pendapat pasal education anak dia, tapi bila kita bagi, dia dah set his mind pun!).

As for Upin & Ipin, i like it too, cuma i rasa jalan cerita too complicated, otherwise mmg entertaining. I love the phrase "betul! betul! betul!' and i ikut style dia bila i agree dalam meeting (internal lah).

Selalulah sikit update blog ni... hehehe...

BTW, Nizzar tu tk nak adik ke? hint! hint!

Eta My said...

Ye..syukur alhamdulillah..u ,me and evrybody else, dikelilingi oleh orang2 normal..kelakar bj!

Naz said...

Old flame...I've since met some of the guys that used to be considered *cool* before....all I can say, *Alhamdulillah, aku tak terjebak dalam idolising orang orang tua ni dulu!* haha!

Awww Nizzar is so cute. Your smile ya :)

muteaudio said...

Its good to hear you're enjoying KM. They should give you discounts for this free promotion. You can see me there every fortnight enjoying my Nasi Dalcha (thats what we call Nasi Minyak + kurma kambing + dalcha) at a very unhealthy 'past midnight' time. BUt what to do, a Penangite will always be a Penangite.