Bandar Sri Sendayan

My last posting attracted one comment from an unknown reader. That was a surprise. I didn't think anyone would read my blog anymore. Perhaps, my posting prompted an alert on her blog roll, which she happened to read. Whatever it is, i'm happy. Her comment encouraged me to write some more.

We went house hunting two days ago. Destination: Bandar Sri Sendayan. Why there, you may ask. Well, we came across their property sales booth at Intermark the other day and the houses (and prices) looked interesting. Since we didn't have anything to do that day, we made an appointment with the sales agent to view the units for sale.

It is indeed a lovely township. Located opposite Seremban 2, it is just next to the new TUDM training ground & residences. It is self-contained with an international school, a huge  mosque equivalent to the Putrajaya mosque (under construction), a club house and driving range. The residences are mostly gated, well layout and has a resort feel about it. 

We viewed a semi-detached unit which has a built up area of 50x100sf. It is big! It comes with 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, high ceiling and tall windows. There are only 2 units left and the asking price is RM1.2 million.

We also viewed the double-storey unit. The built-up area is 22x85, quite spacious compared with the standard 22x75. I simply love the garden. The selling price is RM824k for an end-lot (Bumi unit).

I could see myself staying in one of the houses. In fact, until now, i am still thinking about it. However, i am not sure if we should commit to that kind of investment right now. RM1.2m is a lot of money.

What we are looking for is actually a smaller place to stay after retirement. My husband has another 4 more years of working while i still have, well.. 5 years more or less. By that time, i'm sure the older children have settled down and would want to stay at their own home. So that would leave just the two of us and the youngest one, Nizzar, who would be 17 by then. He would probably go to college/university and that would leave the parents alone at home.

With that in mind, we figure we don't need a big house anymore. Ideally, a single storey detached house or a condo would be nice. But seeing the exorbitant prices for properties these days, my God... i don't know if we could ever afford it!

I guess we will continue our search. I am sure we will find one that we truly like and meet our needs.

Until my next posting... Nite, Nite.


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