Monday, April 06, 2009

The Dream

On Monday last week, I dreamt I lost three teeth. Dua gigi geraham kecil dan satu gigi geraham besar, kesemua dibahagian bawah.

I was very disturbed by it because people say, kalau mimpi gigi tanggal, alamat ada saudara terdekat akan meninggal.

So I waited. Each day I prayed that I wouldn't hear of any death in my family. I was particularly worried for my husband who was in JB at that time. I was also worried for my parents. But thank God MrNordin came home safely on Tuesday night and my parents seemed ok the last time I spoke to them.

Just as the week was coming to an end, MrNordin's uncle passed away on Friday. He was my FIL's younger brother. I heard the news on my way home from work that rainy Friday evening. We were all shocked because Uncle Z seemed fine the last time I saw him a couple of weeks ago at someone's wedding. His wife also said there was no indication that he was "going" but I guess, his time was up and so he had to go.

I recalled the dream I had and told my husband about it. He just kept quiet, probably thinking about the same thing that I was thinking.

We went to the funeral and attended the tahlil for two consecutive nights. Tonight is supposed to the last night and I've planned to bring the kids along for tonight's tahlil.

Just when I was almost certain that Uncle Z's passing was what my dream was telling me about, we received a phone call from my brother in law early this morning telling us that my FIL's second wife has passed away at 3am.


That was another shocker. MrNordin had met her at the mosque during Uncle Z's funeral on Saturday afternoon and she seemed fine. She had asked about me, he said, and kirim salam to me as they spoke, so the early morning news came as a total surprise to both of us.

As I sat there on the bed trying to make up what was happening, it suddenly dawned on me that this could be the two small molar that came off in in my dream. Uncle Z was the first and Aunty A was the second! I was scared stiff and told my husband, "B, there will be another one... There'll be another one!" He didn't say anything.

Oh God, please don't let me hear any more bad news. This is such a bad omen already and I'm terrified! In the dream, I could clearly remember the last molar that came off. It left a big cavity in my lower gum and it scares the heck out of me!

What does it mean now? Will there be another one? A closer relative perhaps?

I'm praying hard that no such thing will happen. Please pray for me too!


Aida said...


Scary nyer bila dpt petunjuk like this.

My mum gets them too. Like u there is no indication of who and when.... so the stress while waiting for the news really gets to her. My dad selalu brush it aside.... I just pray that the person whose time is up is ready for the journey ajer....

Reminds u that U should be ready too...

Kmar said...


Mimpi tu ´mainan tidur´. Whatever it is, insyallah there won´t be the 3rd co-incidence death in your family members. Doakan begitu aje.

Salam takziah for the death of MrNordin´s uncle and his stepmom.

MrsNordin said...


It's really stressful, you know. I went to the mosque this morning to see them mandikan mayat dan kapankan. i tell you, i kept on thinking who could be next! Nauzubillah..

MrsNordin said...


I think I'll do that. Anything to keep my mind at peace.


wanshana said...


I do get this kind of dreams as well - mimpi gigi tanggal, etc., and every time memang ada kematian yang berlaku. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but, the statistics have been pretty accurate thus far!

Ada jugak I pernah mimpi a few of my gigi tercabut, but the berita kematian that followed was just one. So, insya Allah, you won't hear any bad news lagi.

Al-Fatihah untuk kedua-dua Arwah, dan salam takziah.

Kak Teh said...

Al Fatehah. We had no inkling at all abt our friend who just left us. The only thing I remember is that, as he walked us to our car that night in front of his house, his face appeared to be glowing - very happy. I am glad for that last memory of him. We too have been attending tahlils every night. and today is the funeral, Insyaallah, after the post mortem.

bella said...

MrsN,I doakan takde lagi dah bad nes for you and your family. But, strangely enough, I have the same "alamat". I will dream of something like you and then I will keep the premonition to myself and I will get this bad news...its freaky kan...

Ezza Aziz said...

semua tu kebetulan worries laa..Alfatihah buat semua yang telah pergi..

busymum100 said...

I also refuse to beliee in it, but sometimes I wonder too, because just before my mum passed away, I dreamt that ALL my teeth came off! 4 years later, I dreamt of all my upper teeth falling off, and less than 1 week later my dad left me forever.
So, we still want to believe in coincidence? Esp when I was never thinking about my teeth at all.

On the other hand, for the past few years, I dreamt that my teeth came off again, but no significant death came to my knowledge.. So, maybe after all, it is "mainan tidur"?

Apa2 pun, to get 2 death news in such short time must be quite hard to swallow.

Life is too short...

IBU said...

Salam MrsN

Innalillahhh... semuga roh mereka ditempatkan dalam golongan orang2 yg beriman.

U take care!

tireless mom said...

Dear BJ

Al Fatehah to both of arwah. Maybe it is mere coincidence. Insha Allah tak ada apa apa. If ada apa apa pun, dah ajal, ketentuan Allah kan. Bersabar banyak banyak.

Azfa said...

Salam MrsNordin,
AlFatihah and my condolence to you and family..

Anonymous said...


Mimpi tu mainan tidur....tapi I pun selalu juga tend to percaya alamat mimpi, kata orang kalau geraham tu normaly orang yang tua dari kita, kalau sebelah bawah tu in laws, kalau sebelah atas, sebelah kita..... Ni semua kepercayaan..ajal maut di tangan Tuhan, dah memang tersurat...

MrsNordin said...

Dear all,

Thanks for your kind wishes and sharing your stories. I shall keep my fingers crossed, hoping that it'll stop at two. No more!

nahiella said... strong, hopefully tak ada lagi yang pergi....

suzana said...

saya pernah bermimpi nak cabut gigi atas saya tapi kononnyaa doktor tu cakap ,nanti dulu tak lama lagi kita cabut,keesokkan harinya saya beritahu pasal mimpi saya kepada ayah saya, dia diam sahaja,Tak lama selepas itu ayah saya jatuh sakit,dia muntah darah dihadapan mata saya dengan banyaknya.(muntah darah ni diakibatkan oleh pengambilan ubat cair darah yang diarahkan oleh doktor)Ubat ini kalau tak dimakan boleh mengakibatkan stroke,tapi kadang-kadang muntah darah akibat darah terlebih cair boleh berlaku.
Selepas 10 hari bapa saya dibenarkan keluar dari ward diPutrajaya.20 hari selapas itu bapa saya benar-benar sihat dan saya perasan muka bapa berseri-seri.Pada hari yang ke 21 bapa saya ditimpa stroke semula semasa wirid selepas sembahyang subuh dan dimasukkan ke wad selama 10 hari lagi dan terus membawa kepada kematiannya.Saya berpuas hati dapat menjaganya selama 40 hari itu,adik beradik saya tak ramai cuma dua orang sahaja dan mak saya tak sihat pula.Tapi sekarang saya teringatkan mimpi saya itu,seperti memberitahu tak lama lagi saya akan kehilangan seseorang dan rupanya orang itu ialah ayah saya. Maaf puan jika panjang pula cerita saya ini,cuma nak berkongsi cerita.


MrsNordin said...

Hi Suzana,

Thanks for sharing your story.

Percaya atau tidak, saya rasa mimpi-mimpi yang sebegini sememangnya ada membawa maksud. Kita perlu banyak berdoa supaya tidak terjadi perkara yang tidak diingini.

Nasib you baik, berpeluang untuk menjaga ayah you sehingga dia menutup mata. At least, you've done your part dan tak terkilan sangatlah apabila dia meninggal dunia.

Semuga Tuhan cucuri rahmat ke atas roh ayah you..

Anonymous said...

My mom called me 2 days ago crying. Dia mimpi I dapat kudis satu badan and that kudis are from my husband.
What she didnt know is that my husband has been main kayu tiga and i'm moving out frm the house.


MrsNordin said...


Oh my! Sorry to hear that. Did you get a dream too about your husband's infidelity? Usually, we do.

Superwomanwannabe said...

BJ...apa lah you ni percaya benda mengarut ni...tell yourself its mengarut ok ...dont worry....(sure worry though)

I feel so sad for your father in law to lose 2 loved ones at the same time and I read your post later about Auntie A...yah, she must have been good to your father in law and your mom in law I rasa ego je kot..... I ada SEBIJIK case ni ..anak dah masuk cucu dah tapi masih tak kawan , Yang bestnye the 2nd wife ok je.

Takpa lah J.. ajal di tangan tuhan. Dont worry k

eh just realisd that your life parallel mine this week. Surrounded by ppl who go!

Superwomanwannabe said...

oh ya...
all this talk about gigi...remind me i kena pi dentist....hehehhe

MrsNordin said...


I had a lovely time chatting with you over lunch. Walaupun sekejap, we managed to catch up on a lot, didn't we?

And yes, go and see the dentist! Otherwise, you won't be able to enjoy your birthday dinner!